GLK Student Fund (Gayle Lyn Kliever Student Fund)

The goal of the Gayle Lyn Kliever Student Fund is to raise and distribute scholarships directly to worthy Tanzanian students. Scholarship help will be given to those students with ability, motivation and potential. Recipients may be of any age. Priority is given to those with little or no family presence. The fund will also support worthwhile educational projects in Tanzania.
Aug 14, 2014

Update on Scholarship Students

Bukoba through AnaGrace
Bukoba through AnaGrace's eyes

Dear Supporters,

We just wanted to provide you with a brief update on how all of our students are doing.

Anagrace is doing well in fourth grade and is coming up on the Standard Four National Exams this year.  She has another three and a half years left of primary school. She is also doing enjoying art as you can see by the photo of life of her home in Bukoba that she has sent us.

Ines and Susan are also doing well. They are enrolled in first grade and preschool respectively and are thrilled to be attending their new schools.  Because of you, they are happy to be in great schools and receiving a solid education in Tanzania, but unfortunately, this is not the norm.

According to the World Bank the GDP in 2012 is $612 in Tanzania. With the annual cost of private schooling costing a substantial portion of the averange family's yearly income, a decent education is often inattainable for most families.  While government schools are available, they are often plagued with over-crowding, inadequate resources, ill-prepared or even absent teachers. The schooling they receive at government schools is often no type of education at all. While we are happy to announce that we've succeeded in getting three young girls into great educational programs in Tanzania, there are still many more that need our help.

Please consider making a contribution today so that we can continue to send many more students in need to great schools.

AnaGrace (middle) with her fellow artists
AnaGrace (middle) with her fellow artists


May 22, 2014

June Report


As the GLK Student Fund focuses its energies in 2014 on our female students, we'd like to introduce our newest scholarship candidate, Suzana.

Suzana is 7 years old. She attends a public primary school and is in the first grade. Suzana has high sense of perception and reasoning for her age. She is clever and quick. She is full of curiosity and wants to know and learn about things and has a maturity of some sort that is not so common for her age.  She is charming.

She lost her father in July 2013 and is the only child of her mother, Sima, who is 32 years old.  After the death of her husband, Sima was forced to move from their rental room after the rent expired. She has no solid income and therefore, she cannot afford to pay rent even for a single room.  The husband died before they could collect enough money to buy a plot of land which is the goal of most Tanzanian families.  A plot of land secures a home and the means to grow food.  Sima and Suzana moved in with Sima's sister and they live in a small one bedroom flat in the Kashura area of Bukoba.  Sima has a bad case of hypertension.  However, whenever she is able and feels strong, she plaits hair and earns a little money to contribute to her upkeep.

Suzana would very much like to join an English Medium school. Her mother would love to have her daughter in a good school but for her it is only a dream since she cannot afford to pay school fees for such a school.

Please help to make the wish of Suzana materialize and her mother's dream come true.


Mar 3, 2014

March 2014 Update from GLK Student Fund

Ines in Standard 1 Classroom
Ines in Standard 1 Classroom

Dear Donors,

Thank you so much for all of your constant support. We just wanted to take a moment to update you on the progress of our students supported by Global Giving.

Anagrace and Ines have been doing well in school.  Ines is enjoying first grade at her new school and is looking forward to receiving her new school sweater.  Recently, we've received a letter from her. Ines writes: 

"Dear ones, I thank you for your help.  I am love to study, to write, and to draw.  I am very happy to study English and to be at KEMPS (Kibeta English Primary School, Bukoba)."

The GLK Student Fund is on always on the look out for new scholarship students to support. Recently, we've identified one possible new scholarship student we are looking to support. A five year old boy from a neighboring village from Anagrace whose mother recently died in childbirth. His father is helping to support him and his four sibings by working as a peasant farmer.This boy is bright and needs to enter pre-school (Tanzanian Kindergarten).  Schools in his home village of Izimbya are definitely sub-standard. Getting him into a high quality pre-school will set him up for success later in life.

Please know that your support makes a profound difference in these students' lives. Your contributions help us continue to identify and support vulnerable and deserving students.

Thank you,

The GLK Student Fund Volunteers

Ines at her school, Kibeta English Medium Primary
Ines at her school, Kibeta English Medium Primary


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