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SEREP is a non-profit, non-governmental organization situated in Kumbo, Bui Division, North West Region of Cameroon. The area is ranked as amongst the least developed nationally, with limited infrastructure, high birth rate, high unemployment, as well as a high level of HIV/AIDS transmission and widespread poverty. This distressing situation prompted the formation of SEREP in 1997 with an aim of addressing the social problems caused by such and to Serve the underprivileged ones without boundaries. We work in several projects which are identified in accordance with the felt needs of the people and friendly to the environment. Orphaned and Vulnerable children's education remain our top priorit...
Oct 30, 2012

women empowerment project in Cameroon -Africa

volunteers with one of the  groups for palm oil
volunteers with one of the groups for palm oil

It has been a wanderful turning point to this project. Though the support has been very slim, we have moved a great step ahead. In the last few months, we had some volunteers Hanna, Pipa and Ceri all from Original volunteers in Uk who came and were assigned to work with these women groups from the level in wichi they were. It was a great cfhallenge for these three young girls to penetrate the rural villages and got to know much about the importance of this project, and they way forward. The little that has been raised was far in adequate to even help up to five groups. The first pilot groups were choosen through their commitment, and trained as trainers for other groups.  A workshop was held at the NGO's Head office.

 A model Business plan for the whole project was established and we are working on it at the moment todevelope more strategies of fund raising  both internally and externally.  Firstly these groupds have been trained to start team work where individuals will contribute a little token to the their group fund so that we can encourage local fundraising within themselves while looking for external funds.

Hannah  and Pipa were very excited and also came up with and HIVAIDS attached to the project.  This is to ensure that every women group invvolved in the project  received continues HIVF Aids education and also become a peer educator in their various homes and communities.

The ladies were also supported by Mr. Luke and amar Karia who also enjoyed field trips with them to actually see the women in their various locallities.

Hanna is from the University of susex and her report has enable her to be given an opportunity by the university to have an official internship in the project from January 2013 to June. 

Who ever is supporting or has supported this project should have a higher hope with the iinterest  Hannah has shown and with a good modela business plan for the project.

Thanks to those  who have supported this project and now that HIV Aids have been attached to it, I call on those who woud like to sop the HIVAIDS stigma should support thise project whole heartedly.

I would also like to end this report by reporting that among these groups some groups are groups of  women living with HIV AIDS and they are very happy with the attachment of this to the Palm oil project as they can do very well in open testimonies when Hannah comes back in January.

May God bless you all.

Hannah, luke and pippa for palm oil project
Hannah, luke and pippa for palm oil project


Sep 4, 2012

Progress of the Takijah Nursery school project


Schools were  out on holiday and what  has been done within the last period  the improvement of the benches and the surroundings of the school premises.  A Parent teachers and the entire community  had a meeting to evaluate the work done in the building project so face.  The Headmistress and the PTA execuive where given an applouse for the improvement in the school building and it environment.  

The community did not full their hands waiting only for external funding, they have also fixed a levey to paid by parent as soon as the schoo re-opens on the 3rd so as to buy cement and  use the sand that was bought with the financial support through the Global Given.   Pictures of the Sand  was posted in  on of the reports.

As the schoo resumes and funds are raised, plastering and flooring will get on and pictures of the work shall be posted in our next report.

The school is situated in a pure rural setting and the people are living in absolute poverty.  We wish to encourage willing and sheerful charity hands to support this project without any constrains.

Helping the Takijah Nursery school is a permanent gift for present and future generation.

Thanks to the few donors that have pushed the work financially to reach at the current level.


Sep 4, 2012

Progress Report on help Mbosha Women build a Primary Health post

Volunteers and Women in front of the Health post
Volunteers and Women in front of the Health post

The Original volunteers continue to send medical students who are currently benefiting from this rural health post set up by gaining some experiences and helping the communities.

Hannah, Pippa, Amar and Philip worked and enjoyed this community with their local health post which is progressively improving.

Since they are students they encouraged them, worked with them to project the yard from stray animals, like horses, cows  sheep  and goats.  The carried out an intensive health education and health survey in the Mbosha village.

Hanna and Pippa also stayed in this community and worked with them on HIV/AIDS education which was a challenging project.  It turned out that most of them had not heard about HIV/AIDS and prevention openly for the first time, and had been told not to talk of condoms.

They were supported with some essential drugs and gloves.  Philip, another volunteer worked on development, good record keeping, and management in the health post.  Women were encouraged to keep on with the project despite the slow nature of the progress being made.  We hope that as donations continue to happen, we will keep on with the work especially the improving of the condition of the building.

Luke one of the volunteers who came in only for two weeks was very satisfied and challenged with what the poor women could do just to help the entire community and for the future generations as their objective.  He declared that he will be coming back in June 2013  to work and set up many things that can improve the health post and the health of the community.

We would appreciate any additional or new assistance to this project.  May God bless you especially the charitable hands that gives cheerfully, willingly and for the sake of humanity.

After HIV/AIDS Education training for trainers
After HIV/AIDS Education training for trainers
Women moving to the Health Post
Women moving to the Health Post
Powerful Women leader in front of the Health Post
Powerful Women leader in front of the Health Post


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