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Our Mission: Hunger Relief International (HRI), a relief and development organization, is dedicated to alleviating the impact of hunger and malnutrition on the lives of children and their families as the first step in a long-term strategic plan to achieve family and community self-sufficiency. Our Vision: We seek a world in which children, their families and communities have access to basic necessities including nutritious food, clean water, sanitation, education, and health care.Hunger Relief International's vision is to enter an impoverished community and one day to leave that community self-sustaining, economically viable and food secure. In addition HRI food is procured in country or e...
Feb 20, 2014

One Stove at a Time...

The women of Los Chilitos
The women of Los Chilitos

The following is a postcard from Lydia Sorensen, GlobalGiving's In-the-Field Representative in Guatemala, about her recent visit to Hunger Relief International.

Down the hill from where the new community school is being built, a group of 20 women gather to meet with the Hunger Relief International staff. In this community with approximately 200 children and their families, these women are soon going to be receiving new, sustainable, stoves. Soon they will be able to make hot food for their families without worrying about filling their houses with smoke or burning themselves over the open fires.

A few miles away is another community that has already received their stoves. The women proudly show them off (all have something cooking on top), and talk about the difference that it’s made in their lives. “Before I used to burn myself on the smoke, all the time” says one recipient, “now it’s much better”. By using less wood but producing as much (if not more) heat, the stoves are also both more economical and also more environmentally friendly.

Joselito (the local mason hired to construct the stoves) will work the women of Los Chilitos during the next month hopefully making one new stove a day. The women agree to provide someone to help him carry the heavy materials, and pay a small fraction of the cost, and they eagerly congregate to pick a number from a bag that will be the order in which they receive their stove. 20, 12, 7, 13…it’s down to the last woman who triumphantly thrusts her number in the air “One!”

Picking their number
Picking their number
A woman with her sustainable stove
A woman with her sustainable stove
Feb 18, 2014

Continuing the Momentum

In 2013, HRI's safe and energy efficient cookstoves proved to be a huge success in Guatemala. As a result of 45 new stoves constructed, more than 400 people now reside in safer homes with greatly improved air quality. Your support for these stoves continues to reduce the rate of chronic respiratory illness, burns, and environmental degradation, while also positively impacting family finances and nutrition.

In this new year we are continuing the positive momentum of our clean cookstove intiative. We have 47 new stoves slated to be built in the first six months of 2014, reaching even more children and families in need. We hope you will continue to support this project and spread the word about the many ways clean cookstoves are positively impacting the health and well-being of children and families.


Nov 14, 2013

November Stove Update

Since late 2012 we have been able to garner great support for our life saving initiative to bring safer, more efficient cook stoves into the homes of impoverished families in the dry-corridor of Guatemala. Thanks in part to your support of our project through GlobalGiving, we have constructed a total of 45 stoves benefiting over 400 people.

Stove recipients continue to provide positive feedback on their new stoves. They have expressed huge relief from the health and economic burden caused by their existing stoves. The new stoves are already resulting in a significant reduction in the incidence of respiratory illness, and are creating huge time and cost savings for families. It is clear that the long term environmental, health, and economic impacts of these stoves will be even more significant.

We are looking forward to continued support of this project so more communities and families will benefit. As you consider your holiday giving, please keep in mind our work to create positive sustainable change for vulnerable children and families.


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