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Vision of Hot Sun Foundation: Social transformation through art and media. Mission: Identify and develop youth talent in East African slums to tell their stories on film. Rapid urbanization in East Africa and lack of options leads to wasted talent and frustration among the youth. Training in filmmaking enhances their creative potential, creating role models and cultural leaders from within their communities.
Dec 27, 2012

Happy New Year from Hot Sun Foundation

Happy Holidays from Hot Sun Foundation
Happy Holidays from Hot Sun Foundation

Onwards to 2013... a turning point for all the peoples of Kenya.

Thanks to all our supporters, we kept the programs of Hot Sun Foundation open and active during 2012, including the Kibera Film School and Kibera TV.

In 2012, we trained two groups of youth in filmmaking skills, for a total of 24.  We also had an historic one-month scriptwriting seminar Script Power for all interested, young Kenyan scriptwriters, with a well-known scriptwriter from the USA, Dwayne Johnson-Cochran, co-sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Over 50 short films were produced in 2012 at Hot Sun Foundation by youth in Nairobi - including dramas, documentaries, community reporting - about compelling issues.  Check them out on youtube

The latest short film is a special THANK YOU for Global Giving supporters at

Now is a great time to make a donation to Hot Sun Foundation. 

You can make a donation in honor of a friend as a special gift and get a 2012 tax deduction for yourself (in the USA) Donate at

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Thanks for all you do! We appreciate your interest and support.

Wishing you, your families, and friends a peaceful and productive 2013

from the staff, trainees, volunteers at Hot Sun Foundation


Dec 21, 2012

Don't Give Up

Godfrey Chogo, Kibera Film School trainee
Godfrey Chogo, Kibera Film School trainee

 My name is Godfrey Chogo.  I am a trainee at Kibera Film first  video project was about MY WORLD. Making it wasn’t easy because I had to come up with a script -  something, which I had never done. 

 It was challenging to come up with a script for a  film of two minutes about My World, but thanks to the trainers of Kibera Film School, (all of whom are past graduates of Kibera Film School), I managed to come up with a script.

 After that I had to make it into a short film.  At this point I felt like leaving the school because I needed a crew, cast, and locations but I realized that I am the one to determine my life. Although it wasn’t easy I didn’t give up.

 This gave me courage within myself and also taught me how important it is to work with others. The MyWorld video project made me know that I can do something as long as I have the interest and the passion for it. Understanding others and working with them made me realize that as a filmmaker I need others.

 This has changed my life and I am grateful to Kibera Film School.

 I am also grateful to all supporters on Global Giving.

Your support keeps the Kibera Film School open for me and youth like me.

 During the holidays, remember the youth of Kibera Film School.                                                                        Please make a donation as a gift for someone special.                                                                                        You can also buy our DVDs on - a great gift for everyone. 

 Thank you.


Godfrey Chogo

Godfrey with Kibera Film School team
Godfrey with Kibera Film School team


Dec 17, 2012

My Wildest Dream

Noreen Kombe, Kibera film School trainee
Noreen Kombe, Kibera film School trainee

MY WORLD  by Noreen Kombo

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would make my own film. The My World short film project was full of ups and downs like any box-office production. The script was good, the casting was done and the budget was tight.

The night before my shoot I could not sleep. I commute using three public buses in Nairobi to get to Kibera Film School. I had no idea how to carry my props with me. Somehow I managed. 

On the day of the shoot, my actors did not show up! Our former Kibera Film School trainees helped me out with the acting roles, makeup and general set up. It was a hectic day but I was glad my story was now on video tape. It was a very scary experience, but I will of course shoot another film again. It was fun.

I am looking forward to becoming an intern at Hot Sun Films after my training in order to perfect my skills as a writer, film editor and producer. I also want to volunteer at Hot Sun Foundation to help other youth learn filmmaking. 

TAG LINE for my film My World

Kibera churns out another Media Mogul!

LOG LINE for my films

In her world, a fighting spirit is all Noreen has to become one of  East Africa’s greatest storytellers.

SYNOPSIS for my film 

Unsuccessful job hunting and empty promises take a toll on Noreen. Depression sets in. At the point of losing hope, she applies for a slot at the Kibera Film School. Her life takes a new turn as she gains filmmaking skills and gets mentored by the best in the industry. Noreen becomes one of the most sought after filmmakers in East Africa.

True life story

My World short film is based on my true life story.  I was quite discouraged, until someone told me about Kibera Film School.  Everything has changed since I became a trainee at Kibera Film School.  The quality, the caring, the sharing at Hot Sun Foundation is unbelievable.

Message to Global Giving Friends

In the holiday spirit of giving, I urge all of our friends and supporters to give whatever you can to Hot Sun Foundation at Your donation goes straight to film training for youth, which leads to transformation for them, their families, their communities.  

A donation in the name of a friend or family member makes a special gift.  You can also purchase our short films at  Look for My World by Noreen Kombe.  Not yet out, but it will be!

Have a wonderful holiday.

Thanks for all you do!

Noreen Kombe 

Noreen (at right) with Kibera Film School trainees
Noreen (at right) with Kibera Film School trainees


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