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Global Health Partnerships (GHP) is an organization of medical professionals and other volunteers who work as partners with local organizations, Ministries of Health, and local health care providers to improve the health and well-being of the poor. GHP provides humanitarian aid, medication and supplies, and medical services and training of local health workers .
Oct 9, 2013

Drought and floods worsen hunger in Kenya

The semi-arid region of Kenya where this project is located has been plagued by prolonged drought for the past several years, worsening the chronic hunger and malnutrition problems. This year unexpected heavy rains hit the region. The seedlings of maize, beans and other crops were washed away, and another season of hunger began. Those who suffer most, of course, are the poorest who have no other source of income to purchase food. The Global Health Partnerships project that feeds hungry children has just added the 18th family to the list of recipients who receive a monthly food ration, as well as some clothing and support for school fees for the children.  

More families can benefit from this project if funds become available. NOW YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO RELIEVE HUNGER CAN DO MUCH MORE WITH MATCHING FUNDS! For one day on October 9 starting at 12:01 am (10 pm Oct 8 Mountain time) GlobalGiving will match your donation.

The relief from the hunger and malnutrition can be provided by GHP very effectively and efficiently. Over 95% of the donations that are received by GHP go directly into program services!

Sep 12, 2013

African grandmothers caring for orphans

Grandmother with orphan children
Grandmother with orphan children

They are the unrecognized heroes of Africa. They are millions of grandmothers caring for orphaned children with little money for food and other necessities. Kenya has more than one million orphans. Most of the parents of these children have died from AIDS. On a recent visit to Kenya the local community health workers introduced me to another family that needs the support of our “Feed Hungry Children in Kenya” project. Mary (photo) is a grandmother who provides care for 2 orphans – Dennis, who is 7 years old and Faith, who is 4 years old. Mary’s only income comes from the occasional odd jobs that she can find working for other households in the village. Adequate food, clothing, and school supplies for the children are often out of reach for her. With your generous donation, Mary, Dennis, and Faith will be the 19th family to receive a monthly food ration and school supplies for the children from Global Health Partnerships. More families like Mary’s can benefit from this project if funds become available.

In addition to feeding the hungry children of the poorest families, your contributions have provided therapeutic feeding (with the supplement Plumpy’nut) to 90 children suffering from malnutrition during the past year . The problem of food
insecurity and hunger is a common problem facing many families in this poverty-stricken region of eastern Kenya. Some are in greater need of assistance than others, such as the heroic grandmothers who care for the many orphans in the villages. The relief from the hunger and malnutrition can be provided by GHP very effectively and efficiently. Over 95% of the donations that are received by GHP go directly into program services!

Jun 14, 2013

Final report

In order to accomplish the goal of improving maternal and newborn care with less funding, GHP has considered alternatives to constructing a new building. The funds that were generously donated will be used for improvements in the clinic building that will make possible a more comfortable birthing experience for the women and the observation of mothers and newborns for at least 24 hours after birth in a safe environment. Adequate funds are now available to achieve that goal, leading to the decision to close this project. Consultations have been started with the Kenyan nurses who provide medical care at the facility, and with the district officers of the Ministry of Health, to make the necessary improvements in a cost-effective manner. 

Please keep in mind that the GHP project "Feed Hungry Children in Kenya" remains active on the GlobalGiving web site. We are directing all rollover funds to that project. For information about that project see:

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