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My Community: Capacity, Community and Change We work with partners around the world to produce Entertainment-Education (E-E) programs rooted in our three-pronged My Community approach to communications for social change. Using a combination of serial dramas, talk shows and community mobilization, we: Strengthen the capacity of our local partners to effectively use communications to catalyze change; Create a community of constituents who support our collaborative work; and Promote positive changes in audience knowledge, attitudes and behaviors around target issues. As a result we are promoting a new generation of change-leaders using communications to effectively turn up the vo...
Oct 14, 2013

Emerging Island Leadership

Amb. Jumeau is greeted by Governor Abercrombie
Amb. Jumeau is greeted by Governor Abercrombie

The Governor of Hawai'i, Neil Abercrombie, announced that Hawai'i will join the Global Island Partnership (GLISPA). "Hawaii will join the Global Island Partnership to share Hawaii’s successes and learn from other islands." stated the Governor during a visit in September from the Chair of the GLISPA Steering Committee, The Hon. Ronny Jumeau, Ambassador for Climate Change and Small Island Developing States, Republic of Seychelles. The acceptance of this invitation by the Govenor is evidence of growing momentum from Hawaii towards advancing a blue economy. In addition, it is a significant step forward for GLISPA as we work towards faciltiation collaboration between island countries and countries with islands. Support island action and join our Partnership.

Jul 24, 2013

Mobilize4Africia - Liberia gains momentum!

The girls taking pictures of Takun J
The girls taking pictures of Takun J's performance

We have the pleasure of reaching out to you with some wonderful news and updates on our work in Liberia!  

As you know, in January and May of this year, the women at the THINK home for survivors of sexual violence, engaged in a participatory photography project, led by PCI Media Impact, telling their stories through photographs in response to the question, “What does it mean to be a woman in Liberia?” Their candid stories were published on the Backspaces website and in beautifully designed Photobooks. The act of telling their stories serves as a form of therapy and the photos galvanize discussion in the country and abroad.

We have also been working closely with one of Liberia’s most renowned Hip-Co artists, Takun J, with whom we have produced two songs and this music video, as part of an integrated transmedia campaign to tackle gender-based violence in the country.  

As a result of this video and Takun J’s activism, Liberia’s Ministry of Gender and Development this year officially named Takun J as the country’s Anti-Rape Ambassador.

Takun J’s “Song for Hawa” was based on the true stories of girls at the THINK home.  In May, our team launched his brand new anti-rape EP and hosted an anti-rape event in Monrovia, attended by the Liberian Minister of Gender and Development.  This highly successful event engaged local partners, representatives from NGOs, community members and activists in a collective effort to reconsider shifting social norms about rape and reporting. 

Several students from the THINK home shared emotional words about the impact that Takun J and PCI Media Impact’s Photovoice project has had on their lives:

“Photovoice helped us in many ways.  It is a project that helps those who are not heard to be heard.” –THINK student

“As a Liberian I have a responsibility to do something important with this experience.  Not everyone gets this chance.” –THINK student

We are now seeking continued funding to partner with UNICEF and design an even more comprehensive social change strategy, which will leverage the existing Photovoice project as well as mobile technology and marketing, Anti-Rape music, a second video, a comic book, and school/community visits to build an even stronger campaign that reaches across Liberia with a range of local and international partners. 

It’s time for the culture of violence to change, and for a new social narrative to begin, one that celebrates and empowers girls and women.

Thank you for your support in this endeavor and for your commitment to improving the lives of young women in Liberia!

Takun J performing "Song for Hawa"
Takun J performing "Song for Hawa"
The "Song for Hawa" EP
The "Song for Hawa" EP
Jun 18, 2013

Community Action Campaigns Hit the Streets!

It is getting very exciting within the Caribbean as more and more of our Community Action Campaigns have been hitting the streets across multiple countries. 

Community Action Campaigns have been creating hype in schools and communities across St Vincent & the Grenadines, St Lucia, Tobago, The Bahamas and Grenada. The campaigns focus on role models and opinion leaders opening a dialogue around the value of nature, particularly mangroves, in protecting us from climate change.  The campaigns culminate in a day of action where community groups come together to take part in activities such as mangrove rehabilitation or planting. The Community Action Campaigns were generously funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

Within all these countries our campaigns have began with increasing awareness and knowledge of students. Multiple primary school and secondary school visits showed how important mangroves are to humans and got them extremely motivated to protect their beaches and mangroves. With the help of our mascots, we got all the kids up on their feet and passionate about this critical issue.

“I learnt that mangroves are very useful and we should take better care of them. They help filter water and are homes to marine animals. I want to go spread the word so everyone can know how important mangroves are”. –Student, primary school in St. Vincent

There have also been large amounts of activities outside of schools including media appearances, community theater performances focused around mangroves, teacher trainings, and more largely mangrove replanting and cleanup events. Attended by students of the visited schools along with other community members, these events allow everyone to get their hands dirty and realize that ever little action counts in protecting these invaluable ecosystems. Hundreds of bags of garbage have been collected and disposed of properly and restoration sites are filling in! The large amounts of progress we have made could not be possible without the support of our donors and partners. Because of them we already have a handful of other activities planned for the near future to increase the resilience of communities all throughout the Caribbean. 


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