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Our Mission: Missionvale Care Centre is an interdenominational, non-profit organization committed to providing quality care and support to improve the lives of the people of Missionvale through love, consultation, participation and self-development. We respond to the many needs of the people in the circumstances in which they live. Our Vision: To enter into the lives of the poor in their pain, loneliness and despair. To recognise that we have done nothing to deserve our prosperity, as they have done nothing to deserve their deprivation. To reach out a hand of solidarity, compassion and love, filled not with empty platitudes, but with food, medicine, learning and hope. To learn from...
Mar 4, 2015

Nutrition Project Report February 2015

Dear Friends

With your help and generosity, our project has reached the poorest of the poor and has assisted families in their area of greatest need.  Even though the project has reached its financial goal, the truth is that it’s far from being complete.  The need here in Missionvale is overwhelming.  What keeps us going is seeing the many successes that are made possible because of basic needs being met.  With your support, our beneficiary families have had something to eat which enabled them to take their medication, to go to school and learn, and in some cases, just being able to survive another day.  Therefore, instead of closing the project, we are going to increase our funding goal so that we can continue this vital service!  We have also identified some other areas of great need, and thanks to Global Giving, we are able to communicate such needs by listing additional projects so watch this space for more information! 

We always battle to fully express our gratitude to those who support us so generously.  To think that we are separated by so many miles, but that your hearts are close enough to make a real difference in the world is extremely humbling. 

Perhaps the best way to say thank you is to share with you the impact your contributions are making on the lives of the people in this community!  One of our most recent success stories, is the story of Morné Smith*, aged 40. Morné was in a horrible accident a year and a half ago. He was walking on the side of the road when a vehicle crashed into him and pinned him to a building. He was badly injured and, after surgery, declared paralised. He lost his job as a cabinet maker and became bedridden and depressed. He was the only provider for his wife and two children and now his life had changed forever.

When our community health practitioners found him, he had terrible bed sores. He was very depressed and did not want visitors, but they persisted and cared for him every day, taking care of the bedsores, taking food parcels and bread for the children for school and offering counseling. They referred him to Physiotherapy and ensured he kept his appointments. He was told he would never have feeling in his legs again.

One warm day, he was sitting in the sun and felt a burning sensation on his legs! He mentioned it to the Physiotherapist who started intensive therapy, and for the first time in almost two years, Morné stood up! He now gratefully accepts visits and help from our careworkers and continues his treatment – perhaps he will be able to walk again!

Nutrition was only a small part of his story, but here at the Care Centre we believe in holistic care. His first need was medical. Encompassed in that was a need for nutrition, spiritual care and most importantly, love.  Websites like Global Giving enable us to give it. Every contribution you have made, travels all the way across the waters, and into the homes of those who need it most.  Every time you have clicked the “yes” button to donate, someone was nourished because of it.  And every time you feel it in your heart to give, ten thousand hearts in South Africa give thanks because of you.

Thank you for continuing to believe in us.  


* Name has been changed to protect the privacy of our beneficiaries.

Dec 3, 2014

Nutrition Project Report December 2014

Dear friends

It is with eternal gratitude that we look back on 2014 as a wonderful year for Missionvale Care Centre, filled with many new thrilling additions to our existing programs, and they have all been made possible because of your continued belief in our cause.  Your generous contributions and sustained support is deeply appreciated and I know that Sr Ethel lights a candle in thanksgiving to all of you every day.  The community of Missionvale have benefited greatly from your donations, and every day they gather at the Centre and give thanks for “the people over the sea” who always remember us. 

A few of our highlights this year were:

-          The start of ballroom dancing classes for the children in our school, they are so talented!

-          Two of our community health practitioners received bursaries to study nursing!

-          Our junior and senior choirs won a trophy at the Northern Areas Choral Festival

-          Over 200 sustainable vegetable gardens were created in Missionvale

-          The elderly ladies in Missionvale formed the “gogo club” (granny club) and make beautiful knitted items for sale


At the moment we are gearing up towards our own Christmas celebrations which are split into two categories:  1) Father Christmas Day for the children and 2) Christmas Eve Food Parcel Distribution for Adults.  The children’s gift distribution is a huge annual event where over 6000 children each receive a small present from Santa Clause and some sweets.  For most of them it is the only present they will receive.  All the staff at the Centre dress up, Christmas carols are played and the whole Centre gets decorated.  It is extremely festive and is a big highlight for all the little ones. 

On Christmas Eve we distribute food parcels to the community so everyone has something to eat on Christmas day.  This is a very special time at the Centre and there is always a bit of magic in the air!

We hope that you will feel that same magic surround you this Christmas and all the way into the New Year.

Thank you again for all the miracles you helped to create.

Wishing you every blessing, with love from Sr Ethel and all of us in Missionvale

Sep 15, 2014

Nutrition Project Report September 2014

Our pupils learn better thanks to the nutrition!
Our pupils learn better thanks to the nutrition!

Dear friends

It is a beautiful spring day in South Africa.  There is a slight breeze in the air and we can hear the children at our primary school practicing for tomorrow’s big choir performance.  At the clinic there is a buzz of activity as the doctors and health workers see to the crowd of patients – the sickest of the sick in Missionvale and surrounding areas.  The vegetable gardens are taking a bit of strain due to the lack of rain, but our gardeners persevere day by day.  In front of the clothing warehouse, waiting patiently in an orderly queue are families collecting their clothing parcels – one family lost everything when their home burnt down last week.  Outside the Nutrition Unit, there is a large crowd, nearly 1000 people today.  In exchange for items of food, everyone brings items to be recycled.  This preserves a sense of dignity as they know they are not getting a hand-out.  A well run distribution system is in place and the elderly, frail and disabled are served first. 

Although your Global Giving contributions are allocated specifically to the Nutrition Unit, it is linked to all the other areas of our care centre.  Without nutrition the children cannot learn.  Medication on an empty stomach is of no value. 

It is therefore with deep gratitude that we thank you again for your contribution to this particular part of the Centre.  We hope that you take comfort in knowing that it is making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.  Your continued belief in our mission is deeply treasured by all of us in Missionvale.

Hoping for rain - vegetable gardens taking strain
Hoping for rain - vegetable gardens taking strain