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The Topsy Foundation (NPC) is saving and securing lives in the most impoverished rural communities in South Africa. Topsy partners with rural communities, bringing about change through a multifaceted approach to the consequences of HIV and AIDS.
Sep 4, 2012

A Birthday Present and Another Plate of Food

Their home
Their home

Dear Topsy Supporters,

With each month that passes we are more and more grateful to you for your warmth, care and support. It is hard to imagine what would happen without people like you in our world. Never underestimate the impact that you are having.

In truth you are saving lives, protecting the wholeness of families and restoring deeply impoverished rural communities who are unable at this stage to do it themselves.

Thank you for offering that second chance to people who have no other option but to ask for it.

Here’s a personal account from our Head of Social Work, Sister Elizabeth Moshe (English is her 2nd language on a case that really affected her):

“This is one case that touched me so much. I don’t know if I will sound like I am sentimentalizing it, but once again I felt like we are, by Grace, giving a smile to somebody who desperately needs our help the most. Today somebody is smiling somewhere because you made just another effort.”

A Birthday present and another plate of food, 09 July 2012

Blessing (not her real name) is staying with her 2 children, one of them is a new born baby (born 16 May 2012) and her partner, who is the father of both kids, (unfortunately unemployed). On the 4th of July when the Social Worker did a follow up on their case, it was Blessing’s eldest child’s birthday but no present or food could be offered to the boy due to home conditions. They are staying in a measured shack and on that particular day Blessing did not know where their next plate of food was going to come from. When the social worker left after the visit, she (Blessing) comforted herself by doing what one can call “self talk” - saying to her boy “Mommy is going to make the bed my boy, so that we may sleep”. These words seem to have come from a mind that wants to hide from hunger by rather sleeping- the time was around 15:20.

When the social worker enquired as to how it is possible that they would have such a long sleep she shyly confessed that they are hiding from coldness. (It was the middle of a very bitter winter). The following day the Social Worker took food parcels to the house, and it was such a joy for them to have another meal to share. Later the little boy was given a present of a new package of clothing, which was recently donated by one of Topsy’s generous donors.”


Although this story is very hard to hear, it is at the same time a very clear reminder of the importance of the value of helping others. We are honoured to be able to do this each day, and grateful to you for making it possible through your donations.


Take care.

Warm Regards

Helen MacKenzie

Communications Manager

Blessing (not her real name) and the new born baby
Blessing (not her real name) and the new born baby
The Little Birthday Boy
The Little Birthday Boy
May 31, 2012

Freedom's Letter

In the Community
In the Community

Dear Topsy Supporters,

I am sure you have thought many times about the children that you are supporting through Topsy –
what they may be thinking and feeling.

Today I have the privilege of sharing with you a letter, written by one of them. This child came forward
and sent this letter through his Caregiver to one of our caring Social Workers,

We were all so touched and warmed by his words. It is unbelievable that amongst all of the
hardship that these children suffer, there is time for counting blessings.

Here is the letter from a boy whose first name is Freedom:

Freedom’s Letter:

“I would dearly love to thank you personally.

All in all I want to thank you for the food, blankets, school uniform
etc and for I thank you for being a family to me and good friends I can trust.

I hope you will not stop with me, doing good things to people like me, I
hope Jesus offers you lots and lots of strength to help you help those who can’t
help themselves.

Lots of Love from Me

Yours Sincerely


When we at Topsy hear things like this from the people we help, it is beyond encouraging – it is a powerfully heart-warming reminder that we are doing something genuinely worthwhile.

You are part of this and so we extend the thanks to you. It is due to
your donations alone, that we can go out into our most impoverished rural communities,
with something more to offer than sympathy.

Warm Regards

Helen MacKenzie


Jan 26, 2012

Personal Story - Caring for Orphans in Poverty

Gogo Mary with the Topsy OVC food parcel
Gogo Mary with the Topsy OVC food parcel

Dear Topsy Supporters,

Welcome to 2012!

We would like to share with you a wonderful and inspiring story about one of our inspiring Gogo’s (Grannies). In South Africa it is sadly all too common to find children orphaned by the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Typically they will be taken in by a grandmother (Gogo) or other relative. The Topsy Foundation does its best to help these families through the tough economic and social challenges they face. We help through the Topsy Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Project.

Here is the story of one of our Gogos’s. The story of Gogo Mary

“I’m Mary Kaleni* I ‘m 68yrs of age, staying at Qalabotjha, South Africa. I had two daughters who were sick. They did not tell me what was wrong.

It was only after they died that I realised. They left behind their children. Both daughters passed away in 2006. My elder daughter had 2 children and the other one had only one child, who was 10 months old when her mother passed away, she is now four years. The others are 10yrs and 9yrs of age.

In the beginning I looked after those children with my small amount of pension money - buying food, school uniforms, paying school fees and everything else they needed. I could not enjoy my pension because I was using everything to take care of the children.

Then one day Topsy came to my rescue. I like Topsy because they have helped me a lot. At Topsy I get food parcels and school uniforms for the children. They have also provided me with seeds for a vegetable garden. We are now eating the vegetables that I have planted. I also tell these children that they must thank Topsy because they helped them.

Before we go to bed we pray for Topsy to grow and continue to help the nation. I also see people that are attending the Topsy Clinic. They become better very fast. Topsy is working. Thank you Topsy, May God Bless you.” 

Topsy is blessed to have support like yours to provide the best offering to our beneficiaries who living in poverty in rural South Africa. Thank you for being in our family of supporters and showing extra care to those in real need.

Warm Regards

Helen MacKenzie

Communications Manager

Another of Topsy
Another of Topsy's inspiring Gogos and grandchild


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