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Restoring young girls through the power of a dream. Transitions provides comprehensive restorative aftercare for girls rescued from sex trafficking. Each girl at Transitions receives personalized care to heal her past and provide opportunities for her future. A girl who finds her home at Transitions finds a new beginning. She finds hope, and with holistic trauma therapy, life skills and sustainable career training, she finds a dream for her future. We help girls transition, through the power of a dream, from darkness to light, from victim to survivor to world changer.
Jan 25, 2013

Where Dreams Take Flight

At Transitions, we use multiple forms of therapy to help girls along their journey from their trauma and pain toward wholeness and healing. One form of therapy we use is art therapy and often it brings amazing insights and results. Recently Sovann, one of the girls in the Dream Home program, created something beautiful while reflecting on her time with Transitions, and has agreed to let us share it with you. The prompt for this art assessment was to draw a nest. Sometimes people doing this assessment choose to draw nests that stand alone, and others draw them in trees. Some people want to have eggs in their nest, and some leave them empty. Some have mother birds there to protect the eggs, and some have no birds at all. Some people depict the roots of the tree deep and far reaching, but sometimes the trees are not well rooted. The choices girls make when drawing these nests are important indicators of the state of their attachment and security, past and present. After Sovann drew her drawing, she was asked to tell a story to describe it. This is what she said: “This is a story about a bird. When the bird first came to the nest, she was small and skinny and not pretty. But the nest is in a safe place and has flowers and shade and food, and now the bird is big and beautiful and soon she will learn to fly. The tree is a safe place with plenty of fruit growing on the branches. And if that fruit is not in season then it’s okay because the house moms will go to the market and buy different kinds of fruit.” Then she looked up and said, “This tree is the Dream Home and I am the big, beautiful bird who is learning to fly”. Often, in this particular art assessment when there is a grown-up bird depicted, it represents a present adult caretaker, but for Sovann, the big bird is her. And the baby bird depicts her when she first arrived at the Dream Home. As Sovann shared this story with her treatment team, they experienced a deep-felt sense of joy. The number one goal we have at the Dream Home is to establish a sense of safety, security, and protection for our residents. We want to give them a place where they can heal, grow, and learn to fly. In this drawing, Sovann told us that all of our efforts were successful in giving her just what she needed to heal. She’s happy in this tree and while she may not be quite ready to fly, she knows that she soon will be.

Nov 7, 2012

Fall Classes in Full Swing at Shine!

 Our second semester at Shine has begun and the girls are really enjoying their full schedule of learning. We have our second set of girls learning cookery with a Western chef, English and Khmer literacy, computer class, mathematics, life skills classes and a whole host of fun electives. This semester we are offering knitting, gardening, baking, and for P.E. we have found two amazing outlets for our Dream Home girls, skateboarding and breakdancing!

Thanks to two local organizations, Skateistan and Tiny Toones, our girls are spending two hours every week learning to connect with their bodies and engage in some very cool physical activity. The first hour is for skateboarding, where the girls are learning about balance and flexibility.  After just three sessions, they can skate up small ramps and under low-slung ropes. The second hour is for break dancing, where the girls are improving their strength and flexibility. The most recent class taught the girls about balancing on their heads! By the end of class, everyone could do it, if only for a few seconds. 

Aug 21, 2012

A New Dream Home!

This Summer, Transitions made a new move to a new facility. We had been looking for a new Dream Home with more space and a better program flow. This May, we identified an amazing new shelter that was designed in a way that fits Transitions program wonderfully! We moved in on June 16th with all of our girls squealling and cheering! The girls have an almost brand new home, which is absolutely beautiful and perfect for their wellbeing, healing, and a sense of belonging. Our staff are pretty happy too...they have a great big office with plenty of room for our growing team of social workers, therapists, and care staff. To christen the office, we asked intern Lauren Huntley to paint the Transitions slogan "Every girl is sacred, every girl deserves dignity, every girl needs to dream, and no girl should ever be sold."

We are really excited about this new move, as we will be able to serve more girls each year and to operate our programs more efficiently and effectively. I

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