Partnership With Children, Inc.

Partnership with Children has remained true to the mission of its founders for more than 100 years. What started as a volunteer mentoring program for troubled girls has evolved to provide critical services to nearly 10,000 boys and girls who face daunting problems in their lives. Today we serve children in 26 public schools in New York City. Our mission is to strengthen the social, emotional and cognitive skills of at-risk children.
Dec 22, 2010

Keeping Kids in School

Dear Friends,

Walking the Path has been busy this month working with two new groups of high school students at Alternative Learning Centers in Brooklyn, New York (sites that students are sent to for the duration of their out-of-school suspensions). We're excited to re-engage these at-risk students in learning at such a critical time in their education, when they may feel hopeless or disillusioned with school. The autobiographical videos the students produce give them a unique chance to reflect on the experiences that led to their suspensions, as well as to set out their personal goals in life.

We'll have photos and writings to post soon!

Thank you for supporting our project and helping keep at-risk New York City students in school.

Happy Holidays.


Oct 20, 2010

Starting Up a New School Year of Walking the Path!

Dear Friends,

Walking the Path is busy setting up programs in new Alternative Learning Centers (ALCs) where Partnership with Children is working this year. ALCs are learning sites for students who have been suspended from their "home" schools. Chronic absenteeism is a common issue at ALCs, where student motivation is often low. Walking the Path provides a great way to get these students re-engaged in school and excited about learning. Through Walking the Path students get to take part in interactive projects, learn about photography and videography while building their writing skills and take time to reflect on their life experiences.

We're excited to keep you posted on developments this year and the great projects our students will create.

Thank you for your ongoing support to help keep at-risk students in school!


Aug 2, 2010

Beyond the College Essay: Digital Bio's

Dear Friends,

What is more daunting for a high school student than writing application essays for college admissions? It is a nerve-wracking process, particularly for students who struggle with literacy skills and may not have strong academic support at home. To help our high school students with the process this past school year Partnership with Children utilized Walking the Path's digital story-telling program as a way for students to create multi-media college application essays.

Through the process students strengthened their ability to organize and express their thoughts -- skills that apply equally to writing and film-making, and will be critical to their success as college students. We're happy to say that as a result, two of our students were selected as finalists for United Way college grants! As we begin work in more high schools this September, we look forward to helping a greater number of students apply to college using new technology.

Thank you for supporting our work!