Jeevan Prakash Education Society

To provide appropriate education, rehabilitation, intervention, training and advocacy which will lead to awareness, empowerment & employment of people with disabilities with the help & support of trained staff & caregivers and to take measures of prevention, cure and mitigation of disabling conditions with the cooperation of families, communities and beneficiaries.
Jun 11, 2012

Asha Deepa School for the Blind

Dear Friends,

Greetings and Happy Holiday Season!

Regular activities including skill development and vocation training are being undertaken for all the children studying at school. In the last quarter, we have not brought any new child. However, our staff has identifies three more children to bring in two villages of Bidar district in the border of AP.

Parents Meet: The parents meet was organized in the month of February to discuss various issues related to their children education, boarding facility, food quality etc. Almost all the parents were present.

Exams: The exams for all the grades were conducted in the last week of March. Total of 40 children appeared for the exam (5 children were absent the exam as they were taken back to home by their parents)

Celebration: Republic day was celebrated on 26th January. The chairman, AFWA was the chief guest of the day. Various competitions were conducted for the benefit of children in the school. 


Thank you once again for all your support. 

Sanju Kumar

Jan 25, 2012

You Empowered 50 Visually Challenged. Do More!

Dear Friends,

Greetings and Happy Holiday Season!

We hope you are looking forward to your holiday season. You have been adding to our happiness every year with your support and faith, we would like to extend our gratitude to you for your most generous and regular donations every year.

This year 10 more children were identified. The effort to make more rigorous survey is on to indentify and more children for preventive measures.

There are 40+10 children studying at Asha Deepa. Below is the breakup of children.

Grade/Class No. of Children

Grade/Class-1-Seven (including four new children)







Total        Fifty  (50)

With the academic activities on, children at Asha Deepa are preparing for their final exam to be conducted in the month of March.

Thank you once again and with warm regards,

Sanju Kumar


Jan 23, 2012

You supported a child, We enriched their Life

Braille teaching, skill development, canning work and vocational skill development for the new comer and old children are being followed as day to day activities at School.  Four new children that were brought in early June this year have learnt braille. Further, they are learning about writing and reading of braille letters/alphabets in Kannada.

 Ø As academic year is coming to an end, the final exams are fixed in the last week of March. The staff and children are engaged in preparing forthcoming exams. 

 Ø Staff: Mr. Manoj and his wife joined Asha Deepa. Mr. Manoj is a craft teacher. Manoj has undergone special training in craft and he teaches manufacturing of various handicraft items such as re-canning, mat making, doll making, chalk making, candle making etc.  His wife also joined Asha Deepa as a caretaker and both of them stay in the school itself.  

  • Ø Website update: We have uploaded 20 plus children profile on our website at detailing about the children background, their parents, address and class in which he/she is studying at Asha Deepa. We will upload rest of the children’s profile very soon.

Thank you once again and with warm regards,

Sanju Kumar