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Our Mission: Missionvale Care Centre is an interdenominational, non-profit organization committed to providing quality care and support to improve the lives of the people of Missionvale through love, consultation, participation and self-development. We respond to the many needs of the people in the circumstances in which they live. Our Vision: To enter into the lives of the poor in their pain, loneliness and despair. To recognise that we have done nothing to deserve our prosperity, as they have done nothing to deserve their deprivation. To reach out a hand of solidarity, compassion and love, filled not with empty platitudes, but with food, medicine, learning and hope. To learn from...
Jun 19, 2014

Missionvale Nutrition Project Report June 2014

Hats and handbags - all handmade in Missionvale!
Hats and handbags - all handmade in Missionvale!

Dear friends

It is with gratitude and excitement that I am writing to you today to give you an update on our Nutrition programme which you are making possible for us through your contributions!

As you are aware, the food parcels are distributed to those most vulnerable in the community.  Every day they arrive and wait patiently for their turn to receive this life giving food.  We are always looking for ways of improving services to the community and thought of ways we can better occupy their time while they are in the queue waiting. 

This has led to the start of the “Gogo Club”.  (“Gogo” is a loving term used to describe a granny.)  We have discovered great talents in the elderly ladies from Missionvale!  Armed with knitting needles and some wool, they now keep busy making the most beautiful items including scarves, headbands, gloves and beanies – even handbags!  It is amazing to see their creations and they are so enjoying having something to do while they wait! 

This is incredibly special to us to see as many of these ladies were so weak before they came onto our Nutrition Programme, that they would definitely not have been able to do anything like this before.  Seeing the difference in them makes us realise again how much of an impact your generous contributions make in this special community.  So on behalf of all the people in Missionvale, and especially the gogo’s, thank you for continuing to believe in us.  Your support means everything.

A new gogo club creation in the making!
A new gogo club creation in the making!
Mar 21, 2014

Be Well Before You Do Well

Packing parcels of life
Packing parcels of life

This postcard is written by Chi Nguyen, our In-The-Field Representative who will be traveling to the nine countries of Southern Africa to meet and work with our partner organizations.


On Monday, March 17th, I was privileged to meet Linda van Oudheusden who gave me a grand tour of Missionvale Care Centre and all of its accomplishments thus far - and a grand tour it was! Missionvale Care Centre, 26 years and running, now has quite a few impressive achievements to tout, such as two health clinics on the grounds, an assembly hall for HIV/AIDS support groups as well as community events and recreational activities, a farming project, and a sizable food program for the local impoverished community, just to name a few.

Student volunteers from America were in the kitchen, busily packing food parcels of sugar, tuna, beans, tea packets, and more as rows and rows of people sat in line for their food parcels just outside. Linda and the founder of Missionvale Care Centre, Sister Ethel, tell me that their biggest challenge is to get donors to believe that food parcels are a necessary component of the program as a whole. They say that too often, donors believe that food parcels are handouts rather than a hand up, wanting instead to donate to education, HIV/AIDS medication, or the provision of life skills, but Linda and Sister Ethel reason: how can one learn and progress if one does not have enough food to first survive?

Sister Ethel shares a story close to her heart, telling me that years ago, before the food program had started, a member of the community with HIV/AIDS came to Sister Ethel and told her how sick she was feeling. Sister Ethel pleaded with her to take her medications, but she said she couldn't, that the medication made her feel sick. Sister Ethel pleaded and pleaded, but the community member said that she couldn't, that the medication only made her feel worse. She eventually passed away.

Sister Ethel was determined to live a few days in this woman's shoes. She began taking the medication herself, on an empty stomach, to figure out what went wrong. She then become violently ill herself, incapable of functioning in her normal daily activities. She then knew that she had to start a food program.

The food parcel gives the families in community the energy to grow, learn, thrive, and contribute to the community. The mothers can now tend after their children, the children can now focus in school, the women and men can now contribute to the farming projects in the community. The food program is a crucial piece in the structure of Missionvale Care Centre, and is a dynamic demonstration of the fact that one must be well before one is capable of doing well.

Feb 19, 2014

Missionvale Nutrition Project Report Feb 2014

Beneficiaries of the project queing at the centre
Beneficiaries of the project queing at the centre


This being February, we are sure you are inundated with messages of love! For us in Missionvale, love has so many different faces. It is in the sense of community, (Ubuntu as we call it). It is the love between mother and child. It is the love we have for the people we serve and the love they give us so freely in return. At Missionvale Care Centre, we express that love through practical means: education, nutrition, skills development, health care.

Through your incredible generosity, and your continued belief in us, we certainly feel extremely loved! We have just received the funding from the last quarter and we are absolutely blown away by your kindness, especially during the Christmas period! With the funding received from the last quarter alone we are able to purchase 781 food parcels! We are hugely grateful to each of you for making this possible for us.

Any nutrition project is exceptionally difficult to fundraise for. Like air, it is something that is often taken for granted – until you run out! The harsh realities of malnutrition and starvation are with us every day, and yet, it is difficult to imagine that such things are still happening in South Africa in 2014! All of our friends through Global Giving may live far away, but through your contributions you are close to our hearts and close to our mission of finding sustainable solutions for these problems.

So it is with deep gratitude, and a massive virtual hug that we say


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