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Jul 14, 2014

Mento's Story


We bring you the story of Mento who is improving every day. This story will help you understand that like all of us, differently abled children also need love, care, attention and little support to express their selves beautifully. 

When Mento was one year old, he was found abandoned in Theni district in Tamil Nadu. Left at the Government Hospital in Andipatti, the District Social Welfare officer rescued the child and sent him to an adoption agency. Mento has developmental delay and squint in both eyes, he requires special rehabilitation and care. The Department of Social Welfare sent the child to Sri Arunodayam.

Mento was admitted into Sri Arunodayam on 22nd November 2013. At the time of admission he was totally dependent on others for his activity of daily living. He was hyperactive, could not stand or walk and movement was by bottom shuffling.

Listen to Physiotherapist Naveena – When Mento came to Sri Arunodayam, he had neck control, but could not sit stably. He would lean forward in the sitting position. I worked to strengthen his back muscles and now, he is able to sit upright without support. Now, we are working to strengthen the lower limbs and he is able to stand without support. He can walk with support. There is tightness in the hamstrings and I give stretching exercises to alleviate the tightness.

Mento is very smart and is good in grasping concepts. I just need to demonstrate an activity once and he would repeat it perfectly. He is a lovable child. All he needs is love, care and a little support to become independent.

Valli, the Special Educator talks nineteen to the dozen about Mento, Oh this child! He would never sit in a place, loves to explore the room. He is very attentive, I teach him to string beads and solve puzzles once and then he does it on his own. He is very friendly with another child, Sai Lakshmi. He would look out for her in the classroom and sit beside her, play with her. Even during mealtimes, he insists on sitting with her. When older children call him to join in their play, he plays with them but prefer to be alone or with Sai Lakshmi.

In the class, I give him quite a few activities. To improve his fine motor skills, I train him to curl his fingers and hold objects. During mealtimes, I encourage him to pick up food with his fingers and eat. To improve his expressive language, he is asked to imitate movement of lips and sounds. To improve receptive language skills, I place a few objects before him, name an object and ask him to pick up the object.    

In about seven months, Mento has improved tremendously. Sri Arunodayam team is happy about it and they are enthusiastic about working harder to give Mento a better life. 

May 8, 2014

Thank you

Children from the babies Unit
Children from the babies Unit

Dear friends 

Greeting to you from the speical children of Sri Arunodayam,

I hope this report finds you well and in good spirits. With all your support and wishes, Sri Arunodayam continues to provide care for the mentally challenged children who have been abandoned by their parents. 

Today, there are 115 special children under the care of Sri Arunodayam. Such quality care, protection and rehabilitation are possible only because of your continued support and patronage. Thank you so much once again. 

Our project Support Abandoned Mentally Challenged (# 2756) has been fully funded. We thank you.

Now, we have a new project on the same title - Support Abandoned Mentally Challenged - (#15258) with our current needs for the children. We request you to extend your support for this project and help Sri Arunodayam to continue its mission. 

On behalf of all the children at Sri Arunodayam I would like to place my sincere & hearty thanks for your magnanimous support. 

Link to the New Project


Apr 2, 2014


A planetarium is a special building designed to display all the wonders of the solar system. Children with special needs have a wide range of abilities which is well displayed and improved upon during field trips.  Visit to Birla Planetarium, Chennai by children of Sri Arunodyam on 27th February gave an opportunity to explore astronomy and space science. It was a vision of spectacular objects that can be seen in the Solar System and beyond, at a level appropriate to the pupil’s abilities. 

It is our long time dream to take our children to this planetarium and science park. For the kids, going to a planetarium was sort of like climbing into a time machine as it shows what the sky used to look like and how it might look in the future.  They experienced what it would be like to travel in a spaceship throughout the universe. Children learn where to look for constellations and planets.

Birla planetarium was an Indoor Universe it had provisions to execute diurnal, annual, latitudinal and processional motions. The special effect projectors inside the Planetarium recreated some of the most awe-inspiring astronomical phenomena on the specially perforated aluminum inner dome. 

Multi-dimensional activities and multimedia projection arrangements are incorporated inside the sky theatre that make the programme further lively and excitedone. The Planetarium, which is fully computerized, and could seat 236 persons at a time.

Children had the opportunity to visit the following places inside the planetarium.

Science Park – This was a garden with interactive exhibits is a novel concept which provides a gateway to learn the basic principles of science and technology in a healthy, open air and natural environment.

Traffic Park: This Park allows the children to learn the safety measures and other road rules and regulations.

Energy Park: This Park comprises real gadgets to emphasis the importance of renewable energy.

Eco Park: Go around the park and enjoy science in a non formal way.

The visit to the above places by our children was something to be looked up, as normally people feel science is only of intelligent brain, but on the contrary our kids with limited brain power could grasp and understand a lot about universe they live it. This was well displayed in their discussion after their visit and their apt answers to the questions by their trainers on the way back and in the classes later.

It was a day filled with joy and new learning to the children. Children enjoyed the exhibits.  They had a sumptuous meal for lunch and played games like during the lunch time we conducted the following games for the children Bombing the city, Running Race, Passing the ball, hitting the tree with the ball.

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