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The HardtHaven vision is nothing less than the transformation of AIDS orphans from hopeless, suffering victims into productive members of their community with an exciting vision for a greater Ghana. We believe that anyone anywhere can help to change these little lives, through the inexpensive care provided by this children's home. We offer more than just food, clothing, and shelter; we offer education, employment skills, and a loving home. Our ultimate aim is for the orphanage to be self-supporting as we begin implementing various alternative livelihood projects and receive renewable support from people around the globe. Combined with the skills and participation of international volunteers...
Jul 1, 2014

Exciting new progress in 2014!

S's progress since starting the program!

Our Excellence in HIV/AIDS Health Care program has been saving lives for 1.5 years now! We now have 22 patients enrolled in the program. We are happy to report that HardtHaven is now working to secure an even wider variety of HIV medications for our patients. These expanded options of medications will further increase the chances of survival and quality of life for our participants.

We are happy to report that the majority of the participants in the EHAHC program are doing very well and most of them are now feeling healthy enough that they are able to return to school and or work. One of the newest participants in the program is a young boy S, who is around 12 years of age. S was brought to live at HardtHaven in March because his caretakers had abandoned him due to his HIV+ status. S is very stunted in height and malnourished. In S's first month living at HardtHaven he gained over 4 kilos! S has been given full evaluation by the doctor, and after extensive lab testing it was decided that S would start on HAART (the HIV medications). S is responding very well to the medications, and we hope his recovery continues as this strong, swift pace such that he will be healthy enough to start attending school.

Before the EHAHC program many of the patients would become very ill due to unaddressed secondary infections. We are very happy to report that is no longer the case. Since the advent of the program in October of 2012 our doctor has made 21 trips to Kpando to carry out patient evaluations. This consistent and timely medical care means that patients secondary infections are addresses and dealt with quickly, before the secondary infections become a major health concern.

It is because of your support that we are able to provide these children and adults with the basic, life saving, health care they deserve! Thank you!  

Nov 14, 2013

Our EHAHC program continues to grow!

We are happy to announce that our Excellence in HIV/AIDS Health Care program continues to expand to help more children and adults suffering from AIDS in the Kpando area. Our program has grown to now care for 15 HIV+ people. After the loss of one of our patients, NA, in June, we have re-evaluated our program parameters. In the hopes of preventing as many future deaths as possible we have decided to both strengthen our efforts on adherence counseling with the patients, and to increase our efforts to identify persons living with AIDS in the Kpando area before they become too direly ill with secondary infections and thus beyond the medical help that we are able to provide.

The doctor who is heading our Excellence in HIV/AIDS Health Care program continues to make monthly visits to Kpando to evaluate and treat all of the participants. As of the doctor's October visit 13 of the patients presented in good health with only minor complaints. Two of the participants continue to be in poor health, and one has been admitted several times to the local hospital for blood transfusions and other medical care. We continue to work as hard as possible to help rehabilitate these two patients back to health, however the prognosis for the patient that is requiring the blood transfusions is not good.

With the aim of insuring that our patients are adhering as necessary to these live saving AIDS medications we have admitted one EHAHC participant, a teenage girl, into HardtHaven Children's Home. Previously this teenage girl was living in a remote village and did not have adequate care and supervision in terms of general health, nutrition, and in taking her medication. By having this young lady move to HardtHaven Children's Home we are able to better monitor her medication schedule as well as provide nutritional and health rehabilitation. We are happy to report that since coming to live at HardtHaven Children's Home this young girl has made significant gains in weight, health and over all well being!

We would like to thank all who have continued to help support this project and give these 15 people a chance at a healthy and happy life!


Aug 21, 2013

New patients added to our program!

Our Excellence IN HIV/AIDS Health Care program continues as strong as ever! The doctor has continued to make his monthly visits to Kpando to monitor the health of the participants. New laboratory testing capabilities have been made available and the participants were able to finally get their viral load results as well as the standard CD4 and liver function tests. This allows the doctor a greater range of diagnostic tools to work with when evaluating the health of the participants. 

We do have sad news, one of the participants of the EHAHC program, NA, passed away in June. We had been working with NA to help her improve her adherence to the vital AIDS medication, but despite the best efforts of all involved she refused to take her medication regularly. We are all deeply saddened by NA's passing. But we are determined to continue to work on adherence counseling and increased access of AIDS medications to those who need it.

In July we accepted to new patients into the program, D1 and T1, two young ladies who are responding well under the doctor's care. We are happy to report that the rest of the participants, totaling 13 in number, continue to show improvements in their health.

We continue to be grateful to all who have made this vital life saving program possible!

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