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Organization's mission - to help large families to solve psychological, health, parenting, children socialization, educational, financial, different domestic problems, and problems connected with legal issues, employment, balance between work and family life, with task to avoid or reduce crisis in family, what can deform children socialization processes.
Aug 22, 2013

Minutes of activities


Per period 2013 January - June there were 122 different activities for 450 large families with purpose to improve skills for communication "in" and "outside" the family. The main method used - mutual intergenerational learning. We partner with 6 different NGO's. Our team at the moment - about 40 volunteers. 

Some moments of this period -

We invite everyone to become partner in this journey.
Our activities have received a great response so far, but our clients are still in high need of the following 
essential thing - minibus - to transport measures and equipment, volunteers and kids, to collect and to transport humanitarian aid to needy people.
We invite you to make steps helping most vulnerable families and kids!  
May 24, 2013

Accomplishments for period January-April 2013

 “Hello, visible and invisible in our lives comrades.  God bless the fruits of your labor. Thank you, as I thank God.  Everything will be fine.  I hope that the children will understand  that we have to be thankful for everything, and learn to share.  After all, we each are pieces of puzzle in everyone’s life.  ” – Kristina (single mother with 4 children, after she received anonymous food support before Easter).


In 2012 The Centre for Information and Support for Large Families helped 540 large families with 3 and more children. This number is permanently growing… 

In period January – April 2013 organization collected 3000 kg clothes, toys, footwears, dishes from local community members and divided everything for  people in need (for  71 poor large families and 49 other people in need).  Food support (758 packages ) was organized for 153  large families growing up 538 children. 

It was organized additional cultural, non-formal educational, leisure and other services for large families, especially for kids and youth.

Some services for families are delivered via two innovative projects:
1) “Financial education for poor and unemployed ”, launched in 2012. This project provides targeted non-formal education and individual consultations of professional specialists for large families, facing unemployment and poverty.

2) “Development of Large Families capability of internal and external communication” (educational “Family breakfasts” once pre month on Saturdays, for 25-30 families, cultural education via visits to theatre (263 members of target families, regular providing 150 families of topical information via electronic messages what connects clients to important for them events and services, provides links to useful  laws, articles, specialists, institutions, etc. 

17 representatives from target families were trained  in Lithuania and abroad as youth leaders, as volunteer teachers for “parents for parents” programs, as active volunteers for community activities. 

Director of organization Regina Sevelkaitiene become a finalist in elections “Women of the year in Klaipeda -2013” because of work for large families, youth and children:

“Metu klaipediete 2013 ”


To learn more about The Centre for Information and Support for Large Families other projects and accomplishments in 2012,  please see our 2012 Annual report:


Thank you all for all that you do for kids from large families in Lithuania.


Organization The Centre for Information and Support  for Large Families have no another possibility to retain and improve services  without your support .




The Centre for Information and Support for Large Families


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The Centre for Information and Support for Large Families, Debreceno 3, Klaipeda, LT-94175, Lithuania


Feb 25, 2013


Non-governmental non-profit organization of public office The Centre for information and Support for large
family was founded in 1997, by seven large families initiative.

Organization's mission: a comprehensive approach to family support, in particular with many children, as
one of the most important public institutions, significant socialization of children and many social problems in the prevention or settlement of those problems.

 For activities in the organization, we own a building at Debreceno 3, Klaipeda. Organization employs four mployees. In the year 2012, the organization had 63 volunteers and a total of 231 times they voluntered, 485 hours.

Each year, the organization keeps up to date database of each family.

In organization by  December 31, of 2012 were 535 large families.During 2012 the organization had  43 new
large families.

The organization is open-type, to become a member of the large family organization all is needed - to complete member‘s profile. There is no membership fee.

2012, the organization carried out the following projects:

1. International youth exchange project „Stairway to heaven – share the music“;

2. International youth exchange project „Don‘t Worry, Be Active“;

3. International youth exchange project "Chant above the Cage;

4. „Good will“ project „Financial courses“;

5. Children's summer socialisation project "Sun, wind and friends - 2012";

6. Support Home Start service and development activities in Lithuania;

7. Support with food to poor families, in partnership with organization "Food Bank";

8. Project from Social security and work ministry „Development of inner and outer communication of large families, with intention to form healthy image of large families in communities“;

9. Project „Renovation for 1230 underprivileged Lithuanian kids“ funded by givers from Global Giving site;

10. Income-making project „Cheap supply“.

Organization of social activities regularly carries out:

• Last Saturday of each month there is a charity to large families and other socially disadvantaged  families: 12 times, 141 family and 161 socialy supported individuals got support.

• Cheap trift shop in the premises.

• Received 3 deliveries of humanitarian aid from Denmark.

• Under an agreement with the Western region of Lithuanian "Balticum TV“,  Klaipeda‘s large families pay a reduced fee for cable television.

• Under a partnership agreement with Klaipeda‘s Drama Theatre, families with many kids have cheaper access to
attend the Klaipeda‘s Drama Theatre.

• Received humanitarian aid from „Red Cross“ (32 times, 9913kg) which were distributed amongst large and
socially suported families. \

• Received aid (5 times, 5294kg) from support fund „Brighter tomorow“.

• Local residents and companies have oportunities to bring things for those who need it. Advertising
information for gathering of aid,  receiving brought aid (94 times, 303 packets) like clothes, shoes, toys
and etc.

Since 2004 organization participating in the „Food Bank“ campaign:

In 2012 March 23-24th Spring "Food Bank" campaign:

 Volunteers in stores "Rimi" (Liepoja st. 27) and "IKI“ J.Janonio st. 21) collected food offerings for large families. Participat ed  59 volunteers, worked 276.5 hours, collected 1622 pieces of  food packages in the ammount of  4912.92 litas, offerings were given to 144 large families in Klaipeda.

Autumn „Food Bank“ Campaign at October 19-20th":

Volunteers in store "Maxima" (Silute st. 35) collected food offerings for large families. Participated  24 volunteers, worked 110 hours, collected 791kg of  food in the ammount of  3956.72 litas, offerings were given to 138
large families in Klaipeda.

Regular food aid to over 93 times in 134 families, distributed 2154 food packages, a total of 23009.52 kg in the
ammount of  143,660.52litas. 

Club activities, organizing of entertainment and events:

- English lessons (7 times 14 participants)

- Activities „Family breakfast“ (3 times, 94 articipants) developing financial literacy and positive parenting-skills.

- Painting therapy activities (5 times, 25 participants) prevention of stressful conflicts.

- Folk-educational activities for families „ Rookies festival“ (58 participants) usage of fery tales and legends
in development of child‘s creativity.

- „Family marathon 2012“ in theme „Family“ (7 families, 26 participants, 6 volunteers)

- „Family celebration“ in Prienai

- Childrens summer camp in Kintai (6 days, 43 participants)

- Participation in international ELFAC conference „Rich in children, rich in what“ in Tartu, Estonia (4 families, 8 participants).

- Participation in „Baltic circus“ show (3 families, 13 participants).

- Trip in with ship „Venus S“ (1 time, 138 participants).

- Christmas celebration (128 families, 585 participants).

- Christmas carols (10 families, 24 people).

- Subscription of Saturday‘s „Klaipeda“ newspaper went to 3 winer families.

Information and Consulting:
Continuously provided consultations via phone or internet to all native people from different social layers who require help, or redirected to specialists.

- Finansial, methodical or informational help is provided to all other non-governmental organisations („From Begining“, „Seimyna“, „Skruzdelynelis“ and ect.)

- Conditions for students from Klaipeda‘s schools are made to carry out internship or research.

Families and community members belonging to the organization on current and future activities are  informed in many ways.

• For any information of interest (for events, charity, where to get advice on how to contact the institution and
so on.) Families can call every day from 9 am to 5 pm. Phone number (846) 300 385 or contact us at Debreceno 3, Klaipeda.

The families kept informed by telephone by the specific needs where to contact: sample: disabled children,
unemployed people,  who wear glasses and so on.

• Members are  informed by e-mail 1-3 times a week.

• Call and send messages tomobile phones.

• Regional newspapers.

• Message board outside the building, information is available around the clock.

• Informative ads hung in neighborhood residential staircases, message boards of various public places on billboards, Klaipeda City Social Support Centre, a children's crisis center, clinics and so on.

• The regional TV – „Balticum“.

• Direct contact way: through friends, acquaintances, and other family members.

Information about the organization, publicity

• Information at www. (changed from;

• Information at organisation‘s Facebook page „seimu bendruomene“.

• Organization's annual report on the activities in their communities and supporters;

• By personal contact.

• Participation in the activities and delivery of exhibitions, fairs and other community events;

• Information about our organization has been placed on these sites and electronic directories: - and hard-copy
version of the directory;


Support Centre of the Large family carrying out various activities, cooperates with the substantial number
of organizations working in the family:

• Klaipeda City Social Welfare Department.

• Prisons Department under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania.

• Amendments to the region of Klaipeda in Klaipeda city inspection office amendement.

• Klaipeda labor exchange.

• Klaipeda labor exchange Youth Work Center.

• Klaipeda Labour Market TrainingCentre.

• Klaipeda City Social Support Centre.

• Klaipeda City Public Health Bureau.

• Klaipeda College.

• Klaipeda community organization with larg families, "Family."

• Klaipeda PO "From the beginning" (Home Start).

• Kretinga region. Imbare parish "Imbarieciu Society“;

• Klaipeda district association of community-based organizations (KRBOS).

• Klaipeda Drama Theatre.

• Klaipeda children's and youth theater "Dawn."

• E. Balsys the art gymnasium.

• Klaipeda J Kucinskas music school.

• Children's dance group "EOS".

• Klaipeda Association of the elderly;

• Klaipeda PO "Third Age".

• PO "Nursing assistance".

• PO "family friendly".

• „Active moms Congregation".

• Charity and Support Fund „Food Bank“.

• Marijampole organization of large families "Skruzdynelis".

• Taurages reg. Zygaiciu community "Zygava".

• Kaunas Larg Family organization "Rainbow Path".

• Association of Hungarian families with many children.

• Latvian Association of large families.

• Liepaja‘s families with many kids organization "Dekla".

• Liepaja‘s youth organization "Young Vanagi".

• Hungarian Foundation „Otthon Segitunk Alapitvany“ .

• The Danish Aalborg city organization „Jobcenter".

• "Frivilug Omsorg, Trondheim“, Norway.

• We belong to Home - Start International Organization.

• We belong to Western Association of Lithuanian women organization.

• We belong to the families with many kids organizations in association.

• We are member of the European Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion Network (ESIP).


Report concluded by :

 Director Regina Sevelkaitiene

Accountant Rita Joksiene

Administrator Jolanta Klusiene

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