SANTI (Social Association for Nourishment, Training & Improvement )

SANTI is a result oriented charity organization based in rural setting of Ranibandh, Rajgangpur, Odisha, India. SANTI was established in 1995 and is very active in local area. Children education is the flagship program for the organization including vocational training for women, small business training for women, eliminating child labor, training for sanitation etc. Provide education to needy and poor children. Provide support to Women to generate their own income.
Jun 24, 2014

SANTI - Microsoft 100% Matching fund

Dear friend,

Thanks for your great support that you showed since last year. The teenage students in child labor elimination school is doing great. Because of you SANTI is placed permanently in It is the time of the year when we need your support.

I am really thrilled that SANTI is selected to receive 100% matching fund from Microsoft through globalgiving. What this means: on Wednesday 25th June USA time, you donate X Dollar to SANTI Microsoft will give additional X Dollar to SANTI. So SANTI receive total X + X = 2X dollars on that day. But if you don't give anything, Microsoft will not give any money to us. SANTI is competing with other 500 organizations to get this type of matching fund from Microsoft on that day. So fund may run out by midnight, please donate on the same day.   

USA: 25th June starting time to donate: USA Eastern Time - 12:00 noon. USA Central time - 11:00 AM, South Africa time: 25th June 8:00 PM evening.   India time: date changes to 26th June 9:30 AM morning.    

Donation Link:

With your donation, we will build the roof that will provide space to train 35 teenage girls to learn sewing in a sub urban area of Rajgangpur, Odisha, India. This building will be used as a work shop to keep the sewing machine and its accessories and place to design new clothes. This house will be one stop to provide training and keeping all sewing machines in a secured place. Being near to the market area it will be easier to transport the finished products to the local garment sellers or various shops.

This training house will help to self-sustain these poor 35 teenage girls. It will be place to generate income for these young girls. 

 Again, I personally believe you will be a part of this big helpfor 35 girls. I am positive and looking forward together we will be able to provide a better life to these children.

Please forward the message to your friends and family.




May 12, 2014

Jasita - a success story

Dear Friends,

I hope you are doing well and thank you for your hearty support. Overall SANTI children are doing great and here are last three months activities:

  • Jasita’s A grade in school: - I remember when Jasita’s mom asked us to help Jasita enroll in our hostel. Jasita’s dad was no more and her mom was having difficulty to provide home, food or education for Jasita. We realized Jasita’s helpless situation and we enroll her as one of our first student to SANTI. Now, I cannot explain the happiness when I came to know she scored A grade, the best grade in standard 4, a class of more than 100 students. This is definitely a time to pause and celebrate the success. Without your help it was a dream only. Jasita thanks you for your help.
  • Annual exam over – All children successfully appeared the final exam and we are evaluating the result and will publish you more progress reports by next reporting time.
  • Personal Tutor: - We are continuing the study during summer break and setting higher goal for this year.

Issues in front of us:

  • SANTI Child care Center Rental: - As you know we rent the house for our 25 children to stay and study. The Owner of the rental house increased the rental twice for this year. It was a surprise to us as this will strain our budget. We are looking to mitigate this issue.
  • Again to repeat, we definitely need more recurring donors to support a child on a monthly donation amount of $ 28. Please step in to create some more Jasita.
  • We are approached by 10 more children who have lost their mom or dad and belong to poor and homeless folks. It’s heart touching when you listen to each of their stories.
  • Stay tuned for our new initiative for this year....

Thanks again to help Jasita and 24 others.

Ashok Dandpat

Chairman, SANTI

Mar 27, 2014

Children studying for final exam

Dear friend,

Hope you are doing well. Our children in SANTI Child Labor Elimination School are also doing great and thanking you for your continued support.

The feeling of earning: Children and teen students are all excited about the new experience of sewing and jewelry making. They are interested to learn faster and better as it will help them to earn money. Few of them have started to show great interest to learn specialized sewing and alteration work.  They are becoming motivated and emotionally strong to meet the sewing need for local resident.  

Formal education: children are also going through formal education and preparing for the upcoming final exam. These courses are specially designed for students who study and work simultaneously. These courses are prepared by school teachers in such a way that one can move between formal school and SANTI child labor elimination school. Hence performing well in the SANTI school is equally important. They struggled last few months to achieve the balance between study and training.

Sewing training: Children have started to make various Indian attire such as blouse, salwar and Kurti. These dresses are currently being used by students of SANTI. Further this will be available to public to purchase.  Proceed will be distributed among the children.

Jewelry design: Jewelry is popular in local community. Few teen students are interested in jewelry design. They have made few designs that attracted attention from people.

Work to do: 

1.  We are still facing challenges to rent a shop in market or visible area because of the high initial deposit and heavy rent. The initial security deposit will be about 1000 - 1200 USD and monthly rental will be about 60- 70 USD. So please step in and support more so that we can open the shop to sell products made by these children.

2. The final exam is on April 1st hence the focus is to do well in the exam.  

3. We are looking to buy few sewing machines and one embroidery machine so that the children will be able to produce nice design on dresses.

If you please donate on April 16th Microsoft will match 50% to your donation. As our project is featured as Microsoft youth spark project in globalgiving. This is a big deal for us as your donation will be resulted into 1.5 times the original amount. But if you don’t donate we don’t get any money from Microsoft. Please make a note of the 16th April and donate on 16th April and help us to run the training school for the second year.

Thanks for your interest.

Ashok Dandpat

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