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Our mission is to empower women and girls in Ghana through microenterprise development, education, and healthcare and to inspire others to do the same elsewhere. Microloans support self-sufficiency, job creation, and community development. Microlending and educational scholarships for girls in Pokuase, Nsawam and other low-income communities in Ghana are the foundations of our success. Our microloans help women to develop stable incomes, and our scholarships help keep girls in school so that they may complete their education and have more career and life options.
May 14, 2015

May Update

"A little bit of attention can go a long way."--  Nicholas D. Kristoff

It's May, and we're now a few months in to our push for scholarships for girl students in Ghana.  So far, we've raised anough here to put four students through middle school.  That's helpful, but, with over 100 students to support in school right now, it's far from where we want and need to be.  

If you have given, thank you so much; you have made a measuable, noticable change in the life of a girl in Ghana.  As her world improves, as she realizes opportunities, as she grows and gives back, you donation will be a seed changing her life and the lives of her children, her village, and her country.  Over the last dozen years of of doing this work, we have seen, over and over, how changing the life of just one girl changes the world.  Empower one girl and she will change the world.

So thank you so much.  If you can do it, would you give again?  We are a long way from our goal and have only begin to scratch the surface of all tyhe good we can do.  The potential of girls and women in Ghana is vast.  Would you help make good things happen for another girl who can change the world?  

Dec 23, 2014

Fall 2014 Update

2014 marked the beginning of the second decade operation for WomensTrust.  A decade plus of service is an impressive record for a non-profit doing the kind of work we do, and we are excited to be at this point, looking forward to helping more women and girls in Ghana advance their education, improve their health and lift themselves out of poverty.

Support Women and Girls in Ghana is our main campaign, and our longest running.  With an original goal of $100,000 we have now exceeded the $86,000 mark.  The sucess of this campaign adds to our increasing fiscal stability and growth.  This year, for the first time ever, our loan program will provide around $70,000 to help keep the loan program running.  

With your help, we are in a position to continue and even expand our efforts.  You have made it possible for us to help 240 girls continue in school, help dozens of small women owned business suceed and begin to connect women in need of health care with health care poroviders.  Perhaps the best metric of the change you have helped bring about: in a country were virtually no women makes it to University, we sent four this year alone.  Thank you so much for that.

I hop you will continue to support WomensTrust.  The "ROI" on the gifts you make to us can been seen on the smiling faces of the women and girls whose lives are made measureably better thanks to your help.  Ghana is full of talented and enthusiastic women and girls who are more than capable of improving their lives and the lives of those around them.  They just need a chance.  Thank you for helping us give them that chance.

Aug 19, 2014

Off to Camp and College

Our intern Regine starts nursing school next month
Our intern Regine starts nursing school next month

It’s been a busy summer for WomensTrust and our scholarship recipients!

 College-Bound Scholarships

 As we reported back in February, WomensTrust launched its new, "College-Bound" scholarship program for our most outstanding high school graduates -- bright young women with big dreams for their future, but lacking the financial means to continue their education and pursue a college degree.  

Now, thanks to our generous supporters, our scholarship graduates have a chance to make their dreams of going to college a reality. And we're thrilled to announce that our first three College-Bound scholarship recipients -- Regine, Mary, and Stella -- have all been accepted to universities in Ghana!

Since graduating high school last year, the three young women -- all of whom were able to stay in school thanks to WomensTrust scholarships -- have interned in WomensTrust's office in Pokuase, where they assist our loan staff with loan repayments and data entry. Our interns have gained valuable work skills -- and they have even bigger plans for their future. Mary wants to study fashion design and teach at the university level. Regine wants to be a nurse. Stella plans to be an accountant.

Our College-Bound scholarships are making their career dreams come true. Stella has already started her accounting studies at Accra Polytechnic. And after completing their pre-admittance interviews this past June, both Regine and Mary have been accepted to start their first year in college this fall. Regine will be attending nursing school at the Nursing Training College at Korle-Bu Hospital in Accra. In September, Mary starts her coursework at the University of Education in Winneba. 

"I am not sure what person I would be now without WomensTrust. I would most certainly have not finished school, maybe I would already be a mother now, without the means to support myself," says Stella.

For just $1,000 a year (less than $85 a month!), you can make the dream of a college education a reality for a promising young woman in Pokuase. If you would like to sponsor a WomensTrust College-Bound scholarship, please drop us an email at info@womenstrust.org.

Girls Leadership Camp

In late July, 10 of our scholarship students attended a girls’ leadership camp in Accra.

Held on the campus of the University of Ghana – Legon, the leadership camp is sponsored by the College of Ama (CofA), a Ghanaian organization that provides educational enrichment programs to underprivileged girls in Ghana. CofA, co-founded by renowned educator and WomensTrust Ghana board member Dr. Nana Apt, has sponsored the educational enrichment camp for several years.

Our scholarship girls joined 20 other girls for three weeks of instruction in the core subjects. The girls also engaged in arts and crafts activities, and did some sight-seeing in Accra, Ghana’s capital city.

For many of the girls attending the camp, it was the first time they have ventured outside their own small villages or visited a college campus.

In addition to providing classroom instruction in Math, English and computer technology, the camp is also designed to build girls’ self-esteem and expose them to potential career paths.

A New School Year Ahead

This fall, 200 girls in our scholarship program will be returning to class for the 2014-2015 academic year. We're proud to report that among our scholarship recipients, 43 girls are in high school, while another 26 girls are entering their final year of junior high in Pokuase. 

Currently, 20 girls in our program benefit from multi-year scholarships, in which a sponsor is matched with an individual girl for the duration of her schooling. Our sponsors receive photos of the individual girls they sponsor, along with report cards and personal letters in which the girls share details about their lives, their favorite subjects, and their dreams for their future.

"My favorite subject is science," Faima, one of our scholarship girls, wrote in a letter to her sponsor recently. Faima aspires to be a doctor one day.

"I enjoy the practical lessons which give me insights of the functions of the atmosphere, and also how the human system works," she wrote. "Through science, we have been able to find a cure for many diesases to save lives, and to make life more comfortable through innovation."

WomensTrust aims to ensure that high academic achievers like Faima complete their education, graduate from high school, and have the opportunity to fulfill their highest potential. For just $350 a year (less than $30 a month) you can sponsor a girl's education in Pokuase and help change her life forever.

WomensTrust intern Mary will study fashion design
WomensTrust intern Mary will study fashion design
Faima dreams of becoming a doctor
Faima dreams of becoming a doctor


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