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The mission of the American Foundation for Children with AIDS is to improve the lives of children and youth struggling with the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. We provide cost effective relief, services, medical and social support, education and advocacy to help these victims achieve their full life potential.
Jan 22, 2014

A great story


Asina Dube a 75 year old guardian from the village of Sizeze.  She was all smiles when she received her fortified porridge because she knows exactly what it means.  You see, she takes care of three grandchildren:

  • Siphosenkosi Moyo, a 12 year old girl, 
  • Sikhangele Dube, a 17 year old boy, and 
  • Siphiweyinkosi Dube, a 1 year old boy

Asina Dube has seen hardship and sorrow since watching hopelessly as her children died from cholera, hunger and HIV. She says she was encouraged by the gift of food when she received her portion of porridge. She kept saying over and over ‘May God bless His servants who sent this porridge’.

The best part was watching her laugh and dance all over the grounds, singing her made up song "since God’s servants came from far, the hunger has gone away’.  She narrated how she was very worried about her small grandchild who needs food which builds his body.  When we explained that this porridge had all the vitamins and all the goodness the little one needs, tears of joy rolled down her face. “Don’t worry my children, these are tears of joy. I had nothing to give my grandchildren, especially the little one. We are so grateful for this gift.

The grandchildren of Asina had received 3 goats last year and now, they have five goats including 2 kids born late last year. She and the older children have been caring for the goats and they milk them to feed her youngest grandchild. She adds that even the older ones get to have milk in their tea, which helps with the hunger pains. She says’ I want to meet these people who have saved my life and my grandchildren’s lives by sending this porridge and these goats’.  

Note: AFCA requires that orphans and guardians sign a contract which states that they will not sell, barter or eat their goats for three years, giving the animals a chance to grow and reproduce, establishing a herd.  This is a very difficult thing to accomplish in times of hunger, so this family was gifted with porridge to help them meet their goal of becoming farmers who can fend for themselves, even in times of famine.  Thanks to your donations, they are going to do it because their goats are alive and everyone should make it through this difficult time of hunger.

If you'd like to learn more about what we do, you want to volunteer or you are looking for other ways to help more people like Asina and her kids, please contact me at  We need you!

Jan 8, 2014

How your help has changed a little life

Aisha is a 9 year old girl who lives with her paternal grandmother in the village of Ziranumbu and has been doing so since she was abandoned by her mother at the age the of 11 months.  By that time, she was wasted and crippled with one of her little feet being turned in.  When her grandma took her in, she brought her in Mulago Hospital, where she was immediately admitted due to her poor state and health. This was February 2005 and upon admission, the baby was tested for HIV and sadly, Aisha tested positive. Grandma was trained in the giving of antiretroviral medicine so that she could take care of the baby.  Grandma was ready for the challenge and vowed to bring Aisha to the hospital and to get her medicine as needed.

So, with the continuous good adherence to care and treatment from Baylor-Uganda, the provision of medicine from AFCA, and the intervention of the Community Home Based Care support at home (access to medication, pill counting, counseling), this little one was normalized and started school!  Currently, she is in primary one with support from donors.  The family was also enrolled on a food program, have been given school fees support and started as well on the Back Yard Gardening program.

This is a true success story, friends.  Aisha has a great shot at the future, with her continued care, medicine and schooling on the way. Thank YOU for being part of this story.  Thank YOU for being part of Aisha's life.  And thank YOU for giving hope.

If you'd ever like to visit one of our projects or would like to learn more about our work, please write me at 


On behalf of Aisha,


Jan 7, 2014

Not Quite There, but Trying!

Well, friends, we haven't quite hit our target to purchase a truck for our project in Kenya, but we don't give up. We are going to keep trying until we are able to give this much-needed vehicle to the agriculture project so that vegetables can be taken and old at market, providing food to countless children and adults.  

While a truck doesn't sound like such an important thing, it surely IS important!  It is vital that vegetables which were planted and harvested are then sold.  Not only will they give nutrition to many people, but it will also help us increase the capacity of this project.  The money earned will go back into the project until one day, they don't need us any more.  This is certainly one of those cases where we want to work ourselves out of a job.  Not because we don't love the people in Mombasa, but because we want them to be self-sustaining and able to care for themselves.

So, please continue to support this work.  It is a good thing that you are doing!

Happy 2014!

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