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The China California Heart Watch brings together experts from the United States, China, and around the world. Together, we use innovative and sustainable methods to combat the growing epidemic of heart disease in Yunnan Province, China. Our overarching mission is to serve the people of Yunnan through: (1) Training local healthcare professionals in the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of heart disease; (2) Improving access to high-quality healthcare and life-saving treatments; (3) Researching the epidemiology of heart disease, the effectiveness of our interventions, and other topics of critical value to rural Chinese populations. The activities of the China California Heart Watch generate ...
Feb 4, 2013

China Cal's Children of 2012

Dear China Cal donors and volunteers,

In 2012, the China California Heart Watch provided the funds for 44 children with congenital heart disease to undergo corrective surgery in Yunnan hospitals. Please take a moment to view the attached file, which includes their photos, stories and progress (note: last names have been removed to protect the childrens' privacy). These are the children who you helped to give a second chance at a normal life. They thank you, and the China California Heart Watch thanks you.

We are pushing ahead in 2013. Last quarter, we took receipt of a major donation from the Chinese Overseas Students Development Foundation (COSDF) in order to continue to develop our program for preventing and treating congenital heart disease. China Cal administrative director Shan Shan Chen and director Robert Detrano received the award at the Office of the European American Classmates Organization in Beijing, where they met Dr. Han Qi De, chairman of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology.

Part of the money received from COSDF has already been alloted to renting a new children's heart clinic in the city of Dali, Yunnan Province. The clinic has over 120 square meters of space for examination and treatment and for housing volunteers and staff. The new clinic, located at 14 Xue Fu Lu, replaces the upper floor of Farmer Yang's home in the Er Hai Men region of Dali; it is already functional and ready to receive patients.

In December 2012, China Cal completed heart screening in Xuanwei County, an impoverished coal mining district of Yunnan. Led by professors from Kunming Medical University and Hong Kong University, China Cal volunteers screened 25,000 school children for murmurs and found 74 children with heart disease. 40 of them will require and receive treatment with help from China Cal and its partner organizations. If you're interested in becoming a volunteer in 2013, please fill out an application using the attached link and contact Vinh Luong, our recruitment director.

Thank you again for your support and continued interest in the China Cal.


Nov 28, 2012

An Update following Giving Tuesday

Ding De Peng before his surgery
Ding De Peng before his surgery

Hi everyone,

Following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we had several donations on the newly minted Giving Tuesday, a day during which nonprofits and charities around the world encouraged consumers to give back. After receiving these generous gifts, we wanted to let you know how your money is being spent and to update you on the activities of the China California Heart Watch and our project to save 15 Chinese children living with heart disease.

Recently, Dr. Robert Detrano, the founder of the China California Heart Watch, and several volunteers have been touring impoverished villages around Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, a prefecture bordering Vietnam and Myanmar. This area is home to the Blang people, one of China's 56 officially-recognized ethnic minorities, many of whom have untreated heart disease.

In Xishuangbanna, Dr. Detrano and his team followed-up with several children who have already undergone surgery and some who still need it. Some of the children they saw include Ai Xiang Er (a photo of her family and our volunteers visiting with them is attached), who had surgery for Pulmonic Stenosis in 2010 at Chengdu Military Hospital. Xiang Er is back in school, doing very well, and is now able to keep up with her classmates on the playground. Ding De Peng (his pre-op photo is attached) had a successful surgery last week in Chengdu for a large ventricular septal defect and is at home now recovering and getting some rest. Yang Man Xing is a girl China Cal first saw in 2009, but we returned this week to follow-up with her. She has severe complex congenital heart disease, which our doctors believe can be cured with surgery. We are in the process of referring her case to Dr. An Qi at Chengdu West China Hospital. Her operation will be expensive, but with continued support, we will be able to fund it.

We want to thank you for your continued interest in China Cal and for your commitment to the children of Yunnan. Please be in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to become more involved. In the coming weeks, we'll be kicking off our recruitment drive for volunteers for our five internship programs planned for 2013. We'd love to have you participate!

Ai Xiang Er
Ai Xiang Er's family in Xishuangbanna Prefecture
Nov 13, 2012

Important Update

To our kind supporters:

The China California Heart Watch would like to take this opportunity to update you on Li Gan's progress.

Last week, your support made it possible for Li Gan and his family to travel to the Children's Medical Center in Shanghai, where he was evaluated by a team of expert cardiologists. The doctors there performed a cardiac catheterization to examine his heart in detail and determine his suitability for surgery. Unfortunately, based on the results of his exam, the doctors decided that the best course of therapy for Li Gan would be medical, not surgical. While surgery would have provided a cure for Li Gan's heart disease, the nature of his congenital defect made performing the surgery too dangerous.

Li Gan has since returned to Yunnan, where he will be followed closely by Dr. Robert Detrano, the founder of the China California Heart Watch, and treated with appropriate medicines payed for by you and other generous donors to his campaign.

Although Li Gan was unable to undergo surgery given the complexity of his heart defect, the China California Heart Watch has identified 15 other candidates for whom we are seeking donations. Given the level of support we have received through Global Giving, we are planning to increase our funding goals and open up our campaign in the hopes of funding surgeries for all of these children. Over the next few days, you will see some changes to the campaign website. We encourage you to check back soon and spread the word so that we can continue bringing hope to the children of Yunnan afflicted with this difficult disease.

Best regards and thank you again for your continued support,

The China California Heart Watch

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