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Run by Kenyans and advised by American and Kenyan volunteers, CFK's mission is to promote youth leadership and ethnic cooperation in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya through sports, young women's empowerment, and community development. Additionally, CFK works to improve basic healthcare, sanitation, and education in Kibera.
Oct 11, 2013

More and More Performances for the CFK Sprinters

So much is happening with the jump rope program at Carolina for Kibera (CFK)!

To begin with, the number of performances they give has increased from twice a week to four times a week.  Participants in the jump rope program get to show their talents as they perform during community outreach events for other CFK programs (sports, girls’ empowerment, health, education, etc), including at a World Peace Day event.

Secondly, the team has been getting more attention outside the community as well as they have been invited to perform at the Nairobi City Stadium by the Coalition for Peace in Africa (COPA) and Coca-Cola.

Also, Innocent Nyangori, one of the jump rope team’s coaches, was invited to attend a meeting called by the South Africa Gymnastic Federation (SAGF) where many African countries were represented. “The meeting was to forge the way for jump rope in Africa,” shared Innocent. And, in line with that mission, in December, CFK will be co-hosting a five-day East Africa Jump Rope Junior Championship.

All of these opportunities demonstrate the power of peace, and how sports can help improve understanding of each other and our differences.

Oct 11, 2013

Community Forums for Adolescent Girls

One of the elements that makes CFK’s Daughters United program (Binti Pamoja) effective in reaching young girls is its cascading leadership style which nurtures the leadership qualities of adolescent girls. When girls join the program, not only are they taught about confidence, reproductive health, life skills, creative arts and financial literacy, but they are mentored and trained on how to organize their own girls’ groups and how to facilitate what they learn with others.

One way this mentorship is practiced is through community forum events organized by Carolina for Kibera.  At community forums, the girls from Binti Pamoja invite their friends from the community, who are not in the program, for a fun event to inform them on the different activities that Binti Pamoja does. While community forums are regular events that happen two to three times a year, recently the Binti Pamoja program hosted a community forum with a total of 175 guests!

These forums give Binti Pamoja participants the chance to practice their facilitation skills. They take charge of the event by organizing who will be the Master of Ceremony (MC), who will serve as facilitators, who will educate the guests on a particular topic, etc. Before the forum they also have to bring a written plan of what they will present to the Carolina for Kibera staff. Some of the presentations that have taken place at community forums include: facilitation on reproductive health and later an interactive session of question, answers and clarification; skits with particular themes; and dances. Passing on knowledge in this cascading style is important for strengthening community, and these community forums are doing just that.

Sep 10, 2013

A Partnership with PINCC to Stop Cervical Cancer

On the homepage of the Prevention International: No Cervical Cancer (PINCC) website you find a statistic in bold type: “Cervical cancer kills 300,000 women worldwide each year, even though it is completely preventable.”  This was repeated by volunteers from PINCC who came to the Tabitha Clinic recently for a week of training, education and treatment for women, community health workers, nurses and others.  I’ve had many conversations about cervical cancer with Adah, a CFK nurse whose passion is supporting Kiberan women to prioritize prevention of diseases through screenings and thoughtful family planning.  As screening for cervical cancer is relatively new in Kibera, it is clear from talking with Ada how difficult the work is when she meets women who have developed the disease, especially knowing what we all now know from PINCC’s bold statistic, that this disease is completely preventable.

CFK and PINCC have partnered together to increase awareness of methods for preventing cervical cancer among families in Kibera.  For a week, ten PINCC volunteers (made up of gynecologists, nurses and administrative support) teamed with the Tabitha Clinic to not only educate clinic staff and the community but to offer free screenings and treatment for women with precancerous cells so that they never develop the cancer.  The team additionally trained CFK clinic staff on the procedures for screening women and for treating the early signs of the disease so that Tabitha Clinic can continue to offer these services.

During the week of PINCC’s visit, the ground floor of Tabitha Clinic was transformed into a reproductive health and treatment area.  Women came from all over Kibera for the services, including many women from the Daughters United program (Binti Pamoja) and other CFK program participants and family members.  In total 173 women were screened over four days, and eight women were diagnosed with high-grade pre-cancerous lesions that were immediately managed in order to prevent the development of cancer and save their own lives.

CFK will continue to educate, screen and treat the women of Kibera so that, in the future, no women will have to develop the disease that is completely preventable.


To read about CFK's partnership with PINCC, check out their blog on their visit:

Learn more about cervical cancer on the PINCC website:

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