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AfricAid is a nonprofit organization that supports girls' education in Africa in order to provide young women with the opportunity to transform their own lives and the futures of their communities.
Jun 12, 2014

AfricAid Board Members Visit Losinoni

In May of 2014, 3 board members and 4 supporters of AfricAid went on an Insight Trip to visit AfricAid's programs. The group visited Losononi Primary to see how the school lunch program is doing and were impressed by the high test scores of the students, as well as the high level of attendance.  These achievements are because of the lunches AfricAid provides that are not provided in other government schools.  The Masai children only have chai (hot milk tea) for breakfast and a small dinner, so receiving lunch at school provides students with a nutricious meal to both keep them healthy and stay focused while in class.  Furthermore, Losinoni recently planted a small garden to add more vegetables and fruit to the childrens' diet. Without these meals, nearly 600 children would be spending a day at school with a hungry tummy.

May 23, 2014

Moshi Expansion Update

Potential Partner School Outreach

As mentioned in the March Report, Kisa is expanding to Moshi, Tanzania. So far, the Tanzanian staff has conducted meetings with five of the original eight schools we targeted to approach as potential partner schools, and an additional school which has been added to the list. These meetings were all incredibly positive. All six schools were enthusiastic about the mission of the Kisa Project, the potential benefits of Kisa for their students, and several administrators had heard positive feedback about AfricAid from colleagues. The mentors and staff in Arusha are extremely encouraged by the response to these meetings.


Technology Incentive

Most Kisa Scholars are competent in the most common form of technology in Tanzania - cell phones. Unfortunately, they are often not able to gain access to computers with basic word processing and web browsing programs. Almost all Kisa Scholars are A-Level students, and though A-Level studies are college preparatory years, applied technology training is not well-integrated into the curriculum. When Kisa Scholars reach university (90% of Kisa Scholars move onto university), they will be required to conduct research online, as well as submit all written work typewritten, using a word processing program.


This is why it is critical to incorporate computer literacy into the Kisa curriculum as we strive to give Kisa Scholars the tools to thrive in their academic lives. The schools with whom AfricAid has partnered with have also seen the value of computers, not only for the Kisa Scholars, but for all their students. Providing computers has historically been an important incentive when reaching out to new partner schools. The schools we have approached to partner with in Moshi almost all have existing computer labs, but all are eager to add additional computers and programs to improve their existing labs.


Next Steps 

Both the AfricAid staff in Tanzania and the US are happy with the positive response received from potential Kisa partner schools. The Arusha staff will be meeting with the head masters again soon to finalize partnerships. We are so thrilled to be expanding to reach new girls and their communities.

May 20, 2014

Summer Update

The school year is quickly coming to a close! Eight young women are about to graduate secondary school and will start university or vocational training after their Leadership Immersion Experience in July 2014. These young women are Kisa graduates. AfricAid's Kisa Project mentors girls in the areas of leadership, life-skills, and entreprenuership. These graduates then mentor a group of 10-15 young secondary school girls during Leadership Immersion to pass along the skills they received during the two year Kisa Project training.  Upon graduating from the Kisa Project, the girls join the Kisa Alumni Association which connects them to a network of accomplished Kisa leaders who are using their leadership skills to change their communities.  Once the young women graduate from university, they can apply to be Kisa Project mentors or become involved in AfricAid's business incubator. With so little job opportunities in Tanzania, university graduates often have a difficult time securing a decent job after graduating. Our business incubator trains and connects girls to jobs in the social enterprise sector. We provide young women with university scholarships to give them the opportunity to succeed and through our Kisa Alumni and business incubator programs, AfricAid makes sure each young woman is provided with enough resources and training to be a powerful woman leader in Tanzania.

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