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IPCRI is an action-oriented think tank that engages policy makers and the public at large in ending the occupation and resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the basis of a two state solution through the development of mutual interests and cooperation across borders in all aspects of life, including educational programs. IPCRI's mission goes beyond conflict resolution and delves into the future relations between the two states examining possible models of confederation as well. IPCRI initiates innovative projects and strategies that provide applied research, information and action on resolving the conflict, building comprehensive and sustainable peace and promoting Palestinian-Israel...
Oct 8, 2013

Final Report: Influencing Israel-Palestine

Despite IPCRI’s best efforts, we unfortunately have not raised enough funds for this project to start any activities, thus we have not achieved what we expected yet. We had originally planned to influence both high-level decision-makers and the public at large trough providing targeted, in-depth reports about political developments; the reports about the Palestinian territories would be provided in Hebrew to Israeli leaders and the repots about Israel would be provided in Arabic to Palestinian leaders.

Although we did not successfully fund this project through crowd sourcing, we still believe this project is extremely important in breaking barriers and misconceptions between Israelis and Palestinians. We also think now is a critical time for this work as negotiations between the two parties are currently on-going and decisions made now will affect an eventual peace agreement, or the rise of violence and instability in the region. Thus, IPCRI is turning to alternative measures to fund this project. Already, a full proposal has been submitted to many donors including the Journalists and Writers’ Foundation and the European Endowment for Democracy.

We thank everyone who has shown interest in this project and support our work to bring a just and sustainable peace to Israel and the Palestinian territories. We hope to receive full funding for this project in 2014 and achieve our goal of contributing to a better understanding of “the other” among Israelis and Palestinians, in order to promote cooperation and peace in the region. 

Jul 22, 2013

Final Report: Looking Back & Looking Ahead

Dear donors and friends,

As we shared with you in our previous report, IPCRI recently completed its work on the current stage of our project to help Palestinian farmers increase the quantity, quality, and profitability of their crops. Out of gratitude for your help and support in this project, we would like to provide you with a summary of what we were able to accomplish and what we’ve learned.

Concrete Results

  • · Twenty Palestinian farmers received intensive training from Israeli agriculture specialists in how to optimize the cost-efficiency, quality, and marketability of their crops.
  • Farmers were assisted in identifying two ideal crops that would maximize their profits and competitiveness: seedless grapes and guava.
  • · The cooperative as a whole—a total of 75 small-scale farmers–received brand new shared equipment for applying fertilizers and controlling pests and disease.

From all of these inputs and experiences, we are confident that our participant farmers are now significantly better equipped to compete in a high-quality marketplace.

Peace Building

We also hope that our project has also succeeded in the less tangible but equally significant goal of promoting understanding between the Palestinian and Israeli farmers and professionals involved. We hope that each has come away from the experience with an improved view of the other, based less on politics and more on cooperative relationships between people.

Looking ahead

Our work doesn’t end here. In the course of accomplishing our goals, we came to discover even more areas in which these farmers are in need. From improved post-harvest processing and storage facilities to increased access to information about agricultural market trends, this project has provided us with a wealth of knowledge about how to best help these and other farmers in our future work. 

Though enacting change is always a many-step process, we at IPCRI would like you, our donors, to join us in celebrating the work that we accomplished together in achieving our current goals. We are sincerely grateful for your generosity. As a direct result of your help, dozens of Palestinian farmers and communities are now noticeably better off, and their insights and experiences have illuminated IPCRI’s next steps in its continuing path to fostering understanding and improving lives.

We hope that you will continue to join us on this path. Follow us on Facebook or visit us at to share your thoughts with us and to stay up to date with our latest initiatives.

Many thanks,


Jul 1, 2013

Project activities completed! Thanks to all!

Agronomist Gnayem during training
Agronomist Gnayem during training

Dear donors and friends,

The Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information is delighted to announce that, with your help, we have achieved our goals and completed our work on this stage of the project! Within the next few days, we will submit a final report with a more detailed summary of our accomplishments. 

Over the last three months, the 20 participating farmer members of the cooperative completed the training program provided by our team of agricultural experts. As a result, they are now trained in cutting-edge agricultural practices and GlobalGap international export standards. With the funds that you and others provided, we were also able to purchase a compost spreader, a multi-nozzle pesticide sprayer, and handheld magnifying glasses for the participating members of the cooperative. These inputs, in addition to the training provided, will help the farmer members of the cooperative grow larger quantities of produce that meets higher standards of quality.

Based on the successes and lessons learned from this pilot project, IPCRI hopes to implement similar projects in other West Bank communities in the near future. 

We at IPCRI are deeply grateful for the generosity of all of our donors—large and small. Your contributions have provided these farmers with the tools to improve their businesses and the economic conditions of their communities. Stay tuned for more information in our final report.

All the best,


A tomato plant from a participant
A tomato plant from a participant's plot