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Dream A Dream is a registered charitable trust which seeks to empower children from vulnerable backgrounds by developing life skills and at the same time sensitising the community through active volunteering leading to a non-discriminatory society where unique differences are appreciated.
Oct 18, 2013

Every Smile- A new beginning!!

Children aspired to become a Superhero they drew!
Children aspired to become a Superhero they drew!

Dear Co-dreamers,

Every smile – A new beginning, a new reinforcement, gives a sense of self-worth, gives a sense of renewed spirit, etc. and the list can just go on.. 

It has been a great year so far, and I am excited to share with you that with the help of smiles you have unlocked last year through our "Unlock Smiles Campaign" has supported us in reaching out to 4349 young people through our direct delivery Life Skills Programmes that use the media of arts, sports, and outdoor experiential camps!

Thank YOU for without YOUR support this would not have been possible. This time around we have launched our campaign again, and have set out to unlock 8000 smiles which will help us reach out to many more young people through our Life Skills programmes.

It makes us happy and reinforces our faith and belief in the work we do when we hear quotes from children and teachers like the ones below:

“Nowadays, I am doing my homework and finishing my work in class. I am no longer teasing others and not being scolded in class. I have left my bad habits. I have learned how to draw from Dream A Dream. Recently, I won a prize in drawing and clay modelling” – Lokesh (name changed)

“In initial sessions, I did not talk with anyone.  Now I am talking with everyone. In Dream A Dream, I am happy enjoying with everyone and my friends.” – Manjula (name changed)

“There is a lot of change in their behaviour, such as they have overcome fear and shyness. They have cultivated self- confidence, self-reliance, creativity, initiative, free to express their own ideas and feelings. Also we can see happiness in their faces.” - Head Mistress, Stella Mary School (Our partner School)

“Dream A Dream – a wonderful experience to our children to realise self-confidence and self-motivation.  It gave many opportunities to the young people to expose themselves to a new world of ‘Life Skills’ which most of them were not aware of it.  Heartfelt thanks from all of us, particularly from our children side to ‘Dream A Dream” - Head Master, Mt. Everest School (Our Partner School)

It is inspiring to see how young people, when consistently given opportunities to explore themselves, push the boundaries of their own comfort zone, try new things, and make mistakes; they start learning to build confidence, endurance, empathy, self-reliance and many other skills and make it a part of themselves which will prepare them to face the life’s challenges.

We invite you to continue this journey with us on empowering young people to go for their Dreams and through it build the world that we always wish to see by UNLOCKING SMILES and spreading the word through your networks to unlock many more SMILES!!! on www.unlocksmiles.com. The key to unlocking a smile is a simple donation of $10 or Rs. 250/- which will see 2 young people through an entire month of Life Skills Programmes and takes these youg people closer to their Dreams of leading a wholesome life and making healthy choices.

Please scroll down to see a few pictures from our programmes with the smiles on these faces already unlocked thanks to YOUR continued support!

With Gratitude,

Dream Team

Note:  If you have friends in Bangalore who love cycling, please refer them to be part of one of our awesomest campaign called "Tour de Smiles" happening on November 17th, as part of the bigger Unlock Smiles campaign.  To get a glimpse of how the event was last year, and for more details on how to register this year do visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TourDeSmiles

Creativity is the muscle that we exercise the most
Creativity is the muscle that we exercise the most
Many lessons of life are learnt while having FUN!!
Many lessons of life are learnt while having FUN!!
Learnings follow with a Celebration!!
Learnings follow with a Celebration!!
Oct 15, 2013

Power of Praise and Encouragement!!

Bright and courageous!!
Bright and courageous!!

Its mid year already and the excitement continues. We are delighed to be back to share with you all the happenings and highlights thus far.

I would like to start it with this quote “Most of us, swimming against the tides of trouble the world knows nothing about, need only a bit of praise or encouragement - and we will make the goal.” ~ Jerome P. Fleishman 

Meet Revathi (name changed), a young adult from our Dream Life Skills Through Football Programme, who by her willingness combined with encouragement from our facilitator and praise from her friends was able to come out of her shell and explore her strengths which is sure to help her go for her Dreams!!

The Challenge: At the beginning of the programme, Revathi was very shy and would not speak with anyone.  If she had any doubts, she would tell her friend who would then ask the facilitator. She was too shy to have a direct conversation with her facilitator.

One day, during an unstructured session, the facilitator did a drama activity in which she did not perform with the rest of the children. After the session, the facilitator spoke to her and invited her to participate. Revathi said, she was too shy and if she performed, others would make fun of her.

The Change: The facilitator gave her the challenge of being the lead actress in the upcoming drama, and she took on this challenge and performed very well. All of her friends and others in the session praised her which gave her a strong sense of confidence. After the drama performance, her male peers also praised her and this made her more comfortable with them. This led to her not being afraid of the others and she even started mingling with the boys at the sessions.

The Dream Power: As she continued in football matches, she became friends with these boys and she was no longer afraid to play football with them and challenge them in matches. She has become a very good football player. Her brother is in the football programme too and helps her learn how to play. At first, only her brother was allowed to attend the football programme. Now, she has finally convinced her parents to let her play and they are very happy about her new found sense of confidence. She and her brother practice playing football together after coming back school.

We at Dream A Dream feel honoured and take pride in presenting to you the Mid-year Organization and Programme Updates and Highlights as we have flown in to the first half of the year.

Organization Updates and Highlights:

Programme Updates and Highlights:

  • 3739 young people are engaged in our core life skills programmes – 1462 in Life Skills through Sports and 2277 through our Creative Arts programme.  
  • 166 young people were part of 5 Outdoor Experiential Camps.  Quote from a 15-year-old young adult at a camp "I got lot of opportunities to participate in leadership roles here, and want to continue participating in such camps and all the programmes Dream Connect Center offers, as I can't continue my education"
  • 610 young adults were benefited through our Life Skills for Career Development Programmes at Dream Connect Centre which offers the tools and foundational life skills necessary for career development. Teaching them Basic computer skills, English speaking, workplace readiness, career guidance, and career talks. 97% of the participants have shown significant improvement in computer skills. As part of our Last Mile Support programme 11 young people are successfully placed and 3 of them have been granted scholarships for higher studies and professional courses.
  • We have 19 volunteers trained to be Mentors and are mentoring 19 young adults from difficult backgrounds.
  • Teacher Development Programme is delivered through a series of 4 workshops called Teacher Development Programme (TDP #1, 2, 3, & 4) focused on engaging, enabling, and empowering teachers and youth workers which in turn helps them to empower young people with life skills in their own schools and regions.  156 teachers/youth workers have received TDP #1 and 43 teachers or youth workers have received TDP #1 and #2. Quote from a teacher "Some of the things that I will do differently as a result of my new learnings is identifying the individual potential of teammates and specially children inside the classroom."
  • PYE Global (Partners for Youth Empowerment) has trained a team of 26 lead facilitators, who will be responsible for leading teacher development workshops and Outdoor Experiential Camps.
  • Engaged 1092 volunteers clocking over 9524 volunteer hours. 4 volunteers have clocked hours between 40 – 80 volunteering hours, 18 are between 80 – 200 and 8 are between 200 – 800 hours. Read about the volunteering experience from one of our volunteer, Prarthana, at http://dreamadream.org/2013/09/volunteering-to-make-the-heart-whole-again-my-story-of-change/ 

Thank you for walking this journey with us and we look forward for your continous support. Visit the link below to unlock a few smiles and spread the word through your networks.

Passionate teachers @ Teacher Development Progaram
Passionate teachers @ Teacher Development Progaram


Aug 23, 2013

Najma's new found strength!

Sparkling eyes, blissful smile, immense potential!
Sparkling eyes, blissful smile, immense potential!

Dear Co-dreamers,

As we continue to weave the magic for this year there is excitement all around and the schools are bustling with energy.   In this update, we are excited to share with you story of Najma from our Life Skills Programme.

Meet Najma, a 13-year-old, who has been part of our Life skills through Creative Arts Programme since the last year. 

The Challenge:  Najma was well behaved through the sessions but was afraid of talking in front of other children and would not allow herself to be completely involved in the sessions.  One of the methods Lokesh (our facilitator) uses during the sessions to create a space that gives a chance for each young person to become a leader is to call on a different student in each session for that day’s activity.  During one such activity called ‘alien conference’ (an activity which is designed to build creativity and communication skills); one person gets to be an “alien” who is invited to a conference and gets to make up their own language to speak and there is a “translator” who translates what the alien is saying to the audience (the rest of the class). 

The Change:   Najma was the “translator” who had to explain to others what her "alien" partner was saying.  Her creativity really came out during this activity and she fabricated an intricate story about aliens which fascinated the other children.   She came to the art facilitator at the end of the class to tell him how much she liked the activity.  After the alien conference, the artist in her came to the fore as she became more aware of her creativity and speech.

The Dream Power:   With her new found strength, Najma started creating new games and activities for her peers to enjoy.  One of the new games she made was a hand clapping game which she demonstrated to the entire group.  Since she designed these new games, the children listen to her and followed her instructions.  She has become a leader in the class and is more comfortable sharing thoughts and ideas with others and the facilitator.  She wants to continue Dream A Dream creative arts sessions next year.  Says Najma to the facilitator, “When school is boring, I have the Dream A Dream class to look forward to.” 

Organization and Programme Updates and Highlights (April 2013 – August 2013):

  • 3578 young people are enrolled in our life skills programmes – 1669 in Life skills through football and 1909 in Life skills through Arts.
  • 138 young people and 29 volunteers were part of 4 Outdoor Experiential Camps for this year.
  • 592 young adults were benefited through our Life Skills for Career Development training at our Dream Connect Centre, which offers the tools and foundational life skills necessary for career development.  Teaching them Basic computer skills, English speaking, workplace readiness, career guidance, and career talks.   We are also happy to share with you that 2 of our young adults have been successfully placed to work at consulting agency and a Mall respectively.

At Dream Connect center our young person, Zahid (name changed) mentions something interesting in the reflection circle.  He said “Before coming to Dream Connect center I used to smoke a lot.  My mother used to repeatedly insist that I should quit smoking but I always ignored her. But after participating in the DreamConnect program and having discussions with the group here, I’ve decided to give up smoking. I haven’t even touched a cigarette in over a week now.  Thanks to Mahesh (DreamConnect – Facilitator) and my friends for consistently guiding me to change”

  • 19 volunteers were trained to be Mentors and 14 have been matched with their mentee’s already.
  • 692 volunteers have been engaged clocking over 4773 volunteers hours.
  • Teacher Development Workshop was delivered to 131 teachers from 5 of our partner schools with focus on Life Skills Facilitation.  The programme aims to train teachers and community workers to facilitate the development of Life Skills amongst young people in their own schools and regions. The workshops in particular are focused on enabling adults to deepen the understanding of self and young people.  After the training teacher says “I would want to integrate Creative activities in classroom education”
  • Dream A Dream had been finalized in top 4 NGOs (medium category) in the India NGO Award 2013 https://www.facebook.com/theResourceAllianceIndia

We look forward to your continued support and enduring relationship!

Thank You!!

Young people and volunteers from our 4th Camp
Young people and volunteers from our 4th Camp
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