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Kenya Keys bridges two cultures as a catalyst for educational and leadership development where potential abounds but challenges persist. In the rural Kinango District of Kenya there are many obstacles to education, but there is one organization working hard to remove those barriers for as many young Kenyans as possible. That group is Kenya Keys and its purpose is to unlock the enormous potential of young people in Kenya. Kenya Keys is a vibrant witness that one person really can make a big difference. In June 2005, Rinda Hayes and her daughter traveled to the remote village of Bahakwenu in the impoverished Kinango District in Kenya. Rinda was stunned by the extreme poverty she found in Baha...
Apr 7, 2014

A Fueling Education Success Story


Hamisi is the third of 11 children born to illiterate parents in Egu, which is in the poorest district of Kenya. Hamisi is a dedicated student with a strong desire to learn and improve his life through education. But Hamisi knows better than most that desire alone is not enough. Because his parents are peasant farmers, they could never afford to pay Hamisi's secondary school fees. For this reason, Hamisi knew that he needed to qualify for a Kenya Keys' sponsorship. As he approached his 8th grade year, he joined a group of hardworking students who sleep at Egu Primary School overnight in order to use the light provided by the school. Without that light, these students would have to complete their studies at home, by the light of a small kerosene lantern.

By taking advantage of the Fueling Education program, Hamisi was able to prepare well for the national exam (the KCPE). When the results were in, it was clear that Hamisi's efforts paid off: he earned one of the highest scores in the region. He was accepted to Waa Boys Secondary School, which is one of the best schools in the region. He also qualified for a sponsorship through Kenya Keys. He has great ambitions for his education and career. None of this would have been possible without Fueling Education.

Your donations to Fueling Education have made it possible for 130 students at Egu Primary School to receive the assistance they need to optimize their study and preparations for the KCPE. Even small donations make a huge difference for these students. We sincerely thank you, on their behalf, for helping them unlock their potential by funding the Fueling Education program.

Jan 30, 2014

Final Report

Egu students sleeping on their desks
Egu students sleeping on their desks

Wow! Thanks to you, our Usalama Center project reached it’s funding goal as of December 31, 2013. We couldn’t be more excited! Our research team has determined that using space in an existing structure will be a better use of funds, so we won’t be building a stand-alone Usalama Center. That means all the money raised will be used to provide direct services for at-risk girls in the region. 

As our previous reports have illustrated, these services will include conferences for girls, sanitary kits, mentoring by the SOS (Save Our Sisters) group, educational programs for parents, and many additional resources and services. All of these services will be geared to meeting established project objectives: training in assertiveness, life skills, and study habits; family counseling to support girls' education; support and tutoring for girls who are pregnant; and business training so girls can become self-sufficient. The Usalama Center team will work with the Kenyan-based Board of Directors to make service decisions in accordance with our objectives. They will also look for ways to make the Usalama Center self-sustaining. 

We are excited to tell you about our new project on GlobalGiving: Fuel Education for Eager Kenyan Students. The Fueling Education project was really started by the students of Egu Primary School. Because they have no electricity at home, many students choose to stay at the school to study by the light of the one generator-powered lightbulb in the area. After studying for hours, and sharing a simple meal, the students push their desks together and sleep at the school. They stay there all week, traveling home for the weekend and then going through the same routine the next week. 

Many of the students who want to participate have not been able to join their peers because they are unable to contribute grain for the shared meal. The Fueling Education project is simply a way for donors to guarantee that this program, initiated by Kenyan primary students, is available to everyone. Funds raised through this program provide grain for students who cannot bring their own. It also ensures that the generator-powered light is always functioning. Check out the project page to see more pictures of the students who participate in Fueling Education.

Rescuing girls improves life for everyone
Rescuing girls improves life for everyone


Nov 8, 2013

Asante Sana!

Happy Girls
Happy Girls

As you've probably noticed, our project reports usually feature a story of a girl or woman in Kenya. The story generally illustrates the challenges she has overcome and what she is doing to make a better life for herself and for those around her. We love their stories!

This report tells a slightly different story. This story is about you. If you are reading this project report, you have touched the lives of many girls in Kenya this year. Through your donation, you opened the door for girls in our service area to stay in school, to have safe and clean living and learning environments, to get books in their hands, to maintain their dignity, and, ultimately, to change their lives.

The Usalama Center is still in the planning stages, but the Kenya Keys team is not waiting to provide "rescue" services for the girls in rural Kenya. Your donation helped Kenya Keys provide the following services to girls in 2013:

  • Secondary school sponsorships for 51 girls
  • Post-secondary school sponsorships for 15 girls
  • A ground-breaking girls conference (Binti Zinduka) with 240 girls in attendance, which featured the film Girl Rising
  • Ongoing mentoring for 250 girls, provided by the 17 girls who belong to the SOS (Save Our Sisters) girls advocacy group
  • 360 sanitary kits to be distributed by the SOS girls as they visit area schools
  • Hundreds of new books to stock the shelves of 9 Kenya Keys-run libraries 

And that's just a snapshot of what you've done in Kenya - we could never measure all the benefits of what your donations enable. You've also helped us host six Girl Rising events in Oregon, Utah, and California. These events have educated hundreds of people about the challenges girls face and the incalculable benefits of educating girls. Through these events, we also raised thousands of dollars for girls in Kenya.

There's no doubt about it - 2013 was a good year for girls in Kenya, because of you. It really isn't possible to fully express our gratitude to you for what you have given. As you'll see in the video (click the link below), finding a way to express their thanks is hard for Kenyans too. We hope you enjoy this short thank you - you deserve it! Asante sana!


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