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Oct 26, 2010

Cholera Outbreak - Safe water solution


Deep Springs International is currently under the pressure of the recent cholera outbreak in Haiti that has already killed over 200 Haitians and sickened over 2,000.  Cholera is a preventable illness, preventable with our liquid chlorine.  

The areas affected include the Artibonite Valley (a location of many persons displaced by the earthquake), Arcahaie (near Port-au-Prince), and Limbey.  This outbreak has also increased worries the disease could reach the earthquake zone.  According to the Pan American Health Organization, the number of cases will continue to grow because Haitians do not have any built-up immunity to cholera.  


This weekend Deep Springs International delivered 80 gallons of Gadyen Dlo  (our Haitian made liquid chlorine treatment) to DINEPA (Haiti’s health ministry) to purify over 1,200,000 million liters of water.  DINEPA will use this shipment of Gadyen Dlo in St. Marc to treat a piped public water system.

We are working on providing more safe water treatments through DINEPA, working with our partner NGOs to coordinate the distribution of a large in-kind donation of chlorine tablets that can purify 2,000 gallons of water at a time, and ensuring our 33,000 beneficiaries (including over 18,000 in Leogane) are fully supplied with clean water.


You can help Haitians by guaranteeing the safe water necessary to shield families from infection and rejuvenate those who are already sick.


Oct 7, 2010

How you are helping serve over 150,000 Haitians

DSI Staff in Leogane, Haiti
DSI Staff in Leogane, Haiti

As of August 2010, DSI and you are now serving over 150,000 Haitians with safe water for years to come.  Through your help and that of organizations like Save the Children and UNICEF we have been able to act quickly--providing not only safe water for a day but safe water for a lifetime through a strategic plan that converts traditional aid into sustainable jobs and enterprises.

Our programs reach both communities with the same safe water system - Gadyen Dlo - that you helped provided to over 60,000 Haitians in the earthquake zone.  This was not a "one time hit," like a vaccination.  Your compassion has helped us distribute and establish a system that will transition from initial aid to Haitian-managed sustainable enterprises.  As we talk about it internally, we provide a solution to a systemic problem that is "for Haitians, by Haitians."

Although we have been able to create many jobs for Haitians and provide safe water to over 150,000 Haitians, the need is increasing for rural Haitians.  Traditional aid organizations and the Haitian government are now focusing time and resources on dense population centers to the neglect of the rural communities that DSI serves.  There are over 1,200,000 rural Haitians who still do not have safe water to drink or properly prepare meals.   

The impact from the January 2010 earthquake remains, and we would love to continue serving rural Haitians with you.

If you have any questions, let us know!  Please also check out our website with many updates and more complete information about our strategy, goals, and people - 

Jean Alliance (Program Coordinator) at UN Leogane
Jean Alliance (Program Coordinator) at UN Leogane
A few children we serve in Leogane
A few children we serve in Leogane


Jan 29, 2010

Aquatabs Arrive!

Gadyen Dlo Station Set up
Gadyen Dlo Station Set up

January 27th: First Shipment of Aquatabs Arrives! “Our first distribution was to a school building in Leogane. Several hundred people are living there with no access to clean water. We distributed enough tabs to purify over 100,000 liters of water at the school!” John Smith, DSI Volunteer Additional distributions include: -Two field hospitals received enough Aquatabs to purify 1 million liters. Each patient receives a strip of tabs. -Mobile doctor team distributing tabs as they go into the countryside. An additional ½ million liters will be treated -A distribution was held in accord with the US Marines outside one of their camps “People are excited to get the tabs because many of them understand the dangers of their water situation. Also, they know how to use them already.” A special thank you to the people of Lanxess for their donation of Aquatabs. Additional News: Water Treatment Training: 150 health agents and 36 Monitrices (community health workers) have been trained and provided with Aquatabs to distribute Buckets: Negotiations with the local bucket factory are complete. Jolivert: Jolivert, our first production site in northern Haiti, is producing 136 liters per day of Gadyen Dlo (liquid chlorine).

5 Survive In this Home, Including an Infant
5 Survive In this Home, Including an Infant
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