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The mission of Tiny Toones Cambodia is to provide a safe, positive environment for atrisk youth to channel their energy and creativity into the arts and education, empowering them to build selfconfidence in their daily lives, aim for better employment possibilities, and feel supported pursuing their dreams.
May 8, 2014

Sponsor a Tiny Toones Teacher- May 2014 update

The floor wars in action!
The floor wars in action!

“The heart and soul of Tiny Toones is with our teachers. Without them, our Tiny students don’t have the inspiration they need to create a future for themselves.” - KK Tiny Toones founder


On behalf of our Tiny students and teachers, thank you for your kindness! 


Perhaps our most important fundraiser, “supporting a Tiny Toones Teacher” permits former students who understand first hand the  community, living situations and challenges of our Tiny students, and are able to mentor, inspire and encourage kids just like them, and prove that they too can create their own future!

"I want to travel the world introducing people to Hip Hop because every time I show someone what I can do, they are like WOW!"- Tiny Toones music teacher

visit http://www.tinytoones.org/videos/.

Now in full swing of offering our kids more classes than ever before, we are happy to report that more of our students are attending Public School! With the room for more students to join our center, we are now branching out in 7 new communities! With the emphasis on participation, creativity and – crucially – fun, 9-10 classes are now run simultaneously throughout the day, reducing class and allows for a more personal interaction for each of our Tiny students.

Back from Europe

A few of our very talented teachers were invited to attend the Floor Wars an International break dancing competition in Denmark. Whilst we were not the winners this year, it proved to the teachers that hard work and practice pays off. As mentors to over 200 Tiny students, this positivity and leadership is essential.

Tiny Toones also represented Cambodian creativity at the International Community Arts Festival (ICAF) in Rotterdam in the Netherlands! Both Homie and Diamond were part of the eight person team who spoke and performed at the event.Musicians, public space designers, visual artists, choreographers, theatre makers, storytellers and cinematographers from South Africa, Congo, the Philippines, Colombia, and all over North and South America and Europe attended to share their ideas and learn from each other.Tiny Toones who was invited to run a workshop and put on a dramatic performance, was honoured to be invited to such a prestigious event with special thanks go to the Prince Claus fund - who also supported the making of Anakut earlier last year - for enabling us to get there.

Last year we produced three short films telling the stories of Tiny Toones teachers, Homie, Diamond and Voch to not only turn their own lives around but also inspire and educate the next generation at Tiny Toones. Be inspired, take a look. http://www.tinytoones.org/videos/.


Plans for the year ahead...

Continuing to offer more space for creativity and fun, to introduce more learning through play for the under 10s and to develop our own Tiny Toones curriculum. Most of all we want to continue delivering over 300 hours of classes to under privileged children every week. 2013 was a big step, now we want to help them to keep moving forward, keep learning and keep growing. With your continuing help we know we can do it.

To support a former Tiny Toones student to become a teacher you can visit the campaign page at http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/sponsor-a-tiny-toones-teacher/.

For those based in the UK you can make your donation go further at Global Giving UK at http://www.globalgiving.co.uk/projects/sponsor-a-tiny-toones-teacher/

Representing Cambodia!
Representing Cambodia!
A few of our Tinniest mimicking their heros!
A few of our Tinniest mimicking their heros!
May 8, 2014

Changing Young Lives Through Dance And Music

Our tiny dancers
Our tiny dancers

Thank you for supporting Tiny Toones!

Thank you to all of our generous supporters who have helped us raise $4652.05 providing the Tiny Toones kids with not only an education but also the rare opportunity to be creative and have fun.

I’m happiest when I am teaching the kids new hip hope moves” – Diamond (20), former Tiny Toones student and current Tiny Toones teacher

This year, many of our kids are attending public school, which means that we have more places to fill in our class! Tiny Toones has focused on involving an additional 7 communities into our creative project with the emphasis on participation, creativity and most importantly, having fun! Tiny Toones runs 9-10 classes simultaneously throughout the day, with no more than 15 children in each class, allowing for personal and interactive support for each child attending our classes. The kids are picked up and driven to the Tiny Toones center twice a day (Monday – Friday).

"I didn’t know many of the kids at Tiny Toones and didn’t know how to dance like them but now I have lots of friends and I'm getting really good at hip hop! I hope I can be just like Diamond one day she’s been to many places – Srey Pov (11), Tiny Toones student

Now our classes are smaller, more varied, and better equipped, our teachers are really blossoming with the support provided to them. The last Friday of every month is now dedicated to celebrating the achievements of the kids. Guests are welcome so if you want to visit the centre and attend the next 'show and tell' please contact us.

Their inspiration
Their inspiration
Apr 8, 2014

Tiny Toones' education for all project report

Happy Khmer New Year!

On behalf of the Tiny Toones team and children, thank you for supporting our Education Program in 2014. Your kindness has enabled us to raise $4,654, providing over 700 children from the poorest slum areas of Phnom Penh to access free education.

Looking back over this project; five teachers ran classes in English, Khmer, math and computers for the 242 kids who come to our center, as well as directly assisting 24 children – aged from eight to fourteen – to attend primary school. The six kids who had previously never been inside a school before, are now well into the swing of school and are continued to be supported by Tiny Toones with daily school fees.

Our adjusted class sizes now emphasis participation, creativity and – most importantly – fun to provide these vulnerable children with an alternative to the streets of Phnom Penh. Our smaller class sizes have provided the children with a more “hands on” approach, and allow the teachers to closely monitor the progress of each student, both academically and socially.

Tiny Toones founder KK- “These kids really need Tiny Toones support and the education project to keep them off the streets and out of harms way. Our teachers started off as these kids, and they were inspired to change their lives, expressing themselves through break dancing. These same teachers now inspire the new generation, building confidence and teaching self-respect to each kid that comes to our center." 

Learning is a two-way street

Belinda from Australia Volunteers International, who joined our team in 2013, has worked closely with the teachers to build their capacity as well as further develop our classes to change each child’s life. We are thrilled to report that our classes now involve engaging, inspiring lessons, which improved class delivery and student involvement.

Tell a friend

With $846 remaining on the project, we need your help to raise the remaining funds to continue throughout 2014. We need your help to break the cycle of poverty, and give these children a fighting chance! Please spread the word about our campaign. Tell people they can support us on Global Giving or Global Giving UK, with either a one-off donation or a recurring monthly gift.

Thank you again for your kindness and supporting Tiny Toones!

Education sessions in our classrooms
Education sessions in our classrooms


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