UK Youth

UK Youth was established in 1911 to enable young people to realise their potential through non-formal learning outside the classroom. We work with a wide range of organisations across the UK to achieve this. Whether in partnership with other charities or leading innovation in the corporate and public sector we remain true to our mission and aims. UK Youth operates nationally and works with over 750,000 young people many of whom are the most disadvantaged and hard-to-reach. UK Youth develops and promotes innovative non-formal education programmes for and with young people, supporting them to achieve their potential and empowering them to make a difference. Through current UK Youth projec...
Aug 20, 2013

Residential Learning Breaks for UK Young People

Please see the attached document which details all the funding we have provided from this and one or two other sources to support residential learning breaks for young people in the UK. These learning breaks have varied and have supported a range of young people who wouldn't normally be able to enjoy these learning activities. 

The report features photographs from all of the groups that benefitted from the residential learning break's supported by this fund. There were over 13 groups that were supported this year the types of learning activity they engaged with varied and is detailed in the report. 

Jun 13, 2013

Adding value to our Microsoft supported programme

The support that has been provided by this Global Giving project to the IT Youth Hubs has enabled us to create a short film featuring some of the young people involved in the programme. You can view the film in the link below.  It has also enabled us to ensure that young IT Youth Hub young people are able to attend our UK Youth Voice National Youth Conference 12-14 July and we really hope that this will enable the young people who have taken part in the programme to use it as a platform to engage more widely with youth issues.


Apr 18, 2013

Update on young people who have had breaks.

Since this project was launched the following people have received support in the form of a bursary to have a valuable residential learning break: A Young Carers Project had an AT activity day for aged eight young carers aged 8-11 years. A Primary School used the bursary to pay for two young people from low income families to attend AT for a four day residential. A College attending in March used the support to pay for two children from low income families. A Church paid for two young people's accomodations costs for a visit to AT. A Performng arts college will use the funds to contribute towards the cost of a young people's group with learning difficulties. A Youth worker and a group of young people from a Youth Centre will have 30 places at a subsidised rate thanks to the bursary. A Youth Club and Friday night projects have booked weekends for 10 young people to visit to Avon Tyrrell. A Young carers group are booked to attend a weekend residential in March, there is 10 0f them.