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Partnership with Children has remained true to the mission of its founders for more than 100 years. What started as a volunteer mentoring program for troubled girls has evolved to provide critical services to nearly 10,000 boys and girls who face daunting problems in their lives. Today we serve children in 26 public schools in New York City. Our mission is to strengthen the social, emotional and cognitive skills of at-risk children.
Sep 14, 2011

Another Year of Success and a New Year Upon Us

Dear Friends,

With another school year under our belt, we have some great successes to share with you from last year!

Our students at John Jay High School spent the year learning how to express themselves through poetry and photography.  Through a series of workshops, they have learned to tell their own life stories and convert this into digital art.  Students were given cameras to take photos around their neighborhood and journals to record their thoughts and poetry.  The poetry and photos were collected and assembled into a book—we’re excited to produce Volume 2 of our Walking the Path stories!  The books were published to give our students and their families a record of their achievement in Walking the Path.

Additionally, at WEB Dubois, students worked with their English teacher to write their own memoirs.  These children live in such extreme poverty and are forced to unimaginable challenges each and every day.  It’s a very powerful thing, to be able to understand exactly what these children are going through, but more importantly, to have them tell their own stories by painting such a clear picture of the lives they lead.  Some of these stories were even converted into digital storytelling pieces! 

With the new school year finally here, we’re so excited to meet a new group of students.  We look forward to helping them discover their talents, as they learn of new ways to express themselves in nonviolent, productive ways.

Thank you again for your support and helping at-risk students succeed.  We look forward to updating you as the fall projects evolve.  Stay tuned!


May 30, 2011

Walking the Path - Kids Tell Their Stories

Walking the Path - May 2011 Update

At the WEB Dubois school, we implemented the full version of Walking the Path from March 28 to April 8, 2011. This project focuses on the creation of a memoir, in which the student writes a personal story, takes photos and then creates a video with spoken word and still images. We collaborated with the English Language Arts teacher Mr. Khairy, who assisted the 18 student applicants with the initial writing portion. Out of those, 6 were selected to continue with the final phase of the project. Five of them created and edited digital stories and one composed an audio story. Two of the students then composed background music to be used for video in the PwC-run music production group. When the video was completed, we held a banquet-style premier on May 12, 2011 with families and friends who came to show support for the student participants.

At John Jay School, we held a shorter version of Walking the Path, with four 2-day photography workshops. At these workshops, students took pictures of the school's surrounding community. The participants then edited the photos and wrote short descriptive passages to accompany them. Altogether, 20 students participated in this version of Walking the Path. These narratives will be included in a book of writings and photos that Joan Morse, founder of Walking the Path, is creating for the school.

Mar 9, 2011

Spring Updates from Walking the Path

Dear Friends,
It is an exciting time for Walking the Path! Our Alternative Learning Center (Suspension Sites) students are involved in a range of activities as part of the Walking the Path program, from learning to see through a "creative lens" to mastering the techniques of producing music. All of the activities help re-engage the students in learning  while building their literacy and digital skills.
At John Jay and Choir high schools students focused on strengthening their observation and writing skills. The students used digital cameras to capture images of their everyday surroundings, but used their new creative approach to find beauty and meaning in objects and places they might otherwise overlook. The students wrote short creative pieces to accompany each photograph, which they also edited using Photoshop.

At DuBois the students are going to start the full Walking the Path program and will incorporate music production along with video production and autobiographical writing in their projects. A Partnership with Children social worker who is also a music producer will lead the students through the process of creating melodies and beats, and will teach them to record, edit and publish their music using a digital program. The music they produce will be used in their autobiographical video pieces. The students will simultaneously learn to use digital cameras, Photoshop, and  video editing programs. The schools' English Language Arts teacher will dedicate five full classes to helping the students learn to write autobiographical pieces, which will be used in their Walking the Path videos. Some of the things students will think about while writing their autobiographies include memories of their childhood; difficult experiences they have endured; turning points in their lives, and their visions for their future.
We are excited to share all of this news with you and look forward to sharing the students' finished pieces this Spring.