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Fly the Phoenix believes that education, as well as daily food, are basic human rights. In order to combat the imbalances of these rights, we are creating sustainable, 25-year cycle, educational community programs. These are funded by our local income-initiatives, challenges and international donations through our registered charity, Fly The Phoenix.
Sep 19, 2012

Progress for the Next Few Months

Thanks to the incredible generosity of a private donor, matching funds up to $2000 have been pledged to our Old People's Program, which has suffered a little this year with funding. With this generosity, we are lucky enough to be able to put the program back on track for the next few months which is fantastic, as well as the food parcels which are so important, especially as it looks like crops will fail for a third year in a row, will be started again to give them the basics that they need.

Many thanks once again to any donations, it is obvious to see the difference that they can make!

Aug 6, 2012


The school year has just come to a close, and even more children will be heading into secondary school for the first time, as well as those children who started previously continuing with their studies. If this was not possible, many would be working in the fields as their parents cannot afford schooling.  It is incredible to see the advances of this program for secondary education, giving the children the opportunities that they deserve, especially with Plan Moo, with the proceeds of the milk helping costs in a sustainable manner. We hope that over the years this school will continue to teach many children. It will be run and funded by local communities in the future, meaning that it will also foster strong communities and ensure the indigenous populations are not swallowed up by development and ruralisation – making sure that this project is sustainable is a priority. Luckily, with just a few generous donations this can become a reality.

Aug 3, 2012


The secondary school in Honduras continues to be a huge success and when we have more funds, we can potentially employ more teachers for further education, which will of course make a huge difference to the lives of all of the children in the community in Honduras. At the moment, three teachers are employed, however if we could afford more this would provide huge benefits to all of the children, giving them more one to one attention and thus improving their grades and general behaviour, making everyone’s lives a lot easier.

Sadly we couldn't afford the fourth teacher that we had hoped to re-employ in the future, but as soon as more donations flow in this is at the top of our priority list. Children from three communities benefit from this secondary school program and it is essential that the work continues to provide countless benefits to the children of the community.

Thank you very much

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