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To facilitate the social and economic empowerment of the poor and vulnerable inhabitants in communities, enabling their participation in the process of building a more developed, integrated, egalitarian, peaceful and sustainable nation state.
May 3, 2013

March 2013 Report: Workshops in Maumu, Identification in Muea

First Official Workshop in Maumu Village
First Official Workshop in Maumu Village

Teen Mother Empowerment Monthly Project Report: March 2013


Arriving on the 10th of March, the new Program Coordinator, Antonia Morzenti from United States was briefed on the previous activities of the TME program which has been underway in Buea since 2009. Antonia was given the assignment of working with Cameroonian social worker, Mr. Nzue Maxentius. Together the two of them, on behalf of SDI, have a target of 5 villages and 100 teens to empower through a series of workshops. At the debut, nineteen teens were already identified in the village of Maumu and we moved from on from there.


Monthly Goals:

  • Begin workshops in Maumu
  • Complete identification in Upper and Lower Muea
  • Begin Identification in Bolifamba and Dibanda
  • Continue fundraising efforts


Major Activities Carried Out in Chronological Order:

  • To reintroduce the program into the community, Suliman (SDI founder), Max and Antonia went around Buea to relevant ministries and delegations. Those personally contacted include: The Region Delegation of Family Affairs and Women’s Empowerment, The Ministry of Social Work, and Buea Mutual Health.
  • The Region Delegation of Family Affairs and Women’s Empowerment will send a delegate to open up new workshops series when possible.
  • Buea Mutual Health has agreed to introduce Mutual Health care coverage at the first workshop in a new series for all villages in the future.
  • Set a date for Antonia’s introduction into Maumu Village.
  • On that date, we stayed four hours in Maumu. The first two hours were spent walking around the village, learning the area and attempting to ‘round up’ the identified teens and others who are interested. The other two hours were spent: waiting for participants. introducing the program, and choosing an official schedule for the workshops series. The girls chose: Thursdays from 4-6pm every week. The total number of participants reached six.
  • The first official Maumu workshop was held on March 21st. A Delegate from Women’s Empowerment opened with a prayer and words of encouragement. Mr. Bate of Mutual Health followed with an enthusiastic speech about health in general and the benefits of this coverage. We then chose themes for the workshops series and wrapped things up but taking photos for the health care cards. Total number of participants reached nine but only five were eligible for the program.
  • Set date for Upper and Lower Muea Identification workshop and began to advertise at the ~25 churches in Muea and on two local radio stations.
  • Met with Maumu chief to discuss low turn out and disinterest at the two previous workshops in hopes of mobilizing him to find people sensitize his community for a better turn out the following week.
  • The manager of Buea Mutual Health aided in finding local community members from Muea to sensitize the community on the program and inform eligible teens girls about the benefits.
  • Second official workshop March 28th. We waited for 45min and no one showed up. Max and Antonia made an official decision to withdraw our efforts from Maumu because of the lack of interest.



  • Jumping into the middle of a project where identification has already taken place.
  • Working in a village as an “outsider”. A new face is not easily trusted.
  • General lack of interest and motivation from teens and the community as a whole.
  • Keeping time, not African time.


Changes in Program:

  • SDI and the Teen Mother Empowerment program will only be working in villages were there is serious interest and motivation. If the girls do not want to be there [at the workshop] we do not want them to be there. Serious and motivated participants only.
  • Antonia and Max will be working closely with local village members who have genuine interest in the successfulness of the program leading to the betterment of the girls and the community as a whole.


Unattained Goals and Reasoning:

  • Identification in Muea was extended so we would be working with a high number of participants.
  • Bolifamba and Dibanda were put on hold so that the TME team can realize the most optimal and beneficial way to enter communities with this program. We must seek support at the local level before entering so that we are not viewed as complete “outsiders”.
Mar 6, 2013

The Girl Effect Fund Activities in Cameroon

Dear Donors, Supporters and Friends,

We would like to sincerely thank you for all the painstaking efforts in making our project fruitful with your hard earned cash and technical support.

THE GIRL EFFECT FUND has made it possible, first in the history of our teenage mothers' project, to start envisaging achieving our yearly target of reaching out to 100 teenage mothers' direct beneficiaries.

So far we have received 45% funding of our yearly budget from THE GIRL EFFECT FUND just in the first quarter of 2013. this is promising. Bravo!!! The GIRL EFFECT FUND.

With THE GIRL EFFECT FUND we are sure to start our Teenage Mothers Institute come September, 2013. Our most cherished goal to be achieved in Cameroon.  

Antonia Morzenti , a volunteer from Wisconsin, USA with grant support from OMPRAKASH will handle the capacity building of teenage mothers in the next 6 months. She will arrive in Cameroon, Buea 10 March, 2013. OMPRAKASH we are grateful!!!

January 2013, we evaluated the Tole village project.

February 2013 we started with Mamul Village, sensitization and identification with 20 teenage mothers to receive complete capacity building training over a period of four months, 40 Mutual health coverage for a year (Mother and child), and school sponsorship for 3 to continue their education and, the rest entrepreneurs in the making.

March 2013, we began with Lower Muea and upper Muea villages, we held fruitful discussions with the two chiefs; sensitization and identification of teenage mothers in their communities has begun. By March 15, 2013 we will be through with the two Muea villages sensitization, and identification process.

The last two weeks of March, 2013 we will focus our attention to cover Bolifamba and Dibanda villages. This gives us 5 villages targeted yearly with 100 teenage mothers' direct beneficiaries.

THE GIRL EFFECT FUND know that we are in this together; our achievement is your achievement, we could not have envisage achieving so much this year without your support Cameroon Teenage Mothers hold you in high Esteem.

We look forward to your continued support and; please join us in modeling our future mothers and leaders.

Feb 19, 2013

Donation to Government Primary Schools Children

Clovis, Carrie and GBPS head teacher
Clovis, Carrie and GBPS head teacher

Dear Donors and Friends,

On wednesday 05 December, 2012, we rounded up the donation and assistance to needy school children in government primary schools in Bonduma and Bokoko Villages, Buea for the year 2012.

 A USA Volunteer – Carrie Schneider working on Nutrition and Health in our partners primary schools joined us through this exercise.

Thirty one children in the three Government primary schools of Bonduma and Bokoko Villages received books and didactic materials worth $5 for each child:

10 Children from Government Bilingual Primary School – Bonduma;

10 from Government School Group I Bonduma – Bokoko and;

 11 from Government School Group II Bonduma – Bokoko.

Thank you for all you have done to help our cause and needy school children in Buea, Cameroon.

Please share our project link in your social media networks.

Attached are pictures to see your money’s worth.

With gratitude,

Clovis and carrine in front of the classroom
Clovis and carrine in front of the classroom
Pupils singing to welcome SDI staff
Pupils singing to welcome SDI staff
GBPS staff  with pupils on our visit
GBPS staff with pupils on our visit
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