Ruchika Social Service Organisation

The mission is to help the children deprived of normal conditions of life and create a society free from child labor, exploitation and abandonment. As the development of these children is worthwhile when they become active participants and positive contributors to their communities, it is aimed to provide joyful and innovative education, health care, supplementary nutrition, recreation, counseling, vocational training, rehabilitation and repatriation services to these children.
Jul 10, 2012

Progress Report2 Till March 2012

Santanu of Samantarapur education centre
Santanu of Samantarapur education centre

The Ruchika Social Service Organization involves setting up Remedial Education centers within the communities with a typical ratio of one school for every 200-300 families.  Each school was running in a one-room school shed, has 20-25 children spanning grade levels 1-5 and about 20 children of grade 6 to 8 with an age distribution from  6-14 years. The teachers have been following curriculum at-par to formal Government schools. A total number of 2250 slum children are studying in our education centers.

All necessary steps were taken to mainstream all children into Government schools. We have sent 235 children as soon as they are ready. The teacher conducted  parent counseling and community meetings. To ensure maximum attendance of the children in the school the teachers were regularly meeting the school teachers and working with school management committees.

The end line evaluation was conducted by Indus Learning Solutions, New Delhi in view of Blooms Taxonomy. A sample of 387 children appeared the test. In addition competency tests has been completed in all remedial centres to assess the proficiency of the children. In addition, teachers training was conducted to build up the capacity of the remedial teachers to address the exact problem of the students.

The impact of the project is widespread. In   Maître Vihar  Government  Project school, the District Inspector of Schools has accepted one of our teachers to work in the school and teach our innovative methods to the government school teachers. This has been done on an experimental basis. The children who are studying in the remedial education centres are doing very well in both academic and co-curricular field as per the report of the school teachers. This year drop out has reduced to only 5 % because of our intensive intervention in the targeted slums.

We are experimenting a new strategy of education viz. Friendship Education. This enables the children to learn at faster rate without any fear factor. This has been accepted by the children and has proved its impact in the field. We are planning to replicate the strategy in all fields.

We sincerely express our heartfelt gratitude to our supporters for their magnanimous gesture towards the children living in oppressed and deprived of their minimum basic right to go to school.

We all understand that the children are our future and it is our duty to address their needs. Here is the question of 3000 slum and working children who tear down their childhood gloomy family condition and are often ignored and disregarded by the government programs. Let us join hands to make their dream sweeter with remedial education. We have a miles to go ahead together.  


Jan 7, 2012

Progress Report1 on"Give a smile to slum children"

Science Exhibition by Slum Children
Science Exhibition by Slum Children

Ruchika Social Service Organisation has been running the project “Give a smile to 3000 slum children to attend school" very successfully. Keeping in view the Right to Education Act 2009 (RTE), it is striving to enroll all slum children into the government schools.  In the Primary Remedial Standards (Standard – I to IV) 1338 students have been registered during this period of which 513 are studying in Std. – I, 308 in Std. – II, 272 in Std. - III and 245 in Std. – IV.  In Elementary Standards (Standard – V to VIII) a total number of 555 student have been registered. Out of the total 1893 students, 1580 students have been enrolled and studying into the nearest government schools.   Rest 313 students are yet to be admitted.

In Remedial Classes the average attendance has increased by 10 %.  Interest among students and community have been noticed. As per the observation of the  Government school Head Masters the attendance of these children has increased by   10  % .   However more than 95 % of the students of remedial classes are attending the school regularly. We are trying our best to check the  dropouts completes. The child attempts to drop out from our remedial centre or from the schools are attended to immediately by our teachers. The parents are counseled and the child is counseled and the child is re-integrated into the school system. We are planning to maintain ZERO dropout rates in our schools.

As per the recent test results significant improvement in performance in Grade 2 and 4 have been noticed.

  • In Grade 3, average performance of students in English is 58 % and Math is 44 %
  • Average performance of students of Grade 5 in English is 33 % and in Math is 28 %. Overall learning levels of both Math and English are low.
  • Average performance of students of Grade 7  is 26 % in English and 33 % in Math. Overall learning levels of both Math and English are low.

Our next plan is to bring significant improvement in the competency level of the students by adopting innovative methodologies. The in depth teachers training on methodologies is also very essential which will be organized in near future.

The project will give a smile in the faces of the marginalized children with the open hearted support of the donors. We can continue the program with your support till all children are enrolled into the school and are retained and the level of performance has increased up to the level of their counterparts in the government schools. The project will be sustained only when a positive environment is created in the slum community to educate all children as their rights. 

Jul 2, 2007

Helpline rescues girls and puts them on the track to success

This footage -- which I took on my recent trip to Orissa, India -- captures women and young girls that have been rescued from dangerous conditions. Like all of us, these women desire a better life where they can learn, grow, and share in what the world has to offer. The Helpline project recently received full funding through GlobalGiving, which will enable the project leaders to continue their great work for three more years.


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