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to improve life in developing countries by identifying and encouraging the use of affordable water purification systems, teaching the importance of proper household water treatment, and creating new business opportunities for local people
Aug 2, 2013

2nd Quarter 2013 Update

Annual Campaign Launched
Lead Gift of $239,000 pledged!
Soon after launching our 2013 Campaign in late May, we got the very exciting news that an international organization has committed to a $239,000 project.   This was more than double the $100,000 that we had planned for the top campaign donation - and really propels us quickly towards our goal of $650,000!

 If you or your company or organization have not yet had time to respond, please contact us at your earliest convenience.
To discuss campaign options (including PR options for organizations), please contact Development Director Steve Bostian at 828.773.7242.   Make an online donation with option of monthly or quarterly gifts or contact us at to get a copy of the pledge form and pledge reminder emailed to you.

Water Economy Network selects Deep Springs as official Global Partner

The Water Economy Network – WEN - is a new Western PA regional organization that helps water sector stakeholders access water-sector business opportunities, encourages start-up company formation through innovative technology development and deployment, and attracts both national and international water related industry to the region.
As WEN developed, they realized that their impact can be more than just regional.   As they bring water industries to Western PA, they will have a national influence.    But extending even further, WEN can use its expertise and resources to have a global impact.   Recently they selected Deep Springs International because it is an organization birthed out of Grove City College which has strong connections with Pittsburgh and the region.  

By having an official Global Partner, WEN can help Network Members also develop Corporate Social Responsibility programs that include global impact.  We are excited about this new opportunity and look forward to working with the companies of the Water Economy Network!

Did You Know....?

More than 10% of Haitian children die before the age of 5.


Half of the world's hospital beds are occupied with people with an easily preventable waterborne disease; such as typhoid, cholera and dysentery.
National Leadership Conference a Success

From May 9 to 10, the leaders of Deep Springs convened in Leogane for two days of training, planning and strategizing.  Leaders came from all corners of Haiti: Jolivert, Leogane, Milot, Plaine du Nord and Fonds Verrettes.
Some of the activities and topics included: a review of last year's achievements, new innnovations, monitoring methods, sales management techniques, review of recent research, and options for new products.
Goal-setting was done at the national, regional, and personal levels, using a new methodology.   The staff was excited to learn that one of their own (Madame Eveline) will be receiving the coveted Gangarosa Sustainability Award.
The team in Haiti is very committed to improving health nationwide through production and distribution of the local Gadyen Dlo brand chlorine and our Buckets of Life .  It was very exciting to hear them express their desire to see every family in their country helped through proper water treatment!


The Buckets are Here!

We are so excited to be launching our new program, Buckets of Life!   At just $34, this is a simple and affordable way for individuals, families, and even groups like classes, scout troops, etc. to help struggling families with water purification systems they need to improve their health.
So start saving those pennies... because it only cost 3 cents a day to provide safe water for a family!!!


May 15, 2013

1st Quarter 2013 UPDATE


We are continuing our efforts to provide clean water for 900,000 rural Haitians families who are without

Some recent accomplishments include:

  • Launch of Buckets of Life Program
  • Celebration of World Water Day 2013 - International Year of Water Cooperation with over 250 attendees
  • Successful partnership with French organization ACTED, which includes distribution of Buckets of Life and training for over 500 families, and the addition of 7 new Health Agents who work directly with Haitians providing on-going support
  • Participation in "Global Health and Entrepreneurship" conference in Boston, MA providing networking, collaboration and future partnership opportunities

Earth Day

The recent celebration of Earth Day was an opportunity to bring the importance of abundant, potable water center stage. Most people believe that pollution is the main source of concern, but in fact, in countries like Haiti, deforestation has the most devastating impact. Most rural Haitians still cut trees to produce charcoal for cooking, the primary cause of deforestation in the past 50 years.

Our primary focus in Haiti is to make sure families & individuals have access to clean, safe water, but we also collaborate with other initiatives to educate Haitians on the importance of trees and their impact on rainfall, vegetation and topsoil.

Deeps Springs is supportive of all reforestation projects in Haiti, recognizing this as a key step in helping Haitians stabilize their water sources.

Health Agents Excelling in Haiti

Our supervisors in Northern Haiti recently met with the 21 Health Agents in the Plaine du Nord region. These Agents work jointly for Deep Springs and the Haitian Ministry of Health. To the supervisors’ delight, they learned that these Health Agents are so motivated to help save lives and improve health that they have been going the extra mile.

They have been holding community meetings with families they are not required to visit as part of their Ministry of Health responsibilities. It is this personal commitment that will enable us to reach all 900,000 families who lack clean water in rural Haiti. The demand is so great that the Agents recently ran out of our bucket systems!

 Boys excited about Buckets of Life delivery
Boys excited about Buckets of Life delivery


Feb 1, 2013

4th Quarter 2012 UPDATE

Haitian girls at World Handwashing Day demo
Haitian girls at World Handwashing Day demo

We are continuing our efforts to provide clean water for 900,000 rural Haitians families who are without. 

Some recent accomplishments include:

  • Completion of partnership contract with CESVI, and Italian NGO
  • Contracted to supply 99,000 bottles of our Gadyen Dlo brand chlorine solution to UNICEF
  • Selected as a Final candidate for a large water and sanitation project to reach thousands of families
  • Increased marketing activities (new website, logo, facebook and twitter)

World Handwashing Day

Recently, Deep Springs staff and volunteers had the opportunity to participate in this annual United Nations’ event to educate local school children and communities about the importance of hand washing.

Our 5 gallon bucket systems were used as the water dispensers for the demonstrations, which also gave us an opportunity to emphasize the importance of chlorine treatment and proper storage.    

Many learned that, even though water can be clean at the source, it can become contaminated by dirty hands, dirty containers, or by not keeping a lid on the container.

Investing in our Team

At Deep Springs, we recognize that an organization is people…and so there is no better investment than the one we invest into staff training and development.   Recently we had another round of training, in Milot (north) and Leogane (south).

Focus areas included: definition of leadership, styles of leadership, and strategic planning.  Many games and group dynamics were included to facilitate learning, and help the team bond. 

The concluding commitment of the team is one we can all embrace: “Though the road ahead may be painful, we will achieve our objectives TOGETHER!”  

Thank you again for supporting suffering families in Haiti who need life-giving clean water!


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