Open Closet

Sharing Suits and wills makes more valuable society

Open Closet
48-3 Hwayang-dong
Seoul, Seoul 143-917
South Korea

Board of Directors

Soryung Kim, Hyeyoung Lee, Manil Han, Geumrye Park

Project Leaders

Manil Han


Sharing Suits and wills makes more valuable society


"THE OPEN CLOSET" was opened based on the idea of "what about sharing everyone's closet with each other?" 'The Open Closet is targeted at any consumers who want affordable and decent clothes particularly including job interviewees. As the young job seekers tend to spend most of their income in learning and living, many of them undergo economic difficulties in preparing a suit for their first job interview (about 92% as revealed by the INCRUIT). It is no surprise these days for them. In this sense, the business suit for job interview can be the best practical item for sharing. 'The Open Closet' offers business suits that are donated by any of senior workers for job candidates at the minimum expenses. Also, it would be much meaningful when the donator can give helpful advice for the candidates with it. In the end, this project of sharing can make the job seekers fulfill their basic needs and senior workers be satisfied with their help. That is how the Open Closet works, creating potential values without reproducing or spending. The more important aspect for this project is that the value increases beyond the initial one from the point of sharing. It is definitely 'good' sharing service beneficial for everyone in both material and psychological ways. We believe that this 'good' sharing project can create meaningful social value in the end.

Statistics on Open Closet

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