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Founded in 2006, PHC supports community-based institutions which educate vulnerable Haitian children so that they can reach their potential and become builders of a new Haiti where justice and peace thrive. Currently, PHC partners with the Haitian Congregation,the Little Sisters of St. Theresa (PSST), an indigenous Haitian congregation which has been serving the poorest of the poor in Haiti since 1948 and enjoys the trust of the communities where it operates. The education that they provide stresses values and ethics such as dignity of each person, respect for life and sense of the common good.
May 20, 2014

Early Childhood Education Initiative Benefits Vanessa and 229 Disadvantaged Haitian Children

When five- year- old Vanessa arrived at the Petite Riviere Orphanage in July 2013, she clearly had been mistreated by those who had taken care of her after the death of her parents.  She was malnourished, did not mix well with the other orphans, and always seemed fearful.  However, by the time  she  enrolled as a kindergarten student in October 2013 at Ecole Notre Dame du Perpetual Secours, she  had started to adjust and to benefit physically and emotionally from being nurtured and nourished by those in charge of the orphanage.

Today, Vanessa is a healthy, active five- year-old  who  loves school and  has many  friends among both her classmates and the other orphans.  In particular, she enjoys singing and dancing.

Vanessa  and  all  the pre-school children were fortunate to benefit from  implementation of the first phase of the head-start project aimed at improving the quality of early childhood education at Ecole Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours. Donations received as of  May 2014, representing 18% of  the project cost,  made possible the launch of the program to include  targeted training for the six early childhood teachers and aide teachers as well as a variety of educational materials  aimed at  supporting  the cognitive development, creative expression, language and literacy.  But much remains to be done to ensure full implementation of the project.

The teacher-student ratio is still  a very high 1: 37  -- three times the recommended  ratio for pre-school classes.  More and better trained teachers are key to the success of the project.  Moreover, a greater selection of activities must be offered  to support learning in the various developmental areas: cognitive, creative, language, physical, social and emotional.  We must  establish better links  between  teachers and  parents. There is also  a great need for parental education  related to  practices and customs which impact negatively on the survival, protection and participation of the children at home and at school.  Further, problems related to the  quality of the school's infrastructure and facilities  (e.g. no designated place for the school canteen, no running water, no electricity) need to be addressed.

School principal sister Christiane, children, parents and teachers as well as PHC are extremely grateful  to each and everyone of you who have through Global Giving made the launch of this early childhood education project possible.

We urgently need your continued support to fully implement the project and  give the children a chance for productive lives.  We also count on your advocacy of PHC among your friends and  family.

Feb 18, 2014

New Head Start Progam Raises Learning Expectations

The beginning of this school year was unlike any other for the 230 pre-K and K children at Our Lady of Perpetual Help school in Petite-Riviere de l'Artibonite in Haiti.  For the first time in the history of the school resources, though quite limited, were made available to provide tailored training to the six K and pre-K teachers prior to the opening of the 2013-2014 school year.  In addition, educational games, arts and crafts materials and age appropriate books, gave a richer and more varied educational experience.  This new learning environment also raised expectations of children, teachers, parents and the community and energized all concerned.

Sister Christiane, Principal of the school, expressed her appreciation as follows:

"This year, thanks to GlobalGiving financing, we are able to provide books for the children and support the teachers with new supplies and educational materials.  This has created a learning environment highly appreciated by teachers, parents and the larger community. We are most grateful to our donors who made possible the progress achieved so far.  Much remains to be done to reach and sustain high quality early childhood education for these vulnerable Haitian children."

Please help us reach our goal of providing each K and pre-K child a challenging and inspiring learning experience. If you can please sign up for a recurring monthly gift.

Dec 9, 2013

Textbook Project Underpins 500 Haitian Children's Learning

Emmanuella, a forme " restavec", now a 4th grader
Emmanuella, a forme " restavec", now a 4th grader

On October 7, 2013, the teachers and 500 students in grades 1-6 at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Petite-Riviere de l' Artibonite returned to the classroom.  As reported previously, the project which made key textbooks in reading, grammar and mathematics available to all the children had a huge impact last year on the learning environment.

One of the beneficiairies of the Project is Emmanuella who now has a chance to realize her educational potential.  She is a former "restavec" or child-slave who was abused physically and had only one year of formal education prior to starting at the school in 2011.  She was then 10 years old and put in second grade.  She is smart and talented, works hard and has adjusted extremely well at the school.  Now whe is a thirteen-year-old 4th grader at the school.

We thank you for giving a chance to many disadvantaged children like Emmanuella to pursue their education and make a difference for their families, communities and their native Haiti. The gains realized would have been impossible without your personal commitment and financial support.We are deeply grateful to each and every one of you for your kindness and generosity. We are pleased to let you know that the sustainability of the program is expected to be ensured through recycling and affordable rental fees for the books as well as occasional external support.

In view of the above,  we are deactivating this project and  hereby solicit your support for our  high priority new Global Giving Project—   The Head Start  project for 230 pre-school children who live in a harsh environment of pervasive poverty aims at ensuring that they are better prepared to fully benefit from a primary school curriculum.  The project supports teachers’ training, hiring of teachers’ aides and pedagogical materials to further the children’s physical, cognitive and social development.
Please help these children get a high quality early childhood education. We thank you for your continued partnership.


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