Rakai Community Based AIDS Organization

RACOBAO exists to empower communities affected by HIV/AIDS and those at risk to respond to the causes and consequences of the scourge.
Sep 13, 2012

Food to Margaret gives her the strength

Margaret and the family taking their porridge
Margaret and the family taking their porridge

Margaret Tulyatunga aged 32 years is living with her three children who lost their father in 2011 of HIV/AIDS.  RACOBAO with the support from Global Giving supported Margaret with maize flour which helped her to improve her health (life) by taking porridge as food.

Margaret said, ‘‘by the time I got the maize flour it was  time of hunger and I had nothing to eat neither drink and I was on ARV’s (Anti Retrovirals) treatment and the same time pregnant. Because the husband had just died who was a bread winner for the family and this was a challenging life to me. RACOBAO gave me maize flour which I used as food and I was able to gain  the strength to do my usual home activities and grow food for the family and able to attend antenatal services  until delivery of my baby." Such poor mothers end up losing hope and stop ART treatment because they lack what to eat.

Margaret appeals to RACOBAO to continue supporting the vulnerable People Living with HIV with food because this can improve their life and make such people to regain the strength to continue growing food on their own and live a normal life despite them living with the HIV virus.

Jun 18, 2012

The goats project made Martha happy

Martha and the two grandsons with their goats
Martha and the two grandsons with their goats

Martha aged 96 years lives with two orphans: Julius (13years) and John (12yrs) who lost both parents to HIV/AIDS in 2008. Martha much as is in her late nineties and her grandsons is happy of their fat and rapid multiplying goats which have helped them to meet most of their basic needs by selling off springs.

 “I received two goats in 2011 from RACOBAO which were under gestation and immediately after 3 months they produced 3 offspring’s. I sold two off springs and I was able pay school fees, buy scholastic materials, clothes, paraffin and soap for my grandsons. But before this support of goats RACOBAO had constructed a house, Kitchen, pit latrine and a water tank and given me  other sufficient kits like beds, blankets but still we lacked income to sustain our family fortunately  after getting these goats, I can now live a happy life because I can see my grand children going to school now in uniforms  with books and pencils” Martha said.

Thanks to GlobalGiving for enabling RACOBAO to make such families self-sustaining.

Jun 18, 2012

Food Relief promotes adherence to ART

Majwala Vincent aged 41 years married with one wife(Namatimba Janipher), live as discordant couple with 4 children.  Vincent and his wife are living with HIV and are currently on ARVs. Vincent has been on treatment for the last 4 years but with serious complications due to lack of adequate food. RACOBAO with the support from Global Giving supported this family with maize flour which has greatly changed the family life of the members.

Vincent says, “I always got complications with the drugs, I think this was due to poor feeding because I could only have  one meal a day and I also fed my family on dry tea without sugar. This weakened my life. However, I learnt of RACOBAO through a friend that they are supporting people living with HIV and I approached them and they supported me with 50kilograms of maize flour. This restored my hope. The maize flour I got supported me a lot, I made porridge and posho which greatly helped my life in taking ARVs and made me gain strength. As soon as my life improved I was able to work for my family through growing enough food crops for both consumption and sale, and I was also able to look after my goats which have multiplied and I can now cater for my family basic needs in terms of food and others.”

 Thanks to GlobalGiving to enable RACOBAO support such families of People Living with HIV (PLWHIV). Such people, when they are not supported, they tend to drop out on drugs due to complications from poor feeding.

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