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Camp Amnicon strives to be a sanctuary to all people who set foot on its beautiful Lake Superior shoreline. Amnicon's ministry empowers today's youth by building community on small group adventure trips for at-risk youth groups. Campers are transformed by a week in the wilderness by learning that they are capable of overcoming challenges. Youth return home with the confidence and support to address the challenges in their home lives after team building in the wilderness at Camp Amnicon.
Sep 18, 2013

New Programs a Success

2013 by the numbers
2013 by the numbers

New programs a success Summer 2013 ushered in two brand new programs at Camp Amnicon. Family Camp at Adizokan Village had its inaugural sessions with friends of the camp and a multi-ethnic, intergenerational group here on campership funds. We also kicked off River Heroes, an adventure in service-learning, where campers from around the country cleaned up the riverway while learning more about their connection to the ecosystem. Thank you for making these exciting developments possible through your support! We could tell you all about the lives that were affected, the learning that was accomplished and the fun that was had… but I think I’ll let the campers do that themselves. Here’s what they have to say.

River Heroes

-“Very productive, beautiful, and just what this group needed.” -Brian, Adult leader

-Sometimes I don’t feel worthy, but I am and you guys help me remember that.

-The most important thing I learned was to sit back and enjoy God’s work.

-Absolutely amazing. I’ve been to many camps and this one has impressed me more than all the rest.

Family Camp at Adizokan Village

-“We cannot thank you enough for the incredible week we spent at family camp at Adizokan Village. We have so many amazing memories from our week there that we will cherish… we greatly appreciate your generosity and hospitality. We look forward to returning and adding another knot to our chi-rhos.”–Ara, Julie, and kids

-Our heartfelt thanks to the counselors at family camp this past week. My daughter commented on how happy you all seemed and that you talked so easily to kids and adults alike. What great role models you are for kids of all ages (that includes the grown-ups!). Keep doing what you do so well! -Jana, family camp parent

These thanks extend to YOU, the donors, volunteers and supporters who make Camp Amnicon possible. THANK YOU!

A guide shows campers a natural wonder
A guide shows campers a natural wonder


May 24, 2013

Toby's Experience Was Priceless...

Toby’s experience at Amnicon was priceless….

Dear Friend of Camp Amnicon:

When Toby came to Camp, he was cold and detached.  He stood with his arms folded and his mouth closed during the opening campfire, refusing to participate. 

His guide knew that something was wrong. During the star-lit walk back to camp, the guide hung back to ask: what’s wrong

This young teenager was haunted by personal tragedy. He had witnessed death and conflict in his family… carried anger towards absent parents… and felt very alone in the world.  He had few friends and no outlets for his grief, fear, and loneliness. 

Frankly, he was ready to give up on life.  This was a child on the margins. 

But he insisted that he wanted to participate in this experience. Already he trusted his guides to help and care for him during his week at camp.

Toby thrived.  As the group paddled from site to site on the Namekagon River, he began to connect. His guides watched with proud pleasure as Toby talked and laughed with his peers. 

Toby was a large guy; during swim-time the younger kids would throng around to play with him.  He was respected.  He had something to offer.  He was not an outsider here.

A week at Camp Amnicon did not change the circumstances of Toby’s life.  He still went home to absent parents and a life of difficulty.  He still struggles with pain and sadness. 

The miracle of Toby’s camp experience was that, for one week he cast off the label of ‘troubled kid’ to laugh, learn, and experience the healing power of Christ in community.

That’s what he took home – the awareness that the Lord is always with him and that there are people who care about him and value him.

Yes, Toby’s experience was priceless… but it wasn’t cheap.                                                                                                

It cost about $700 for us to share this miracle with Toby. That’s the full cost of one week of camp for every child who attends. Some of the young people are able to pay the fee of $400. Others can pay only a portion of that fee. And youth like Toby cannot afford to pay anything.

That’s why your help is so vitally important. Fees charged do not cover the whole cost of camp.

For summer 2013, Camp Amnicon has pledged to bring 87 kids like Toby, and some of their families as well, to the shore of Lake Superior to experience the gifts God has for them in Christ.

And there will be another 331 kids who will not need full camperships but do rely on gifts to keep the fee within their reach.

Will you consider sharing a special gift today to help Toby and other young people experience the love of Christ at Camp Amnicon this summer?

Your gift of $700 will provide the entire cost of one child for one week… $400 will supply the fee of one child… and $300 will supply the difference between fee and cost for one child.


Be assured that whatever size gift you give – $25, $50, $100 or $1000 or more – your generosity will help each and every child who comes to camp.

           In your giving you will find a priceless sense of satisfaction knowing you are bringing the love of God in Christ to children. Thank you.

Sincerely in Christ,

Alana Butler

Executive Director                               


Jan 22, 2013

A Date with the Largest Lake in the World

Campers gather firewood on Lake Superior
Campers gather firewood on Lake Superior

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever seen Lake Superior, you know that its scope and beauty can stop a person in their tracks. If you’ve never seen the inland sea known by the Ojibwe as Gitche-Gumee, you’re in the same boat as many Amnicon guests. From the very beginning, it has been Camp Amnicon’s undertaking to “connect the mission of the church and the care of God’s creation” by providing awe-inspiring outdoor experiences—like a date with the largest lake in the world. Through your gift to Camp Amnicon, you’re helping to make that mission possible.

On the first night of their Amnicon experience, summer campers make the almost half-mile trek from the main site to a campfire on the shore of Lake Superior, following a wide and grassy trail. This is where the Amnicon miracle starts—a welcoming circle of warmth and wonder and, for many campers, their first glimpse of the big water. This year, due to disastrous spring storms, a portion of that essential lake trail slid downhill, creating a dangerous edge, and requiring extensive rebuilding. This project and many others, large and small, are funded by your generosity.

When you come to Amnicon and see a well-cared for site, with sturdy buildings, safe infrastructure, and clear trails—all a part of the camp’s ministry of welcome and hospitality—you know that your money is being put to good use. Thank you for your support. Together, we’re living up to Lake Superior, creating a truly Superior experience in Christian community.

In Peace,

Alana Butler

Executive Director, Camp Amnicon

P.S. If you want to see your generosity at work, come visit us! Schedule a stay in a hermitage cabin or just stop in to say hi—and catch a glimpse of Gitche-Gumee while you’re at it. And you can always call with thoughts or questions, or to share your dreams for Camp Amnicon, at 715-364-2602.


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