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Reach out to mentally challenged abandoned children and provide care and protection Protect and promote the rights of children with special needs Equip the community to integrate the mentally challenged children into the society
Nov 25, 2013

Deepawali Celebration at Sri Arunodayam

Dear Friends of Sri Arunodayam, 

A warm greetings to you from the special children of Sri Arunodayam. 

Deepawali” at Sri Arunodayam.

“Deepawali” is the biggest and the brightest of all Hindu festivals. It's the festival of lights (deep = light and avali = a row i.e., a row of lights) signify the victory of good over the evil within us… This festival usually starts with the people waking up early in the morning before sunrise and having an oil bath… and the whole day, we will be in the festive mood… New dresses… Sweets… Bursting crackers…

Deepawali is particularly associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, and marks the beginning of the financial year in India.  Deepawali is a holiday of joy; it is the time when we gather with loved ones, celebrating our family, our friends and the prosperity God has bestowed upon us.

At Sri Arunodayam Deepawali was no less in grandeur of celebration. It was celebration of the children, who may have been abandoned by their natural homes but to find a paradise to live life through.

On Deepawali day the children got up early with excitement, had a traditional oil bath, were given their new dress, accepted it with joy and gratitude, wore them with pride and ran to burst crackers and experience the joy of Deepawali.  A must see sight was the genuine joy in the hearts of these kids all together as one family, strong and together forever. Their great expression with their little brains brings a smile on our face and tear in our eye. Chidlren had delicious meals. 

Such great festive celebrations are possible only because of philanthropic donors who help Sri Arunodayam make a paradise on earth for these kids who were abandoned by their natural homes.  We thank each and every one of you for your support, concern and contributions. We welcome you along with your family and friends to visit our home and continue your support as usual. Light up lives of abandoned children with mental disability on more such Deepawalis at Sri Arunodayam.

Aug 29, 2013

New Faces at Sri Arunodayam


New faces at Sri Arunodayam Home

Dejashri, an 11 month old girl baby with mental retardation and seizure disorder, was rescued by the Chennai police at the government children’s hospital and handed over to us. Her hospital records reveal that her parents had brought her from Andhra Pradesh for treatment. She was later abandoned by them. She has been placed in the infant care unit and currently undergoing physiotherapy. We are feeding her cereal, rice and milk.

Badrakali, a two-month old girl baby diagnosed with delayed development and dandy walker syndrome, was also rescued from the government children’s hospital in Chennai where she was abandoned. She has been placed in the infant care unit and is currently undergoing physiotherapy.

Harish, a three-year old boy, was found abandoned in a village in Salem district. He was diagnosed with mental retardation and spasticity. He also suffers from microcephalus and seizures. He has been placed in the early intervention unit and is currently undergoing physiotherapy and special education.

Siva, a 5 months old boy, was found abandoned in Government Maternity Hospital in Chennai. He was diagnosed with multiple disabilities. He also suffers with cleft palate & golden Har syndrome.  His mother had escaped from the hospital leaving him at the ward. The local police rescued and sent him to Sri Arunodayam. He has been placed at the infant care unit. We are feeding him milk.

Aug 9, 2013

A story of success


Sunder is four years old. He endures spasticity and was abandoned by his parents in Vellore district.  He was rescued by the police and handed over to Sri Arunodayam through Child Welfare Committee, Vellore.

His milestones are delayed. Every day, he is given passive and active movement and walking training using gaiters. With the help of continuous physiotherapy he is now able to walk with the support of the gaiter. His interests are playing with toys and watching television. Presently, he is able to sit for a long time and walk independently with gaiter.  His speech is affected so he makes gestures to communicate. 

Thank you so much for your support. Your support has been helping many special children like sunder to realise their dreams

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