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We work towards holistic care and optimum rehabilitation outcomes for every orphaned child. We promote, support, advocate and act as Catalysts to achieve these objectives. We are an unstoppable force inspiring and channelizing action to bring about sustainable social change.
Sep 4, 2013

The 'Wall Heart' Project, Mumbai

It can be a party hall after all.....
It can be a party hall after all.....

Improving living conditions is one of the focus areas for CSA and towards the same we needed to organise some badly needed repairs & paint for the walls of an Observation Home at Thane. In between discussions on cost of paint and budgets, one of our volunteers came up with a brilliant idea of a crowd sourced intervention and the innovative 'Wall Heart' Project was born! It took some paint, people and 'poha' to organize the 'Wall Heart' Project – an initiative to add colours in the lives of under privileged children. Volunteers, connected with through Facebook, came together to buy paint and paint the walls of the Home. Our Volunteers comprised a mix of writers, painters, businessmen, dentists, professional artists & social media professionals. From Calvin and Hobbes to an abstract mural, the 'heartists' showcased a plethora of beautiful bright coloured pictures brightening the otherwise dull white walls of the boys dormitory. The children had a bright cheerful room with inspiring messages and a lesson to take home that “The world is not a bad dark place to live in; it can be a party after all"

Here are few comments for the same.  

“The initiative has helped in changing the attitude of these boys. We usually only have a white coat of paint but this initiative has added art & colour to inspire their thinking. We hope for more such creativeassociations with CSA" Secretary of The Dilip Kalantri Boys and Girls observation Home, Bhiwandi.

 “The idea is not just to paint walls but beautify the lives of the children. If a small action like this can inspire them to better some aspect of their life, we could help in changing a life forever. Creative therapy is the best way to divert young energy into something worthwhile" Payal Shah Karwa ,a Communications Professional and our volunteer who conceived the Wall Heart Project.

 “This kind of an experience would not normally have been possible for me. Being able to spend the day adding a little beauty to the sparse surroundings of the facility for children was both humbling andenriching. It was also a lot of fun splashing paint onto walls! Ramya Pandyan, Blogger and Social Media Professional and a volunteer for the Initiative.


Sep 4, 2013

A Sibling for Life!

Family for every child.....
Family for every child.....

Mr. Shankar and Subasri are from Chennai who adopted baby Pushpita from Odisha. They share their story with us -


We are thankful to CSA. Its only because of CSA that we have adopted a 2 year old girl in May 2012 as our own. CSA's representative Mr. Pritikanta Panda was of great help in helping us identifying the adoption agency, doing a translator's job, helping with vehicle bookings etc.

We are from Chennai & married since November 2007 and even as we took our wedding vows, we decided we'll have one biological & one adopted child. Close to a year after wedding, God blessed us with a boy and as he turned 2, we started visiting & enquring with all CARA listed agencies in our state of Tamil Nadu regarding adoptions. Almost all agencies told us that they hardly had kids who were available for adoption and there was a huge waiting list of childless couples in queue.

More than a year passed, and we had tried to contact a few agencies in Maharashtra and elsewhere on our own, but nothing materialized. We also wanted our adopted daughter to grow up alongside our son, but our dream seemed far fetched. We had set a deadline of November 2012, beyond which we decided to call it quits.

Luckily, in March 2012, we met another couple from Chennai Mr. Rammohan Thyagarajan who adopted a girl from Odisha with the assistance of CSA. I first contacted Mrs. Bharati Das Gupta, who quickly introduced me to Mr. Pritikanda Panda in Odisha, who in turn sent me a checklist of all required documents. Suddenly, our hopes went soaring, and before we realized, we were put in touch with an adoption institute in Odisha who shared the photograph of our potential 2 year old daughter. Nithilan (our son) was 3 by then and we thought a sister a year younger to him will be a good addition. Once all the paperwork was in order, we went down to the children's home, saw our daughter, and took possession of her under foster carer and were back in Chennai by May 2012. CSA has been wonderful; our heartfelt thanks to everyone specially to Mr. Pritikanda Panda.

Pushpita (our daughter) has been enrolled to kindergarden school. Today, my kids are just like any other siblings - they play with each other, are adamant, fight and cause havoc but we are not complaining! 

Sep 4, 2013

On their way to Self-Reliance!

Tailoring class at Bhivandi
Tailoring class at Bhivandi

CSA has been working with the Observation Home for  Girls at Bhivandi for sometime now. Most of the children come to the Observation home following issues related to conflicts with the law. As a result, many are depressed, suffer from other clinical disorders and harbor destructive thoughts towards themselves and others around.

These  girls fall in the 12 to 18 years age group. At the Observation home, they are provided with basic amenities, food and shelter. Many are school drop outs but some basic education is provided, however, after turning 18, what's in store for them? How will they become independent members of society capable of supporting themselves for the future? How will they turn self-reliant?

With a view to helping these  and girls stand on their own feet, CSA commenced a Basic Tailoring unit with the help of Jan Shikshan Sanstha in the month of December 2012 for some of the female inmates. They learned how to take measurements, cut fabric and basic stitching techniques in 3 months. Thereafter, all the girls were admitted to an advance level of Dress making course. They have now stitched their own outfits and also stitched bags for younger school going kids from the same home. On observing their dedication and level of improvement, CSA decided to start a Hand Embroidery course too.

The girls are devoted and passionate towards these courses and display a great level of creativity in whatever task they take up. Needless to state, their confidence levels have risen, their smiles have deepened - giving them a renewed identity and purpose of life.....and now, it can be truly said of them - they are on their way to self-reliance!

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