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Jan 4, 2013

Update from Gaza on our Tutoring Program

The last few months have been difficult for the people of Gaza, but difficult is nothing new to them so for the living, life goes on.  Particularly for the children, education must continue and we are happy to report that despite all the hardships, our tutoring program has been able to go on this semester, providing much needed educational and nutritional support to children in need.

Our program manager in Gaza reports that:

  • This is the first time to have tutoring classes in the Bedouin community Al Malalah. 
  • Teachers of tutoring classes are following up with teachers at schools who were informed that the children are notably improved at school.
  • Their school teachers noticed that they are becoming more active and doing better at class. They are competing to answer questions and to improve their handwriting.
  • Children like the snacks and juice given to them as their families often can't afford them.
  • One girl was who was sitting outside used to disturb the classes and throw stones at the students has now become one of the students who comes regularly and is very enthusiastic.
  • One of the children expressed happily his achievements through the lessons saying, “I had a problem in pronouncing some letters, but now I feel better and gradually overcame my problem.”
  • Another child stated, “I have learnt useful things during tutorials, that I had not been learned for a long period in schools like how to study.  I discovered a new method to arrange my school day program.”
  • One mother said, “tutorials have created an amiable environment for effective learning that we lack in schools due to large numbers and continuous noise.” 

May we all be inspired by the altruism of one of the children who impressively declared, ”they gave me a meal, but when I remembered my younger brother I decided not to eat it and keep it, until I come back home and give it to him.”