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We empower women and children living in rural communities to overcome social injustice, disease, illiteracy, and poverty. Our small-scale interventions enhance their social and economic well being and help them reach their potential.
Feb 11, 2011

We need childbirth delivery bed and delivery set kits

jennifer Leo - expecting a baby
jennifer Leo - expecting a baby

Jennifer Leo, 18,  is expecting to give birth and needs help to get basic items during delivery.

On 08- Feb - 2011 president Omer al-Bashir, issued a republican decree accepting the final results of referendum, which supports the separation of the South into an independent state. North and South Sudan are presently engaged in talks to resolve the sensitive issues, which includes sharing of oil revenues, demarcation of boarders, and the contested oil-rich Abyei region.

 2011 has many challenges for the people of southern Sudan. In Omilling, poverty, and diseases continues to threaten the villagers. But women are strong and hopeful, and are working hard to overcome these challenges. Hope Ofiriha sees it every day from the ground. You can help Southern Sudanese, particularly women and children, to create a better future for themselves and their families with a contribution to ALL through GlobalGiving.

Poor education among women and lack of access to health facilities in a post war –torn Omilling village has increased risks surrounding child birth - due to lack of delivery bed, and delivery kits.

Home delivery and hospital maternity is not the same; when women deliver at home some local traditional midwives use unclean knives, increasing the risk of death even in cases where the process gets completed successful.

According to our local statistics here, 10 women die per 200 births in Omilling village. These women have a lifetime risk of dying in childbirth of 1 in 20.

 Dr. Lokong said: “I have come across several village women who have each had more than eight deliveries at home due to lack of health facilities. In many of the cases the children delivered die. Most pregnant young girls believe in traditional birth delivery, not knowing it may not always be safe. This is made worse when a maternity centre is not available locally.”

Dr. Lokong cited the risks of home –based delivery: excess bleeding, the placenta failing to descend, and disease transmission through handling contaminated blood. To stop women from dying in child birth they need a delivery bed, and delivery kits. “This is the best solution in this village.”

Hope Ofiriha has been supplying basic items which assist women during child delivery such as: syringes needles, sterile gowns, gloves and maternity pads. To continue to help more women Hope Ofiriha needs ongoing funding from the donors.

We thanks you for the supports in 2010 and we look forward in working with you in years to come until the goal of this project has been fully met.

Thanks for joing hands with Hope ofiriha!


Feb 11, 2011

Give peace through education in S.Sudan

Mathew Hobbe-sponsored child
Mathew Hobbe-sponsored child

Emerging Republic of S. Sudan needs educated population to create a durable peace to sustain its development. By investing in S. Sudanese children’s education in Uganda is a ticket out poverty.

Due to a shortage of funds in 2010, we stopped sponsoring additional S. Sudan refugee children in Uganda. But we will continue to support the 8 children admitted in our program from last year. Possibly until they have completed their primary school.

We have had some sponsors cancelling their supports when they lost jobs. Two Americans, one Japanese, three Britishs, and Norwegians citizen stopped supporting citing “job losses”, as the main reason. But said they will continue supporting when hey get jobs. Children affected are really sad. We are working to find new sponsors to help the gap, and to make sure children previously in schools should not be left behind.

Hope Ofiriha has contacted the helper of John Odoch because the school fees have not been paid in months. Odoch is a good boy and clever at school – We are optimistic his helper will continue to support his education.

Mathew Hobbe – his previous helper has paid quarter fees – meaning that he will stay in a boarding school for three months. After that his sponsor will be paying nursery fees quarterly.

Both Jolly and Justine have joined senior school after doing well in their "primary leaving exams". Amuna Otwari has joined Juba University since last year with the help of her nice sponsor. These children made us proud of their academic performances. With small investments they achieve higher!  Poor Justine Okello passed with distinctions.

Out of 300 children – there are 292 children desperately in need of school fees and their poor parents cannot put these children in schools. They are on the waiting list! Please open your "hand UP" – and not "a hand OUT" to give these children a ticket of out of poverty.

We thanks you for the supports in 2010 and will work with you in years to come to achieve the goal of this project to help 300 S. Sudanese refugee children complete primary education in Uganda.

Thanks for joining hands with Hope Ofiriha!


Dec 6, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Holidays- fieldprogress report

miscroscope needed!
miscroscope needed!

“No money equals death”.

A drastic shortage of medical supplies and no microscope in local healthcare post means that patients will not be tested. But instead the health post will continue to treat patients for diarrhea even if they are suffering from malaria. This is a real dilemma, and as a result children are dying when they are treated wrongly for malaria when they are having diarrhea.

Healthcare post needs a microscope urgently to serve Omilling village, especially under the 5 years old. The village has no pave road, and there is no transportation to get to the village to government healthcare clinic. The nearest one is 62 kilometer. The patients cannot track 62 kilometer on foot for diagnostic purposes, and same distance back home.

Hope Ofiriha has asked the Omilling village to wait because this project has yet to attracted the GlobalGiving donors.The villagers remained optimistic, and hope one day a donor will come to help them get the equipment which is badly needed to end the dilemma.

We thank our supports, and Hope Ofiriha looks forward in working with you for years to come.

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