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To bring the poor women and their children into the main stream of economy and thereby make them participate in the process of nation building. New Life is committed in building up a society based on equity and social justice where women and children are the leaders of social change of better tomorrow. It envisions an Empowered civil society in marginalized community ensuring human rights.The objectives of the organisation are : 1. To act as a link between the government and people, so that the assistance of the government reaches to, there to whom it is intended. 2. To work for the economic, social, educational and cultural development of the people particularly of the people of agricultur...
Sep 18, 2012

The plight of Kowshan and his siblings

Kowshan with other children
Kowshan with other children

Dear Donor,

We are happy to share the story of Kowshan with you.

Kowshan is living in Kaja pettai. He has one younger brother and one younger sister.  His father is a drunkard.  His mother often gets arrested for theft and commercial sex work and she spends 3/4th of her year in the prison.  His father is working in a medical shop.  The family situation does not allow Kowshan to concentrate in his studies. But he is interested in the traditional game “Kabadi”.  He has won many prizes in Kabadi.  He is interested in sports.

His father’s monthly income is Rs.9000.  But Kowshan’s father does not give money for household expenses.  Since the parents are irresponsible,  Kowshan is forced to take care of his siblings. Hence he started working in a lathe shop.

Gowshan earned the Rs.300 per week.  He was not admitted to a  school and the parents never thought of it.  He started smoking with his friends.  Our New Life staff identified this boy. The  counselor and the special school teacher went to Kowshan’s house and spoke about the importance of  education to him. He did not want to come to school. We found his feeling of anxiety about the plight of his siblings. Hence we assured that all the three will be admitted and they can have a full meal in the noon. He accepted after several attempts and was admitted to the Child Labour Special School with his brother and sister.

In the very beginning he did not sit in the school.  He used to go away. It was difficult for him to concentrate and learn. He does not even knew the basic letters in Tamil/ English.  Later he started studying.  Now he has improved a lot and is able to read and write Tamil/English words.  He likes to come to school now and study.  He respects and obeys the teacher now. 

This is made possible only by the noble donors like you. We are grateful for your continued support. We request you to spread words about our work to your friends and relatives (you know them better and they respect you).

We also request you to mark in your dairy the October 17th bonus day of Global Giving when your donations are matched by 30% (up to $1,000 per donor, per project). Hence we kindly request you to keep supporting us and our children whose futures are bright because of you.


Kowshan studying
Kowshan studying


Sep 12, 2012

Thank you; You lit a candle in her life

Dear Donor,

Thank you for the support you provide to us continuously. We are happy to share with you the story of Jeyarani.

Jeyarani aged 49 is from a seashore village. Her husband used to doubt her always and beat her. Jeyarani had no children. She had no relatives to support her so she had to withstand her husband’s torture. One day her husband started beating her saying that she is not loyal to him and was very violent. Badly hurt Jeyarani was much upset and on the spurt of the moment thought that instead of living with this cruel man let her kill him. So she mixed poison in his food and gave him that food. He was killed. She was arrested for this and was imprisoned for 10 years.

New Life’s counselor met her in the prison and came to know about her. She narrated her story to the counselor and was sharing her worry about her future once she gets out of the prison. She is also feeling for her killing her husband. She was worried that once she gets out of the prison how she can run her life. She was counseled to undergo the livelihood training given by New Life.

New life conducted Candle making program in April 2012. The training included the curriculum of making candles of different sizes and shapes.  The trainees were introduced to the raw materials used, where to purchase the raw materials and market it. A hand on training was given to make candles.  She attended the training with utmost interest.  Jeyarani will be released soon and she says she will take up this as her livelihood option. She is confident of earning a minimum of Rs.100 per day. She is thankful to the donor who has sponsored her for the training and made her life secure and worthy living.

Lighting candles in the life of more women like Jeyarani is possible only through support from donors like you. Kindly spread words about what we do to your friends and relatives (you know them well) and support our work.

Thank you once again.

Sep 7, 2012

Work Progressing

Dear Donors,

You would be happy to know that the construction work is progressing now as informed to you in the last report. The carpentry work is going on. And once the windows are made they will be fixed and the next thing is to plaster the walls and the floor. The children have come back and we could not finish the work as planned, i.e. before the school reopened for them.

However we hope the work will progress well with supporters like you and with your benevolence. Kindly support the poor children to have a spacious hall for study and bed not only through your noble donations but also through spreading words to your friends and relatives. You know them well and your words will carry weight. So I request you to kindly help in whatever ways you can.

Thanking you once again for your support. People like you keep us moving ahead.

With grateful regards

Present Dining cum Study cum Bed Room
Present Dining cum Study cum Bed Room
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