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We empower women and children living in rural communities to overcome social injustice, disease, illiteracy, and poverty. Our small-scale interventions enhance their social and economic well being and help them reach their potential.
Dec 5, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Holidays - Field project

women contributes in community building
women contributes in community building

We need your help to get a hand press soil block production machine for building needs.

Hope Ofiriha finds it difficult to fundraise and deliver the hand press soil block maker so that women can make blocks for the building. They want to contribute in community building.

Hope Ofiriha has informed the women to wait, and be optimistic. They expected the arrival of the equipment earlier but now they have adjusted their expectation since this project has failed to attract GlobalGiving donors.

We are appealing to anybody, or if you know a company that would like to help the poor in Africa connects us to them. Hope Ofiriha will be listening to their offer.

Thanks for ongoing support; Hope Ofiriha wishes you a happy thanksgiving holiday’s season.

Dec 3, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Holidays- fieldprogress report

Onura women needs beehives
Onura women needs beehives

Why should women do beekeeping in Onura sub village south Sudan?

 Honey is money, delicious, and nutritious. How can women obtain honey to combat malnutrition? The answer is in beekeeping. By keeping bees, they can obtain large quantities of honey and raw beeswax for home consumption and for income generations.

Other benefits of beekeeping are as follows:
Tropical apiculture is cheap. It does not involve mass feeding of bees, because the insects can provide their own food year round, there is no need to feed the bees. All the necessary inputs required for beekeeping are available locally. Individually, and cooperative societies can initiate it with only limited funds. Beekeeping is self-reliant. It does not depend on importation of foreign equipment of inputs.

From September to November, our beekeeping activities have been limited because we don’t have the fund to buy the materials to produce beehives to distribute to women in Onura sub village. Despite this hard time they are united and optimistic. They have hope in themselves, and are good in helping each other with local resources they have. Hope Ofiriha plans to buy one smoker machine with the funding from our GlobalGiving donors to give to one woman who needs it for honey harvesting.

Even if the economy is bad currently, Hope Ofiriha remains committed to its mission and to our GlobalGiving donors.Their donations made our work possible in the field.

Thanks for your ongoing support, and we are looking forward to partner with you for years.

Dec 2, 2010

December 1 2010 World HIV Day - Field report

december 1 Hiv day!
december 1 Hiv day!

Omilling village needs a HIV-AID awareness education but the village cannot afford it. I am raising money to run the project.

Several thousand of people are living with HIV in Omilling and new infections continue every year. World AIDS Day 2010 is all about raising awareness to tackle HIV prejudice and help to stop the spread of HIV.

Explore this project to ensure you understand the facts about HIV and find out what you can do to ACT AWARE.  Make a donation and join the Omilling village and people over the world making a difference on December 1 2010.

The Omilling village faces several dilemmas, but let me take a step back and explain the over-charging dilemma of Omilling village so that you may understand other challenges that the local people are confronted with everyday.

The Omilling village has one of the southern Sudan’s worst HIV/AIDS rates at 39% (which is low-balling the figure – the statistic only includes pregnant women, which means the HIV/AIDS rate in the village is probably closer to 60%). The average age is 31 and life expectancy is 44. At the school alone, 85% of the children are OVCs (Orphaned or Vulnerable Children), which means that they have lost one or both parents, and their parents have no means of income. There are other serious problems in the area as well: alcoholism, malnutrition, and domestic abuse. A discussion of these issues would only lead to “a chicken or the egg” argument, but no one doubts that these problems fuel each other on a daily basis. The LRA imported HIV into the village during the years of their occupation during the civil war.

It is because of these issues that I see HIV education to be such an important factor in their lives. Anything I can do to give this people better opportunity to protect themselves, I will do so, because giving them a HIV AWARENESS is like giving them the wings that could help them rise above the astoundingly difficult conditions in which they were born. If they can use their HIV AWARENESS to make intelligent, cautious decisions to protect their lives, not only can they save themselves, but they can also save others by informing them about the dangers HIV.

If you are an American or a British with a heart to help poor HIV victims - you can do so by making a tax-deductible donation to HIV-AIDS Awareness Programme in south Sudan through our GlobalGiving partner to mark December 1 2010 world AID DAY.

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