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Founded in 2006, PHC supports community-based institutions which educate vulnerable Haitian children so that they can reach their potential and become builders of a new Haiti where justice and peace thrive. Currently, PHC partners with the Haitian Congregation,the Little Sisters of St. Theresa (PSST), an indigenous Haitian congregation which has been serving the poorest of the poor in Haiti since 1948 and enjoys the trust of the communities where it operates. The education that they provide stresses values and ethics such as dignity of each person, respect for life and sense of the common good.
Apr 22, 2015


Launched in school year 2013-2014 the Head Start Project is having a noticeable impact on the education of the 200 K and pre-K children enrolled this year. Hiring of three additional teachers made possible by the program reduced the student teacher ratio from 46 in 2012-2013 to 28 in 2014-2015, thus allowing greater attention to each student. Moreover, under the project, the teachers are being trained on how to support the development of perceptual, motor, social and emotional skills aimed at increasing the children’s learning ability.

Benefitting from the project is five-year-old kindergarten student Mayk. He was orphaned at birth and taken care of by his older sister, who had to stop her studies and find a job to sustain Mayk and three other siblings. Thanks to his sister's assistance, Mayk was able to start kindergarten. Mayk has problems concentrating in class and often cries, but once given attention he stops crying, smiles, giggles, and gets back to studying. It was fortuitous that he started kindergarten as the new enhanced ECE program was being implemented. The capacity to help Mayk was there. Mayk is a very competent boy, and with proper care and education, he could achieve great things!

Your support as a donor to this project makes a difference in the lives of the 200 children benefitting from your support. The children, teachers and parents are most grateful to you.

Help us sustain progress achieved so far. We must continue to train the teachers and provide early education supplies, teaching materials, outdoor and play equipment and aim for the best education possible for these children.

Please send us your suggestions on how we can do better.

We further solicit your advice on how we can work together to attract wider support.

Jan 15, 2015



Pre-school programs for poor children are relatively new in Haiti. The pre-school program of Our Lady of Perpetual Help School  (OLPHS) in Petite-Riviere de l’ Artibonite  started only 6 years  ago with extremely limited financial resources.  Thanks to the generosity of our donors who contributed  $2,000 (30% of total project cost), encouraging progress  in  enhancing the quality of early childhood education was made during  the  school  year 2013-2014, the  first year of the project .  With these contributions, the school was able to purchase pedagogical materials and hire one additional teacher, bringing the student- teacher ratio down from 46 in 2012-2013 to 38 in 2013-2014.

The opportunity to attend kindergarten in 2013-2014 was a particularly powerful and transformative experience for Rose .  At the age of five, she had been given up by her destitute mother to a family in town who treated her as “restavek” or child slave, responsible for a variety of domestic chores and working from sun-up to sun-down. Her situation was so dire that a neighbor who had befriended her brought her to the attention of the Sisters in charge of the orphanage, the same Sisters who are in charge of the school. This is how -- at the age of 8 years old and having never set foot in a school before -- she was enrolled in the kindergarten program where she thrived and was promoted to the first grade.

Today, 9 year old Rose, a former “restavek,” is one of the most motivated and performing first graders at  OLPHS.  She now has a chance to have a different, better and more productive life.We are most grateful to you, our generous donors, and we count on your continued support for implementing the other key elements of the project: additional training and professional development of the teachers, hiring additional teachers to bring down even further the student teacher ratio, and provision of additional instructional materials.

Dec 2, 2014

Hoyas Without Borders Progress Report

Some of the letters
Some of the letters

Hoyas Without Borders is an initiative started by Partners for Haitian Children, in alliance with the Latin American Student Association at Georgetown University. The main purpose of the activity was for Georgetown students to connect with the girls in the orphanage, Mission Patriotique Chretienne, in a meaningful way, while supporting the construction of the development of a library. We believe in the power of books to encourage the imagination of children and trust that this project can motivate the girls to improve their educational performance.

This initiative consists of three stages. The first was reaching out to the Georgetown community and finding enough donors to sponsor a book for each of the girls in the orphanage. The Georgetown community was very responsive to the initiative. Thus, we successfully found enough Georgetown students and staff to partner with each orphan girl. The organizers did their best to partner two people with similar personalities, in order to strengthen the connection between them. Each participant received an email with a carefully elaborated profile of the girl he or she would sponsor, which included a picture and a short background of the girls’ lives, personalities, dreams and aspirations.

During the second stage, on the 15th of October 2014, Georgetown students gathered to write and decorated letters and to choose the books they wanted to choose as a gift. The organizers were very impressed with the level of thought and dedication that the Georgetown students put into the activity. All the letters were beautifully written and decorated. The messages were honest, deep and inspiring, with the intension of encouraging the girls to remain strong despite their difficulties and to use education as a tool to build a better future. It was clear that the donors read the profiles in detail and empathized deeply with the girl they would sponsor. Furthermore, all the books that were chosen had motivational messages and had often positively marked the donors in their childhoods. The organizers met with the donors that were not able to attend on October 15, but still wanted to support the initiative, on a different schedule.

Today, we are happy to say that we successfully reached our goal of fundraising a total of $1,114.25. Most of the books have arrived, and as soon as we finish matching the books and the letters together, we will make sure that they get to Haiti safely. Once again we are so grateful for all the support and dedication of all of those who sponsored the initiative. The girls will be delighted with their new books!


Partners for Haitian Children

Hoyas working on the cards
Hoyas working on the cards
Girls in the orphanage
Girls in the orphanage

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