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Feb 4, 2014

Report on KEACIRC February 2014


Dear all our Donors wishing you a happy new year 2014, thanking you for your incredible support in 2013, our best year yet. 

KEA is transparent and accountable on how your donations are spent, we value the trust you placed in us by your continuous donation to our  project.
KEA provides all the necessary information on how we spend your donations. Financial information is available here and on our main face book page keacirc. In the two campaigns July and November, we raised about $1500 of which $120 was from members’ subscription and membership.

We have 6 recurring donors who donate to the resource center monthly, we really appreciate your generosity and we appeal to all other supporters to become recurring donors so that we can reach our target of 30 donors in order to be able to meet the daily expense of the resource center.

In 2013, KEA spent 84% on programmed activities transforming the lives of the people in Kikandwa region.  We spent 6% on fundraising costs and 10% on stationary and our 3 staff.

KEA Community Innovation Resource Center (KEACIRC) celebrated the1st Anniversary which paved way for new programmes and the strengthening of our Organization. The cerebrations also marked the official launch of the Centre to National and International community, it was presided over by area member of parliament of Mityana North constituency,the Executive Director of Uganda National NGO Forum (a consortium of more than 400 organization), who was so much exited and amazed with the work at the centre, on behalf of his organization he pledged to donate a full computer set to the center in order to improve and increase on the activities at the centre. The same event was also attended by the Deputy Executive Director of the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA,a government institution in charge of environment management in Uganda) who also on behalf of the Authority promised to assists the centre, he cautioned the community members to use the centre efficiently and effectively, and thanked  all the  donors and GlobalGiving for the strong support they have rendered in order to develop the centre.

Through the scholarship scheme, the centre has built the capacity of 8 boys and 12girls to use social media tools such as; face book, internet surfing etc in order to get information useful to the farmers in managing their crops and animals ( increasing farm productivity), the centre has helped the community to access secretarial services.  

During the celebration, KEACIRC held its first graduation ceremony in which it awarded certificates in basic computer application to two students, the first two pioneer students to graduate at the centre.

The remarkable progress made by the resource centre in just one year amused the community and the visitors.

Community members and the invited guests thanked  the ICT trainer and  the centre Manager for the good work done at the centre. The graduates promised to pass on the knowledge which they have learnt from the centre to the entire community. The two graduates;one is now pursuing a diploma course in secretarial studies and another one has joined Namutamba Teachers Training College for further education.

The Director of KEA was happy with the incredible work done by the donors and GlobalGiving, in a special way thanked the 6 recurring donors who have been donating monthly without which it would be very difficult to run the centre, he promised to continue to use the donations well so that, the centre can achieve a lot out of it, he appealed for more donors to donate so that the number of people benefiting from the centre can be increased. “Dear donors, your donations have contributed a lot to the poor and vulnerable people in Kikandwa, therefore we request you not to get tired of us whenever we ask you to join our campaign and help us and donate’’ $100 can train one farmer to become computer literate in two month,$80 can pay electricity power for one month ,$15 can facilitate 3 staff per day, each and every dollar counts a lot.

In September 2014, the fundraising team will build relationships with  Gifts for Good Donors. We will request GlobalGiving to promote Gifts for Good in our holiday newsletter on Twitter, Facebook, and our homepage. Again this will be a great opportunity to us to engage with new donors to raise money for our project! Therefore when time comes we will kindly request you to reach out to you families and friends on our behalf so that they can help us and donate to our project.

Our main goals in 2014 is at least to add on more new 6 computers, have outreach trainings programs functional, increased knowledge and information flow on poverty and food security in the communities. This can only be achieved only by your support.

We once again thank you for your continuous support and for the donations which  are helping us to sustain our Resource Centre without which it would be imposible.





Oct 29, 2013

Community Innovation resource Center October 2013

We are so delighted with our donors for the initiative they took to support our people to get a community resource center; all activities are going on well.


            In a special way, we thank the recurring donors because without their continued donations, the centre wouldn’t be in existence. Your donations help in the day to day expenses although it is still inadequate. We currently have six recurring donors only who contribute a total of $100 per month whereas the expenses are approximately above $300 per month. Therefore we would like to increase the number up to thirty recurring donors for the center to be sustainable.

From July up to the end of October, we have been busy looking for funds to maintain the resource center as well as fundraising for the internet. We thank The Pollination Project who gave grant of $1000 towards the installation of internet. We also thank those who have supported us very much during the campaign which is still going on where we want to raise money to completely cover for internet and other expenses.


Although the Community Innovation Resource Center (CIRC) was launched in December 2012, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary on 21/11/2013 where we will be awarding certificates to our pioneer students who were trained on basic computer packages of Microsoft (Word 2007, Excel 2007, and PowerPoint 2007), Adobe illustrator and they were all introduced to social media sites like facebook and twitter.


We will be inviting the entire community, National NGOs, government officials and development partners to celebrate that day with us. Therefore you are all invited.

            We have started the registration for the December intake for courses that will begin on 10/12/2013 up to February 2014. We have registered 46 students which include farmers. Out of the 46 students, only 5 students can pay for the full training fee of $150 per semester including new courses that have been introduced.

The administration can only offer only 5 full bursaries and give 20 students half bursaries. But even with the bursary scheme in place, only 5 of the half bursary students can afford to pay for the training and the remaining 15 cannot afford to pay anything but are very much interested in learning how to use ICT in the agricultural sector so they need sponsorship. Therefore we appeal to you to continue donating generously so that we can increase on the number we can offer full bursaries. If anyone can sponsor one or more students half or full bursaries are most welcome (Full bursary is $150 and half bursary is $75).

We are also requesting you to become a recurring donor so that we can move from 6 to 30 recurring donors. We would like to thank the Global Giving staff for the efforts they put in to make our efforts worthwhile. Once we thank you for your generous donations and contribution.

To donate please visit:

Jul 25, 2013

Community Innovation Resource Center Report as per 25 july 2013

Students at a meeting with staff
Students at a meeting with staff


Since we started the campaign for fundraising for the resource Centre, we have been reflecting and evaluating the love, generosity, knowledge, advice and guidance support you people have rendered to us in our struggle to make Kikandwa people computer literate. We continue to think of finding appropriate words to say thank you but we continuously fail; but allow us to express our sincere gratitude towards what you have done for us so far, the community is very grateful with all what you have done.

We are so thrilled to be a piece of the GlobalGiving Community and we fully understand that the center could not be in place without you.

 The center is a multi-purpose place where information is generated, disseminated, managed and shared. It is a place of reference and referral whose main target is the local community, researchers, and government and non-government organizations.

It has had working staff members who are determined to make it a success on ground in the local community and this is what they have achieved and encountered along their endeavors.


  1. We are now training over 15 people (majority are students and school teachers) to become computer literate and they have started to learn to use computers in their day to day lives. They have learnt to use both software and hardware and how to use IT to earn a living.
  2. The center has now 3 graduates from the computer training studies and these students are set to join leading institutions in the capital city Kampala to further upgrade their studies. The students will be awarded certificates to recognize their efforts in their struggle to become computer literate.
  3. The center is now about to start a schools outreach programme and community workshops in the area. The major aim of this programme is;
  • Let the community fully understand what is being done at the center.
  • To offer career guidance to school going children.
  • To address the issue of community development through avenues like volunteerism.
  • To make the society understand the need for food security and how we can address it.
  • To address the need for sustainable agriculture practices.
  • To understand Climate change challenges and what can be done to mitigate it

Figure 2: Students of the resource center having a meeting with the staff


Since the time we opened up the resource center, we met a lot of challenges. These ranged from financial to every day challenges that arise from change of environment.

  1. Our main objective of starting the resource Centre was to provide internet services to the community to save them from moving 60 kilometers to the capital city to access such services, we also need regular funding to recharge the modems for internet access with limited funds.
  2. The center is now facing a problem of lack of monitors since all the monitors were damaged by unstable electricity.
  3. One of the toughest the staff members face is transport to the center. They have to walk a very long distance (more than 16 km to and fro) every day to be able to deliver the services to the students. This distance most times takes a toll on their bodies daily as they have to walking almost a third of the day and we do not have the money to rent for them a nearby room where they can stay.

Future Plans

The center is planning on introducing a photo studio in the area since there is nothing like a photo studio in the area.

Due to the above mentioned challenges, we are looking for all avenues where we can raise money to especially buy new computer monitors (as the students now are dependent on the projectors to have lessons)  and to install internet at the center so that we can serve our community better. We continue to dream of the day when we will have our own Internet connection and know that the Community Innovation Resource Centre can be open every day to provide services to the community. 

We are so thankful for your support. So thankful! Your donations are exciting the whole community each time we receive them.

The whole of the future is built in global partnerships and we are so honored to have this relationship.

To donate, please follow the link below

Items which are urgently needed per year for the resource Centre to be fully operational.


  Subtotal per year

Cost of internet setup       $900 (a one time payment)

Cost of internet services  $1800

Allowances for the computer trainer   $2400

Cost of electricity    $600

Cost of stationery, computer repairs, printer and photocopier maintenance  $3600

Binding machine    $200

Radio and television   $950

Daily newspapers both English and local languages    $720

Purchasing of 4 new computers  $2000

Transport (2 bicycles)  $300

Grand total     $13,470

Best regards from

Kaganga John

The Million Person Project!
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Staff and Board members of the Resource Center
Staff and Board members of the Resource Center

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