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To promote and bring about amicable change, emphasise togetherness and co operation amongst individuals in order to bring about a positive transformation of the community and as a result reducing ignorance, poverty levels, conflicts and corruption within the society, as well as introducing a healthy and manageable society within the state, and ensuring sustainable environmental management.
Oct 7, 2013

It is Pretty Tough

I am happy yet again to be in touch with our donors, friends and well wishers. Allow me extend my warm regards. I am grateful for your support and  pray that you continue to support our projects and fundraising efforts so that we can achieve our goals. 

It has been pretty tough getting funds through in the recent past although we are continuosly trying to reach out to our donors, friends and well wishers to keep supporting the projeect. We are hopeful that we will achieve our goal of construting the remaining two homes with your effort and thus request that you help support our fundraising efforts. Not much progress has been made to this project since our last report and the reason is that we have been limited by funds. We however still need to go on with the project because the targeted beneficiaries still need to be helped. By building our beneficiaries the homes, we will not only be providing shelter to the grandmothers but we will also be offering shelter to the orphaned grand children who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. Usually these young men and women are left in the care of their grandmothers, who most times do not have much.

I can only stress that we are only able to do our work with your support and contributions towards the project.I request that you keep this project at heart and also request you to tell others about it. This will help boost our fundraising efforts. Thank you once again for your support and i request you keep supporting us especially through the hard times. 


Aug 21, 2013

Fresh From Beijing

After my maiden overseas trip to Washington DC in April 2013, another rare opportunity for overseas travel came knocking for an all expense paid three weeks trip to Beijing China. The trips to Washington Dc and Beijing were both long trips/flights and i loved the challenges of overseas travel especially for someone who bad not been beyond neighbouring Kenya until recently. 

I enjoyed my stay in China and am looking forward to my next trravel experience. I attended an International Conference on Climate change in Guiyang City and attended a seminar on climate change for three weeks in Beijing. The training on climate change could not come at a better time of the year given that it had not rained for fourt month in Ngoma Sub County, most evidently due to  climate change, a phenomenon that is still new to most people in rural areas of Uganda. I am gald i can now train my community about climate change.

I continue to make friends for my organiosation and community during my travels,and, am excited about my new contacts, friends etc. The benefits from my Beijing trip can only be handled at national level for the larger comunity and am engaging some of the peoples' representatives so that we tap into what China has to offer to the local people particularly the people in my community. I will certainly keep you informed on any developments. 

I am looking forward to my next international engagement. It might take time to realise some of the things i want to do as a human being but am ready for the wait. I pray that you keep supporting this project for the benefit of the organisation and the entire community.

Thank you for the support 

Aug 21, 2013

The holidays are here...

It is amazing how time flies. The holidays are here again and it seems like yesterday when i wrote the last project report. It has been a wonderful three months for the children given that no one missed a single meal during the last three months like it has happened in the past. I am very grateful to out donors, well wishers and friends. Thank you for the support. We look forward to your continued support. I did spend the last week of the term with the children and as an Individual, am very happy with the progress the children are making. I did shed a tear of joy on one or two occasions as the young girls declared that they would like to spell their names for me. It was very fulfilling to hear them struggle to speak the English language, frankly i did not know that they could speak and communicate using the English language. I always tend to be more worried about their next meal, school fees, rent and other bigger things and i realise i have been missing a lot in the one on one bonding with the children. For anyone from a rural village to make such strides is a big leap into the future. I pray you continue to help us support them as we prepare them for the future. The older ones are slowly growing into responsible adults and this is what the project is all about. They can cook, wash clothes, clean the house and clean the compound under no one's supervision. They certainly get better with time and it is all good. I will be spending more time with them and will keep you updated. I should also be able to scan and attach the school reports in the coming week. Some still have to be collected from school on agreed dates. On a sad note, we are looking for another maid again. The latest one left after two and half months for none payment. We thought she would be patient since she stays at the house full time and depends on what the children depend on. We are now looking for a new maid before the new academic term begins. We also have some rent arrears, water and electricity bills to pay and will need to restock our food store for third term. Do give us your support. Thank you once again for your support an hope you continue to support this project.

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