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The Haiti Health Trust, Inc. (THHT) exists to be a blessing to the struggling people of Haiti in areas related to health. Our projects seek to catalyze: - HOPE among the sick and disabled through improved medical, rehabilitation and respite care; - JOY for growing families through quality prenatal, delivery & post natal care; - CONFIDENCE among the healthy through educational and sports offerings; and - nationwide attitudinal change toward the disabled through interaction and engagement, sports-related and beyond. THHT also seeks to be capable stewards on behalf of those who fund the efforts, selecting projects led with diligence, integrity, and teamwork, and ensuring that 100% of fu...
May 19, 2014

Jude and Wilnese - two stories of the challenges and life-saving work of our neonatal unit.

Baby Wilnese grows strong in our neonatal unit
Baby Wilnese grows strong in our neonatal unit

Jude’s mother is just 18 years old, and went into labor about 50 miles from our hospital. Tragically, she required an emergency C-Section, which was unavailable in her community. Jude’s mother wasn’t initially referred to our facility, in fact it was 18 hours after diagnosis that a physician realized she was in a life-threatening position, and she was quickly ambulanced to our hospital. Thanks to the swift response of our team, Jude’s mother received an immediate C-section upon arrival, thankfully saving her and Jude. Sadly, whilst the pediatric team was able to revive Jude and admit her into our intensive care unit, the lifelong damage caused by this unjust 18 hour wait for care, placed her life in grave danger.

Currently, next to Jude in our Neonatal Unit is another baby with a brighter outlook. Wilnese was referred to us from a town over an hour away, born severely prematurely. It’s rare in Haiti for babies so premature to survive, but thanks to our team’s efforts, she is thriving. We are now searching for her parents, who abandoned her, in the belief that a child so small in Haiti would never survive. Both of these cases highlight the critical and often heartbreaking challenges of Haiti, but also the urgent importance of the services at our unit and our incredible staff, who are saving lives every day.

Feb 28, 2014

Ambulance Service saving lives

One of the new ambulances!
One of the new ambulances!

Last October we were kindly donated two new ambulances, which have been a huge blessing to our work in Haiti. 

Just in the last few weeks these amabulances have been used for a range of emergencies.  Within a 48 hour period they were used to provide emergency transport for three premature babies who were 3 hours away from a specialist neonatal unit, the transfer of a patient left with a spinal cord injury, and an emergency transfer of a patient needing to travel to the Dominican Republic.

Thanks to your support, each of these patients were offered the best support they could have possibly hoped for in Haiti.  One of our team were privleged enough to travel on some of these transfers and shared the following... 'despite being in a 4x4 Toyota Ambulance, it was a tough journey transporting one patient with a spinal cord injury across the bumby conutry side from one hospital to another, over a 4 hour journey.  Never the less, despite the off-road journey, it was fantastic to see the smile and joy of the patient once they arrived at the new hospital, where they would recieve long term rehabilitation.  These ambulances have provided such a critical service in the last few days, and we are incredibly grateful for all those who have blessed Haiti with this support.'

Whilst it's great to have these ambulances, we need your support to keep their services running.  We're currently raising funds to support the ambulance drivers, and pay for other operational needs.  Please join with us, to keep this work going.

Jul 25, 2013

Neonatal Care Unit Growing!

One of our trainers leads a woman in exercise
One of our trainers leads a woman in exercise

One of the largest factors for the high infant mortality rate in Haiti is the lack of access to high-quality, affordable, accessible healthcare.  While some mothers (mostly uninformed on the risks of childbirth) choose to give birth at home, as is the cultural norm, many other mothers are forced to because of socio-economic circumstances.  

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the HCBH hospital we support continues to provide first-rate care to Haitian infants.  Many mothers from across northern Haiti choose to have their babies here because of the excellent facilities and capable doctors and nurses.  An American pediatrician and professor who recently volunteered at the unit remarked that none of the babies in the NICU would be alive, if not for the exceptional care provided by the staff physicians.

Giving birth at the hospital we support ensures attendance by an OB/GYN and a pediatrician, which is far preferable to the cultural standard of an untrained midwife.  However, midwives are increasingly referring complicated cases to our unit, as are physicians at the state hospital in Cap-Haitien.  The increasing referrals is a positive indicator of improving public health conditions, as this is one of the major shortcomings of the healthcare system of the Departement du Nord (Jasmin 2008).  However, the need for increasing support accompanies the ever-increasing amount of referrals.  

We sincerely thank those of you who have supported our NICU in the past and hope we can count on your continued support.  You are a vital component of the unit's and the hospital's success and really do make a difference to countless Haitian families!


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