Jeevan Prakash Education Society

To provide appropriate education, rehabilitation, intervention, training and advocacy which will lead to awareness, empowerment & employment of people with disabilities with the help & support of trained staff & caregivers and to take measures of prevention, cure and mitigation of disabling conditions with the cooperation of families, communities and beneficiaries.
Sep 21, 2009

Educate 50 Blind Children in Karnataka

Dear Friends of Asha Deepa, In response to your donations to Asha Deepa School for the Blind (ADSFB), I join with the children of school of Bidar in saying “thanks” in kannada- ‘Dhanyawadagalu’, thank you, for your generosity.

At, ADSFB there are 50 blind children in the age group of 5-15 years and these children are from illiterate, poor families born in villages of Bidar & surrounding district. The children at Residential school are provided with food, clothing & health care. We not only provide education but also other life skills such as washing, grooming, cleaning etc. Apart from this, the children at school are trained in Music, Drama, Singing & other recreational activities. Your gift of generosity has helped us to provide rehabilitation & education, vocational training, shelter, clothing and health care to 50 visually challenged children. We nurture a dream to have a service to provide in every aspect so that no visually challenged children/person is being isolated from the mainstream society. By 2011, we intend to reach 100 visually challenged children. We know our dreams are boldly optimistic. But we are committed to develop more effectiveness and transparency as we work to turn this into a reality. We plan to construct a school campus with residential facilities for boys & girls separately. We once again greatly appreciate all the support you have given us so far & hope that you will be able to help us in the future too.

Affectionately, Sanju Kumar