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Vision of Hot Sun Foundation: Social transformation through art and media. Mission: Identify and develop youth talent in East African slums to tell their stories on film. Rapid urbanization in East Africa and lack of options leads to wasted talent and frustration among the youth. Training in filmmaking enhances their creative potential, creating role models and cultural leaders from within their communities.
Dec 3, 2013

Making a Move and Giving Tuesday

Happy Holidays from Kibera Film School trainees
Happy Holidays from Kibera Film School trainees

Holiday time is here.  Time to relax and reflect. 

But at Hot Sun Foundation we have to --PACK and MOVE.   

After four years in our present location, the land lady gave us notice that we have to move our office and training centre because she sold the house.

After an extensive search,  we found another, slightly more expensive location in Kibera, where we can continue working with young filmmakers to tell their stories on video.

Moving always takes time and money.  Our move will cost us EXTRA because we have to relocate our sound room. 

Just relocating the sound room will cost $700.

Materials for packing, transport and related expenses are another $300.

We need to raise $1000 during the holiday giving season to pay for the move.  

Your support is particularly welcome now.

Any amount will help.

To donate:

You can also donate in the name or memory of someone  and send them

notification of your gift.

Please remember the youth in East African urban slums,  who want to tell their stories on video.

Donate at

Thank you so much.

Happy Holidays from Hot Sun Foundation


Nov 27, 2013

What does it take?

Kibera Film School trainees
Kibera Film School trainees

What does it take to become a filmmaker?




access to equipment and training.


What does it take to become a filmmaker

IF you live in an urban slum in Nairobi, Kenya?


Hot Sun Foundation,

Kibera Film School,


Supporters like you on Global Giving.

Comment by Joash Mageto, filmmaker

In six months, Kibera Film School transformed me into a new person. Today I am confident enough to make a movie of my own. I see a film with a director’s eye now. I have started loving cinema in a true sense only after coming here.


Remember us during the holiday season.

Your support makes it possible for us to become filmmakers!



Hot Sun Foundation staff, graduates and trainees

Kibera Film School trainees
Kibera Film School trainees


Oct 2, 2013

David's Transformation

David Weda at Slum Film Festival, Nairobi, Kenya
David Weda at Slum Film Festival, Nairobi, Kenya

 David Weda,  22 years old

What were you doing before  you joined Hot Sun Foundation?

I wasn't doing much, hustling, worked at a restaurant, getting by.  I was working in a hardware shop when I used to see Hot Sun Foundation people walking by with cameras.  Then by chance, Hot Sun Foundation was filming a short film and I was in it, playing myself in the hardware store. After that, I went to the  Kibera Film School graduation and learned more. My attraction to filmmaking grew and grew. 

Hot Sun Foundation meant more than filmmaking skills for me. It meant a new life.  My life had been rough. Guys I was hanging out with were picked up for robbery.  I was included because I was hanging out with them.  The case was dropped, but that incident made me think.  I was that close to going to jail for a long, long time.  My dad was the only one who stood by me. Now I tell other youth, be careful who you hang with.  

When I heard about the intake at Kibera Film School, I thought this is my chance. I must grab it.  I came here to change my life.  Hot Sun Foundation has transformed my life and given me filmmaking skills.

I am grateful to  Hot Sun Foundation. 

Thanks to all of you who support Hot Sun Foundation and young filmmakers like me.

VERY SPECIAL THANKS for everyone who makes a donation on Wed. October 9, Bonus Day. 

Hot Sun Foundation will get 30% more on Wed. October 9.

Mark your calendars. ONE WEEK FROM TODAY.  Global Giving BONUS DAY. Wed. October 9.

NOTE:  In July, 2013,  David's father died suddenly. David did not give up his vision of becoming a filmmaker.  His dad had been proud of David's decision  to go to Kibera Film School and transform his life.  David missed several filmmaking classes due to family commitments at the funeral as the eldest son, but he managed to complete all his projects. 

David with other Kibera Film School trainees
David with other Kibera Film School trainees


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