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To offer services that help an underprivileged community acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the social, economic and educational areas by serving as a liaison between the community and private and government agencies.
Jun 10, 2014

Basic Need Items for the Elderly

Participant# 1-"I
Participant# 1-"I'm very happy with these items".

The participants income are basically from the Social Security or other governmental aid for food so they don't have enough money to buy articles for their basic needs.   For this reason they frequently need items like:  soap, shampoo, deodorant, tooth brush, tooth paste, towels, blue paths, disposable diapers and hand sanitizer.  For those who has diabetes we give them alcohol, gauze sponges and insulin syringes.  As their income is very low they usually do not buy their medication and this impacts their health.  In some cases we gave them clothes, shoes, pijamas and/or slippers for those who are going to be hospitalized.  Our organization helps them because of their economic limitation. As soon as we identify their needs we prepare a small kit for distribution.  We are grateful to our donors who support our elderly program and who  help us to continue providing our services.

 Participant# 1 - He lives with his brother and both are participants, they need help with personal hygiene.  When he received his basic need kit he said:  "I'm very happy with these items."  He got shampoo, soap, deodorant, shaving foam, tooth paste and brush. 

Participant# 2 -  He is a blind person who lives with his brother and said "Appreciate these items".  His kit contains shaving foam, tooth paste, alcohol pads and soap.

Participant# 3 -  "Just  what I need, I was getting short of these items and don't have enough money to buy them this week" was the expression of this participant who lives alone. 

Besides the basic need items kit distribution we continue with the meal distribution during the weekends and the nurse realizes regular visits to follow up the participants health.

Participant#2- "Appreciate these items".
Participant#2- "Appreciate these items".
Participant#3-  "Just what I need."
Participant#3- "Just what I need."
Mar 10, 2014

Food Program for the Elderly

Food Purchased
Food Purchased

The last donation received was very useful.  We were able to pay the gasoline for the two offical vehicles used for the meal distribution to the elderly.  We also bought a variety of food:  meat, rice, beans, vegetables, salt, oil, vinager, etc.  This allowed us to provide the elderly over 60 years old of a balance meal during weekends.  Most of our participants receive food coupons of aproximately $112 monthly and others a minimum amount from the Social Security.  Due to this low  income the variety of their meals is limited.  We briefly interviewed some participants to get their inputs regarding the food program.

Participant#1 who has asthma and her son Participant# 2 who has diabetes and high blood pressure live together and are in the program since two years ago.  They told us:  "With our low income we have to pay for our medicines and food among other expenses.  The meal program has lowered our expenses a little, otherwise we couldn't affort them all.  We are very happy with the service."

Participant# 3 said:  "I've been a participant since last year and I like the food a lot.  My menu was very limited and now I've been able to have a variet menu, a well balance meal."

Participant# 4 told us:  "I live alone and receive food coupons, used to cook a little, mostly can food.  The service I receive from the program is very good."

We are pleased to know that thanks to our efforts and the donors help we are able to provide the elderly some of their needs.

Food in storage
Food in storage
Participant# 1 and her son Participant# 2
Participant# 1 and her son Participant# 2
Eva Arce (Board of Directors) and Participant# 3
Eva Arce (Board of Directors) and Participant# 3
Participant# 4
Participant# 4
Dec 2, 2013

Food Program

The Elder's Food Program continue with the food distribution during weekends to our participants living in San Antonio and nearby areas.  Thanks to the latest contribution received we bought meat, rice, vegetables, beans, cook oil, potatoes, food containers and utensils for the month of December.  The regular menu consist of rice and beans, meat prepared in different ways and vegetables. For the Christmas holidays we prepare our typical menu of rice with green peas, rosted pork or turkey, potato salad and "pastel" which is a dish prepared with mashed platain stuffed with small pieces of meat, potato, sweet red pepper and olives.  During December we will be distributing approximately 600 meals.  In the attached photo you can see the groceries and two of our employees, Xiomara and Edwin, who purchase them and keep the wholesale inventory. 

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