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To assist the poorest of the poor by providing essential living support to families and children impacted by extreme poverty and/or HIV-AIDS in Cambodia.
Jul 7, 2014

On the edge: three reasons why this program is important!

Aspiring student
Aspiring student

Our title  starts with "On the edge" . Our report will give three examples of young people who are at a crossroads  and who are  " on the edge" of change.

Since 2000  our project has helped destitute moms with AIDS ( in Phnom Penh, Cambodia ) care for their kids through our AIDS Patient Family Support Program ( FSP).   We have stepped in hundreds of times  to provide modest housing and the social support that is essential to create a stable family lifestyle . We have rescued mothers and their children who are living rough on the streets , we have provided transitional housing to mothers snatched from death and returned to fragile but better health by the care of Sisters at a local AIDS hospice and we have stepped in to prevent  families  from becoming homeless.

But far beyond these essential services, our goal  is to help children to stay in school and to help them see that there is a different life beyond the mean streets of the slums where they live. We want  to give these kids the opportunity to break the cycle of inherited poverty. Key to that effort is the  family support that we provide by actively monitoring the condition of each  of our patient families through weekly or more frequent visits and  providing  additional support when needed.

We are so pleased that we have two students who are just finishing their high school studies and who will sit for the national high school examination in August. Both students have a dream of passing the exam and qualifying for entry in to college in the fall. Both have been in our FSP program  and under our care for more than 10 years. Ravin, age 18, dreams of studying Chemistry and food science. Vichet, age 20,  comes from Anlung Kgang settlement  and wants  initially to study English. If they pass their  high school exams,  both will become  candidates for our college tuition program and Jobs for Cambodian Youth program.

Another young person in our program, age 14 , is facing an extremely serious and complex struggle. This young lady lives in a deteriorating family situation that may be on the edge of complete breakdown. Already quite fragile, the mother in this family has  become extremely unstable mentally . It is not unusual for HIV/AIDS to cause  dementia.  We are unsure as to the precise cause of this mental illness, but it is taking a toll on  14 year Srey Maol. Never a strong student, she has fallen so far behind that  she has dropped out of school and may likely not be able to return.  A further concern is that she is exposed to a steady and frequent stream of new boyfriends by her mother’s sister. Srey Mao and her mother live with this aunt.  Neither mother nor aunt  value education and so we are gravely concerned.  We trying to find effective measures to help  stabilize the situation including the serious challenge presented by the mother's deteriorating mental health of   finding an  alternative to the current  housing situation.

One temporary solution is to find activities to occupy Srey Mao  during daytime hours. We have decided that a possible temporary replacement to school could be full day class participation at our Champey Academy of Arts. This would provide structure 6 days a week and  help her build self esteem. It will also  keep Srey Mao out of the house and give her a break from the constant stress of her mother’s illness and keep  her away from her aunt’s boyfriends who are hanging around.

We are not sure we can “ win” this one, but we are trying hard to find solutions with the hope that bit by bit we can turn this situation around, or perhaps place this young girl on a different track of art, music or dance and exposure to stable adults.

Without your support, we would not have two newly graduating highschool students, and our young friend would be a just a tiny step away from a wasted life. Instead, we have two students with hopes of college, and young girl for whom we will try our best to keep moving forward to a better life.

Our heartfelt thanks to you all for your continued support of our efforts!

Barbara & Mark Rosasco

Aspiring Student
Aspiring Student
Jul 7, 2014

Music! Music! Music!

Champey music class
Champey music class

Music ! Music ! Music !

We continue to see increased attendance at Champay Academy of Arts. Particularly popular is the recent addition of music classes, giving children an opportunity to learn to play traditional Cambodian musical instrumets. Demand has been strong, particularly among the boys. A recent day say 5  children in the morning session and 13 in the afternoon group. Children learn about the instruments that are part of the tranditional Cambodian ensemble called the " pinpeat".

There are 5 kinds of musical instruments being used in the class:

  • Roneat Ek - a big xylophone like instrument of which there are three general types, varied in size
  • Roneat Thoong - one of the three types
  • Kong Thom - a bell type instruments which is composed of various metal canister type bells arranged in a circle on a stand
  • Skor thom or Big Drum
  • Skor Samphor - another type of drum that is similar to the big drum

On Friday's we also have the loan of  stringed instruments to introduce to the students, which is very popular.

With more students than instruments, students watch the instruction of others while waiting their turn.

This introduction and access to traditional Cambodian music is just one of several things that we are doing to bring education and inspiration to Cambodian children while teaching them about their rich cultural heritage.

None of this is possible without the continued  generous support of you our donors. Thank you.1

Barbara & Mark Rosasco

Student and teacher
Student and teacher
Kong Thom - Teacher & Student
Kong Thom - Teacher & Student
Jun 6, 2014

Update on Jobs for Cambodian Youth

Cambodian Jobs For Youth Project- Micro Project  Update

In January 2013, our Summer Arts Camp project embarked upon an expanded journey. It was  the start of a new chapter in our efforts to bring the joys, discipline and pride of culture of traditional Cambodian arts and dance   to orphaned and underprivileged children.

Our staffing consisted of several of the teachers and staff formerly with our old Apsara Arts program. We ultimately hired, as apprentice and assistant teachers, six of our senior dance students who had served previously as Apprentice Teachers.

We felt this was an important employment opportunity for these young adults for several reasons.  Not only did it provide a way for us to provide a job track that allowed our senior students to   continue to keep their skills sharp  by providing ready access to an  appropriate practice venue, but it also allowed these students  to also expand upon their skills by giving them the opportunity to teach and mentor other students, providing a real time inspiration to the disadvantaged youth who attended our program. Finally, we feel that the this project nurtured feelings of pride and self accomplishment, as students experienced a new role as a junior paid professional as they experienced the fruits of their many years of study.

Champey Academy of Arts ( CAA) , which started dance classes at our new location near the Royal Palace and Royal University of Art in  Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital city,  has continued to serve local children providing an important alternative to street culture by teaching traditional Cambodian art, music and dance.

The funds from this micro project allowed us to pay our core of 6 assistant teachers and to provide part time employment for 3 of our college students, enabling them to earn the essential although modest wages needed to sustain their expenses while attending college, providing  6 months of sustainable employment to our six junior teaching professionals.

At the present time, all are still working at their jobs at the Academy

Our sincere thanks to our kind donors for their generous support and our apology for the lateness of this report.  Your generosity  has allowed these young adults and students to have  an opportunity for  paid employment in dignified circumstances and to serve as an inspiration to the children in our program.

Barbara and Mark Rosasco

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