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Vision of Hot Sun Foundation: Social transformation through art and media. Mission: Identify and develop youth talent in East African slums to tell their stories on film. Rapid urbanization in East Africa and lack of options leads to wasted talent and frustration among the youth. Training in filmmaking enhances their creative potential, creating role models and cultural leaders from within their communities.
Aug 1, 2011

Brief Update on Survival Backpacks

Survival Backpacks team hand out water
Survival Backpacks team hand out water

1 August 2011  First day of Ramadan

Brief Update:

THANKS to all of our 285 supporters who joined our global network of support. Keep it going and growing!

New Partnerships Thanks to Deeq M. Afrika, we have a new partnership with Aspire2Lead in Canada. They recently wrote an article in Sway Magazine “The Face of Famine in Somalia”

News article in VOA (Voice of America): We are thankful that they talked about Dadaab and our work in “Youth group Fills Gap of Response For Somali Refugees”. You can read it at

Currently preparing for next trip to Dadaab Refugee Camp and Liboi, on the Kenyan border with Somalia.  We are seeking additional funds for transport and volunteers expenses.  We want to use all the Survival Backpacks donations to buy backpacks.  More donations means more backpacks.

Help us get the word out.  Follow us on twitter at Dadaab_Response, on Facebook at Global Somali Emergency Response and our blog at 

Share the Survival Backpacks video on  Dadaab: Get There or Die Trying (shown on alJazeera The Stream and on Dutch TV)

Thanks for all you do.


Jul 25, 2011

Report 2 from Liboi, Somali border with Kenya

Survival Backpacks Team Assist Somali Refugees
Survival Backpacks Team Assist Somali Refugees

We've just returned to Nairobi, Kenya from the trip to the Somali border today (20 July) and now the real work begins. Thanks  to all for your continued support throughout the trip: with your help we were able to achieve a great deal in a very short time.

We were able last night to put together a couple short videos that briefly summarize the trip, things to generate excitement and anticipation for the larger documentary of the trip that we expect (very optimistically) to be ready by Saturday. It is the hope of Ahmed and the rest of the Survival Backpacks team that we will hold a press conference in Nairobi for the doc's unveiling, and from that we will be able to generate a lot of local (Kenyan & Somali) support.          

I don't have much time for updating at the moment, things are pretty hectic here, but I wanted to write and thank you all for everything that you have given to this project. Being a part of this team, seeing the things I have seen and working with the people I have worked with has been the experience of a lifetime. I can honestly say that we saved the lives of people this weekend, if only for this weekend. It is a very special thing to have been a part of, and it wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for you.

In the words of an American woman we met on the street in Dadaab, thank you all for all that you do. It's people like you that make this world a more bearable place, and it is people like you that will make this world a much better place. 

Let's keep up the momentum on this. Let's not let this stop here. The things we covered along the Somali border with Kenya NOBODY has covered...nobody is talking about this. We are leading the charge here.

Best wishes,
Matthew Wilder, Hot Sun Foundation

Somali refugee tells her story
Somali refugee tells her story
Jul 25, 2011

Take Action: Survival Backpacks Somali Refugees

Matt, Ahmed filming, Liboi, Kenya
Matt, Ahmed filming, Liboi, Kenya

24 July 2011

THANKS to the 76 people who have contributed to Survival Backpacks for Somali refugees in Kenya.  A quick update and a request for all of you to reach out to others. You are the people best qualified to reach more people, get more resources and assist more Somali refugees. Your support makes a difference for the young filmmakers who are dedicating their time, skills and resources to reach Somali refugees on the border with Kenya.

Here's what we have accomplished so far.  Using their own resources, a Survival Backpacks team of three Somali filmmakers Ahmed Farah (Founder RIYO Films and Director of HCTV Africa), Abdisalaan Aato (Founder of Bartamaha and Wargelin popular somali website) and Deeq. M. Afrika (Co-founder of Global Somali Youth Agenda and founder of, popular Somali website ) together with two filmmakers from Hot Sun Foundation, Claudette Oduor (Kenya) and Matt Wilder (USA) went to Liboi, Kenya on the border with Somalia. While they were in Liboi, the Survival Backpacks team saw no other organizations yet present to assist the thousands of Somali refugees camped out in the sand and dust.

For a firsthand report on what the Survival Backpacks team saw and did, go to

An example of the response from Somali refugees to Survival Backpacks team:   We said to one of the refugees, 'We know this is very little. We are sorry if this is not enough for you and your family, but there are very many people on the road and we have to save a little for them as well." Do you know what the refugee did? He returned half of the little we had given him. "Please," he said, "Give it to them."

Right now the filmmaker team is working on a short documentary about the situation facing Somali refugees on their way to Dadaab.  The trailer is on Youtube  Dadaab: Get there or Die Trying. Survival Backpacks is featured on AfricaFocus Bulletin

As a supporter, you are part of a unique project that arose from the on-the-ground work at Dadaab refugee camp by Somali filmmaker Ahmed Farah. Because Hot Sun Foundation has worked with Ahmed and exists as a community media program with infrastructure,  we were able to help immediately.  Survival Backpacks is an innovative intervention by young filmmakers that has a powerful psychological impact as well as materially assisting refugees.

We are requesting that each of you send at least five emails to friends and family and post information about Survival Backpacks on Facebook, Twitter and blogs.  We post daily the results of donations to Survival Backpacks on Global Giving and send out individual thank you's to every supporter.

All of the Survival Backpacks team and members of Hot Sun Foundation thank you for your support. 


Abdisalaan with Somali refugees Liboi, Kenya
Abdisalaan with Somali refugees Liboi, Kenya


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