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-Since 1995 we started a shelter for abuse children living in Puerto Rico. The Board of Director has established as our mission: -To provide a (shelter) Home enviroment for batered, abused, abandoned and/or domestic violence children and to provide for all their basic needs. Offering them the proper environment for a healthy development. -Facilitate the restoration of their individual, family and social values through good example, and the participation of the children in safe and healthy community activities. -Increase public awareness and knowledge through presentations, conferences and orientation in different commmunity forums, covering topics related to children and their well bein...
Mar 20, 2014

Be part of a child's life.

At Regazo de Paz (Lap of Peace) we feel very bless to work with children, to be part of their life and to walk towards their goals. 

We want you to feel part of this project and enjoy the ride.

  • These past months we received 18 boys and girls, from four days old to seven years.
  • The boy that is seven years have being in thirteen homes before he came to us. He need special care, from psiquiatric, neurologist and other specialize doctors. He, now, is graduating from first grade with honors and doing great. We are looking for a new home for him, with a loving family that can be part of his future.
  • We received various families (brothers and sisters), this helps in their adjustment and to deal with the traumatic situation of not having their parents and/or family close.
  • The fund we receive goes to pay, mostly: the salaries of the caregivers and the Social Worker, the Nurse and Service Coordinator; special medical services; basic needs, recreation, food, medicines, everything to help our children to be healthy and happy.
  • This year, in summer, we started a vegetable garden to provide food for the Home and to sell part of the products so we can earn some funds to provide for our children’s needs.
  • We keep walking towards a new future for our children; searching for new homes for them; adoptive parents for oldest children (from four years and older).
  • This April/2014 we will celebrate our 19 anniversary. We feel very grateful for all the help, the care, and love we have received from people like you.
  • We look forward to continue the work that it have being part of our lives for the last nineteen years; working towards to help as many kids as we can. 

Be part of a child’s life, they deserve to be protected, happy, healthy and loved. Helps us continue helping our children in need.

Raise your voice against child abuse.

God bless you for all your help and care. 

Magdalena Jiménez, Director

Hogar de Niños Regazo de Paz, Inc.

PO Box 4721-Aguadilla PR 00605

Phone/Fax 787-882-3072


Nov 20, 2013

You are a helping hand and part of our children's life.

Teach me, choose wisely, God is good for my life.
Teach me, choose wisely, God is good for my life.

Greetings, from all of us at Hogar de Niños Regazo de Paz. 

 ¿You know that Regazo de Paz means Lap of Peace? Yes, we are a Home for Children, a Lap of Peace. Our goal is to give them a home full of care, love and peace.

Let me explain a little why it is so important your support, and why we are counting on your help:

-We fight poverty - providing for our children, abuse and abandoned children, for all their basic needs, medical services, tutorial, recreational activities and everything they may need.

-Ensure adequate housing - by providing an adequate Home with all the commodities, secure and appropriated, for them to enjoy and have a good environment, with a great place to play and to give them the challenges to a very healthy growth.

-Reduce abuse – though our program Älerta estudiantil” (Students Alert) of prevention, we have provided documentation and presentations in schools, churches and other places to prevent the abuse of children. 
And teach how you can discipline in a correct way; to teach how the things are done not with screams and/or abuse. This past year we were invited to various schools and churches.

This past year we received 37 kids, girls and boys, from different parts of Puerto Rico; from 2 days old to 7 years old.  They received for all their basic needs, specialize medical services, nutrition, medicines, school transportation, tutorial with our two tutors, recreational activities, sports and everything they need, some with special needs received special medical attention. 

We feel very pleased to be part of their lives and to provide for them.  We are blessed to be part of their restoration,
to see some of them going with adoptive parents; to see how they change their sadness to a very happy and healthy child.  Being part of a child’s restoration is something very impressive and makes you feel that you are part of his/her live and it is important that you do your best.

Since we opened the Home in 1995, we have received and served 567 kids from all over Puerto Rico. You are part of this project, of their lives, of their future, because we are working towards a better world for our children.

Thank you in every specia l way for your support and love for our children, who are the recipients of everything we do and receive at the Home. Merry Christmas.


Jun 6, 2013

The opportunities God send us to help!


These past months were full of challenges and wonderful things;

  • We received a baby boy, only four days all, with various health conditions.  He was abandoned in the hospital by his mother.  Today, he is almost two month old he is doing great, gaining weight, smiling a lot, we feel very bless of the opportunity of helping him.
  • At the Home we have three siblings, two boys and a girl.  The oldest is six years old, he is in first grade, went he came he was doing very badly in school.  With the help of our Tutor now he is reading, and doing great at school.  You have to see his smile when he received and award of achievement for his accomplishments in short time (only two months).
  • As we start the summer, our children are looking forward to assist to summer camps, go to water parks and other places to have some fun.  We provide for them to have a life as normal as possible, working in helping them to live a child’s life.
  • As the kids leave the Home we send them with all the clothes, toys and everything they received, it helps in their self esteem, a sense of ownership.
  • We keep working to provide for our children for all their needs; medical, clothes, sports and other they may need.
  • We received fifteen kids these last months: kids are from four days old to six years old. 
  • For us is a blessing been part of their life, even if it means to help them for one week and/or eighteen months.  It is an honor that they let us be part of their life, be their “family” during the time the stay at the Home.
  • Our personnel received different training to help them be prepared for every situation.
  • We feel grateful of receiving recognition for our accomplishments and work with our children.
  • We are not able to provide with photos of our children for their security.
  • This past April, 2013 we celebrated our eighteen Anniversary and we are sending you some pictures for you to enjoy.

You are part of this “family”, your love and help are essential to help us continue the work and reaching as many children as we can.  We feel very bless to see that we are not alone in helping abuse and abandon children; WE HAVE YOU, THANK YOU!  God bless you.

Recognition from the Puerto Rico government
Recognition from the Puerto Rico government
Having fun, riding a horse
Having fun, riding a horse
Girls bedroom
Girls bedroom
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